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Sorry people I'm having a bit of a writer's block right now. I'll try to get back into the swing of things but expect long delays.

Once again I must announce that Midnight Ranma is dead. If anyone wants to take up the reigns inform me please.

I also want to announce I've had a few ideas on new stories I'm going to give a brief description on them and let you guys see if they sound any good.

Story ideas that are developed:

Tenchi Muyo: The Light Hawk Horse

This takes place after GXP, Ranma makes it back to Jusenkyo but as soon as he arrives a large earthquake occurs and the springs suddenly collapse revealing that Jusenkyo is on top of a large cavern. Finding himself cured despite the fact that the waters of Jusenkyo have mixed Ranma starts swimming for the surface until he hears a voice crying out. His martial arts code bearing forth again he starts swimming back down where the voice is coming from and reaches out to it before blacking out. He awakens back on the dry remnants of Jusenkyo and finds in his hand a seed, but not just any seed but a seed of a first-generation tree of Jurai, she's been the one who's been giving Jusenkyo its power the entire time and Ranma had saved her from drowning when the water filled the area where she lay. Now she's chosen Ranma as her bond. Loads of laughs, tons of action, new fiancees, and a new enemy around the bend it's going to be a blast.

Ranma: Out of Control

A Guyver crossover, While in search of a supposed cure for hs curse Ranma finds an ancient spaceship there he finds an object that looks organic yet isn't. Suddenly inhuman monsters burst in Ranma fights but even he can't overcome the number of zoanoids in the cramped quarters of the ship, he accidentally bangs his head on the object he found and blacks out, when he wakes up he is greeted by a scene of carnage. So begins Ranma's battle against Chronos. This story has some laughs but it is mostly serious and pretty dark.This will be the only story where Ranma actually still holds most of his feelings for Akane. Very tragic story most of the characters will die, you have been warned.

Pokegirls: Ranma the Legendary

Yes I'm making a pokegirl fic as well. However it is split into two series. The first actually hardly deals with the pokegirl universe the main crossover is with Mortal Kombat. The second takes place in the pokegirl universe with a slight crossover with DBZ.

The first season is when Ranma is sent to another universe by one of his rivals, unknowing to the said rival that in doing so he has doomed everyone. Meanwhile in the pokegirl universe the League is despairing at the fact that the tenth Mortal Kombat tournament is coming and because the nature of many men and women nowadays to use Pokegirls to fight their warriors have no chance in attaining victory and pokegirls can't enter the tournament meant for humans. A sudden commotion in the main courtyard draws their attention to a certain pigtailed martial artist whose currently fighting pokegirl security forces and holding his own. As I said this first season hardly deals with the pokegirl universe because will be at the tournament. Also Ranma is not going to be a tamer a big surprise to everyone.

The second season is more in the pokegirl universe, After the tournament Ranma goes off on his own and encounters a feared legendary, a fight occurs with Ranma on the losing end, a last ditch attempt along with the presence of another legendary attracted by Ranma's chaotic nature sends Ranma tumbling into the DBZ universe near-death. Ranma spends two years in the DBZ universe and finally after getting rid of his curse with the dragon balls he uses them once more to return to pokegirl universe where people are counting on him for the next tournament. But he returns not only with items from the DBZ universe but also something in his blood that will change him forever.

Hey everyone it's here!! With the release of Chapter 367 of Naruto Shippudan series is the long anticipated revealing of the names of Naruto's parents, and no it is not Arashi that has become so popular, whoever started that must have been bullshitting. The names are Minato Namikaze, Naruto's father and Kushina Uzumaki, Naruto's mother. Lot of our questions are answered in this chapter so I'm not going to spoil it anymore go and check it out it's quite exciting despite the lack of action.

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Here we are...the second of my new Halo crossover ideas...and like before will not be updated as frequently. I'll leave it here and see how it fairs against the others okay? No planned pairings as of yet, will change when decision is made. Story is now on Ice, updating all NON Halo stories is priority one.
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Whirlpool of Change reviews
Kaguya is a sore loser as she is sealed she manages to send Naruto to a different world. A world that is also at war with enemies whose origins are still a mystery. Naruto is thrust into the midst of this conflict. His actions will bring change, unravel mysteries, and set the world on the path which none thought possible. "I'll bring peace to this world dattebayo!"
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From another universe a hero appears during what Humanity believes is its darkest hour. Shinji Ikari trades one war for another, will he be a hero to humanity or herald its extinction? Will humanity's actions on Shinji shape him into a savior or will greed and thirst for power turn Shinji into the incarnation of the Apocalypse?
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I'm really sorry all of you
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Okay its been bothering me, so I had to add an ending for Ranma for the game. I even made one for Ryoga. Do note that the characters will be silent just like in the game endings.
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