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Yeah...i'm foxdemonnightmare, who happens to be 15 turning 16. I mostly start off slow at things,but i slowly work my way up to come up with new things. Most of the stuff that i do around my free time is play games or sleep. Most people think that i am weird because i read books which they think is long, but short to me(over 500+ pages). I know what mostly happens around me, but i just don't pay attention to the dumb things that doesn't make any sense to me in any way. I am currently taking Martial Arts, which i am the quickest and has the Highest Defense in the class.. I am matched by strength because i don't show off like other people that i know. I am Understanding and can listen to people if they need my help with anything.

I am back now and is ready to make some more stories. Now that i am finished with High School, i will finally be able to write some more and hope that i can come up with some good stories that people will like.

Martial Arts Taking:

Muay Thai

Tai Chi

Tae kwon do



Favorite Animes:

Naruto/Shippuuden, Bleach, Oh My Goddess, Death Note, Eureka Seven, Gundam Wing, Blue Gender, Tenjho Tenge, History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi, Dragon ball Z, Digimon Adventure 1 and 2, Rosario+Vampire, Rozen Maiden, Fate/Stay Night, Inukami, IGPX, Wolf's Rain, Cowboy Bebop, Devil May Cry, Zero No Tsukaima, Zero No Tsukaima: Futatsuki no Kishi, Avatar the Last Airbender, Elfen Lied, Inuyasha, Zoids Zero and Choatic Century, Claymore, Gundam O8th MS team, Kanokon, Kamen no Maid Guy

Least Favorite Animes:

Mostly anything that deals with Guy on Guy, Shojo, or something that doesn't really catch my interest.

Favorite Video Game:

Kingdom Hearts I/II, Devil May Cry 2 and 3, Drakengard 1 and 2, Shadow Hearts II and III, Dragonball Z Tenkaichi 2 and 3, Super Smash Bros: Melee, Star Wars Rouge Squadron, Pokemon Red, Yellow, Gold, Crystal, Ruby, Diamond.., Final Fantasy III, VII, VIII, IX, X, X-2, Spyro Year of the Dragon, Dynasty Warriors 5 and 6

Favorite Manga

Naruto, Bleach, Rosario+Vampire, Claymore, Kamen Teacher, Kami to Sengoku, Mahou Sensei Negima, Mirai Nikki, Open Sesame

Favorite Char.:

Archer (Fate/Stay Night): He is one of the most Badass characters that i have ever seen. He can create Many Types of Weapons and use them in Different Sorts of ways. His final move: Unlimited Blade Works is one of the Best things that i have ever seen in my Life.

Neji (Naruto): He is cold, calm, knows what he is doing and wouldn't give any mercy to anyone. Most people at my school said that i act like him when i am pissed off. I like the moves that he uses to disable his foes from using Any Chakra. He rarely shows emotion to anyone outside of the Hyuuga manor.

The Final Blue (Blue Gender): Words can not describe how Metal this beast is...You will just have to watch the Final Episode of Blue Gender to find out

Ryuuk (Death Note): The first time i seen a Shinigami that is in love with apples, that is why i like him and how he plays around, giving out clues on what happens, and how he goes into Withdrawals when he doesn't eat a apple.

Masataka Takayanagi (Tenjho Tenge): He is one of the best Martial Artist in most of the Martial Art based Animes that i have seen. he goes into a berserker rage when someone does something to him or to someone he likes. that was demo started when he fought with Sourichiro on the Second episode.

Angelus (Drakengard 1 and 2): One of the strongest char. that you get and one of the Hardest bosses to defeat. She is quick, powerful, smart...Just one of her attacks can make you explode into millions of pieces, when you are mounted on Legna.

Ed(Cowboy Bebop): Just random and knows how to computer hack in the best ways...She even stayed up for a week straight in order to win a Chess game.

many others coming up...

Toph (Avatar): Toph is someone that will never back down from a fight and she doesn't care who it is. I liked how she did her earth bending when she was at the tournament and after the tournament.

Lucy(Elfen Lied): That sadistic girl who just wants to kill people who harms her. She will find ways to cripple you or kill you before you can even do anything.

Kogarashi (Kamen no Maid Guy): He is just someone that would like because he does random things, but he is good at it though.


This is just my Opinion of the Pairings that i have been seeing lately

Ones that can/will/might work:

Naruto/Sakura: Sakura kind of looks like his Kushina if you ever seen her.

Naruto/Hinata: That is if he realizes his feelings for her before Sakura tells him her feelings

Neji/Tenten: They do spar with each other and the two are always together

Aang/Katara: The two already kissed...twice

Sokka/any girl that likes him: Its just Sokka...he is a G

Choji/Ino: Ino did have her eye on Choji and worried about him more than she did Shikamaru

Shikamaru/Temari: the two are always together and both have the same smarts basically

Kurenai/Asuma: Kurenai is pregent with Asuma's kid...

Ones that is in the Middle

Sakura/Sasuke: The two want to kill each other now...

Shikamaru/Ino: They have a friendship relation, but it doesn't seem like a romance

Lee/Sakura: poor lee tried so hard, but to no prevail

Lee/Tenten: She smiled at him while training once and that was about it..

Ones that won't work

Kiba/Hinata: Hinata thinks of Kiba as her older brother

Shino/Hinata: Same as Kiba, she thinks of him as a older brother

Sasuke/Hinata: Hinata doesn't even have a single crush on Sasuke and Sasuke doesn't really know Hinata

Zuko/Katara: Polar Opposites and the two only become friends and nothing more and the main creators already said that the two has more of a friendship relation..

Gaara/Lee: WTF!?..that should never happen

Neji/Hinata: The two are Half Brother and Sister...basically, having the same dad, but different mom.


-Completed ones:

-A Butterfly's Strength and a Flowers Love: This one didn't take me long to complete since i most had to watch one episode of Naruto just to get it correct and process it in my head.

-Great Biju War: I decided to bring up all Nine Demon Gods together to do battle once again.

-High School Rumble: This is my first and my Longest so far...finally completed...

-Kyuubi's breakout: This one will be one of my most interesting story's since it starts out slow and normal and then becomes better as time goes by


-Kid Once Again: This one is about Neji, who turned into a Four year by one of Tsunade's new pills that she was creating and needed someone to test it

-Unforgivable: A story between two lovers and something tragic happens and one exact revenge

High School Rumble 2: Yes, but this one is about the children and a lot more is going to happen than the first.

-Thinking Of:

One at the moment, but didn't come up with a name for it.

Types of Stories

I think that i am better at Action type stories than anything else..I'm really not the Humorous type writer, but I'm trying to be diverse to really get what i need.

Please, if you want to base on of you story off of one of mine, just ask...

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