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I am Icy Stormz, otherwise known as Icy. I've lived in Canada for virtually all my life (lived in California for one year) and have been to several States, Great Britain, France, Italy, Monaco, and Asia.

Although I love listening to rock and alternative music, I enjoy classical, jazz and *some* hip-hop. I play the piano as well. Really, I'm a music whore.


I've been in Harry Potter fandom for four years now and have no intention of stopping now =). My OTP (One True Pairing) is Draco/Hermione. I dabble in Blaise/Hermione and Blaise/Hermione/Draco (B/Hr/D is my OT3). the only other non-Dramione pairing I've ever written is Neville/Luna, and although I find it warm and fuzzy I've never read a Government Stole My Toad fic. Harry/Hermione is my canon!ship and on the slashy side of things I enjoy Sirius/Remus and Harry/Draco. I'm really not a One Big Happy Weasley Family fan; in fact, I very much resent it. Likewise, I detest Draco/Ginny, although I have a very close friend who ships it.

I adore reviews (like all...or nearly all authors) so they are always welcome (*wink*wink*). Constructive criticism is much appreciated as well as welcomed. Flames are used to be laughed at and stored until the next winter to be used as...flames.

I'm a not-so-active poster at the SS Leather & Libraries (oldbie and Official Storm Warner, if I may add), and Vice President, Tom (Felton)'s Official White Sneaker Cleaner and revered *scoff* oldbie at T.A.D.A.A. (Tom and Draco Adorers Anonymous), both at Fiction Alley Park.

My Works

- Forced Love was my first piece of fanfiction and attempt at writing. Years after it is complete I look back at it and shake my head at my t00biness and amateur!writing style. Please note that FL will not have a sequel. To all those who are/were eagerly awaiting a sequel, I'm sorry to have let you down. I'm just not interested in writing novel-length fic and nowadays I find it hard to just get a one-shot out (hell, I have a huge folder on my computer with unfinished fics. Again, I'm very sorry for retracting my sequel promises.
- Christmas Lights and Broomstick Flights is a short cookie that I wrote due to a raging plot bunny I had. It is extremelly fluffy, ;).
- The Bathroom Floor was the first non-D/Hr piece I had ever written and I'm quite pleased with it. It's rather fluffy and light-hearted.
- Guilty Party is the product of a plot bunny that settled in for a few weeks before being written out. There is a lot of IC tension. I'm currently unhappy with the ending and am in the process of re-writing it.
- 'Working Together'? Is That What They Call It Now? was a fic I wrote for the dmhg_ficathon (at /community/dmhg_ficathon) in mid-July 2004. It's probably my favourite work as of late-November 2004 =).

Fanfic authors I really adore: Melissa D, Cassandra Claire, Lissanne, Inell and the girls at Contra Veritas and Dramionefix.

Check out my LJ for more me and t00by goodness, =).

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COMPLETE though refrain from reading unless you want mindless cliches coming out of the arse, seriously Draco and Hermione are forced to love each other, but when given free choice, will they want to be apart?
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