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NAME: Seshafi

APPEARANCE: 6'1", short, choppy dirty blonde hair with blue tips. Onyx eyes with blue slits for pupils. Skinny. Surprisingly strong. Sharp, daggerish teeth with longer canines (which do not hang out of her mouth). Her feet are more like dragon feet, with talons for the ends of her toes and one long claw on the back of her heel. Long, scaly tail that reaches six and a half feet long. Ends in three spikes. Claws on her hands, instead of fingernails. Each ear has three piercings, her left cartilage is pierced, and her belly button is pierced. She wears onyx, jade, and garnet earings.

PERSONALITY: Much kinder than her appearance makes her out to be. Loves to laugh. Silly. Random. Warm and loving. Can be a little suspicious of a person's motive. However, Seshafi can be sneaky. She is good at sneaking around and not being caught.

HISTORY: Seshafi discovered that the Millennium Snake resided in her blood a few days before Layla was released. Seshafi had risked her life to save her brother from their burning house. When she did, the transformations that made her become so dragonish (characteristics she inhereited from Layla via Snake) occurred, revealing the Snake. When Layla's spirit was released, Layla explained everything to Seshafi.


NAME: Layla, daughter of Masaka (sister of Seth)

APPEARANCE: 6'2",short, choppy black hair with bright pink tips. Crimson eyes with black slits for pupils (dragon resemblance) Crimson color changes upon mood. Long scar (reaching from just above her left eyebrow to her left cheekbone). Slim build, but very strong. Sharp, daggerish fangs, with canines that hang from her mouth. Long claws on her hands and even longer talons on her feet (including a claw on the back of her heel). Tail reaches out to eight feet. Ends in five spikes. Ears are pierced four times. Nose is pierced. Belly button is pierced.

PERSONALITY: A little to sadistic for her own good. Constantly watches and observes people for their weaknesses. Prefers not to talk first. Can be a happy person- but she needs her hikari to see the happiness in situations. Likes to think that she can do everything on herself (hates to depend on anyone), but doesn't realize how much she needs Seshafi.

MILLENNIUM ITEM: Millennium Snake (a.k.a The Lost Item)

HISTORY: The Millennium Snake wraps around the wearer's throat like the Millennium Necklace. The head of the snake is reared up, while the tail hangs down. The eye of the snake is the eye of Horus, signaling its true power. The Snake was never declared one of the "official" items because it was nearly impossible to aquire it. While being worn, the Snake melts into the possesor's blood, channeling all of it's magic into that person. The only way to obtain the item would be through blood relation or killing the wearer and then draining them of all of their blood. The Snake possesses many powers. It can allow the owner to tap into other's thoughts, shap-shift, take possesion of another's mind and body, use Shadow Magic, and talk to other creatures.

PAST: Layla's sprit was released the day that Yami's spirit was released from the puzzle. The two spirit's were connected through Layla's sacrifice to keep him alive during the battle against Zorc. Layla was one of the few dragonlings left on the earth. Her kind were damned to the Shadows, due to their characteristics of treachery. Layla, however, stayed with the Pharaoh to protect him.








Chasing After You- Yami's back. Tea (grrr) captures him in a relationship. Yugi's not happy. OC... maybe two. Hidden relationships... May write a prequal AND sequal. I'M BACK, BABY :

Hikari's Wish- Oneshot. Songfic. Yugi's suicide after Cerimonial Duel.

What Happened To Me?- Title may change. Story-In-Progress. Basically, after Atem is released to the after-life, the darkness is released from his and latches on to Yugi. Since his spirit is so pure, the darkness is not compatible with his soul. So physical alterations take place. When Atem returns, only he is able to release Yugi from his torture.

Midnight Tears- Yami's a vampire. Yugi's lost in the world. Muahahah! Um... I don't know.

The Perfect Present: Oneshot. Just a holiday story :)



I was recently asked to edit an author's stories. You know, spell check and look at grammer. All that jazz. Well, unfortunately, I kinda-sorta... lost the email? So if you're the author who asked me, please send me the story you want reviewed through my email. Thanks! (:


Seshafi: I'm a very generous person! If you review me, I give candies and cake and brownies and cookies and-

Yami Seshafi: Are you bribing people?

Seshafi: Uh, no? I'm being honest! And I made too many sweets... So I'm giving them away!

Yami Seshafi: U-_- You're a peice of work, aibou...

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