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Name: ShayminPrincessKim

Age: 20

Appearance: Long brown hair in a ponytail, tan skin and blue eyes (Brown in real life. I just like blue eyes) wearing a blue star on a chain and gold key with pink stones on it and outfits that express me which are mostly red, black, blue or purple.

Glasses: Yes to read

Background: She was a princess of Starlight town until someone from the royal council named Cassandra attacks the castle. She killed her parents but Kim, Forte and Misaki escaped through a portal but Kim got seperated from them and hit the ground of Tokyo head first and loses her memories. She is found by Susan. They adopted her. She usually hates fighting but hurt Marcus and your going down. She later gains a partner called Scratchmon.

VA: Caitlyn Glass SV: Selena Gomez

Weapon of Choice: Star Key and Sun Key. The star Key has a gold hilt with a blue star on it and the blade was dark purple with a gold star printed on top of the blade, and it and it had a keychain with a purple crescent moon with a gold star hanging of the top tip. The Sun Blade has an orange hilt with a sun on it, an orange blade with yellow teeth, and the Keychain has a sun.

Weapon 2: Fists

Powers: Butterfly wings, reading minds, teleporation, Elemental power, Summoning, Super speed, and super jump

Friends: My Ocs, Nozomi, Rin, Urara, Komachi, and Karen (Yes Pretty Cure 5), Sora, Riku, and Kairi, Roxas, Namine, and Xion (Kingdom hearts), Jaden, Syrus, Chazz, Chumley, Alexis and Atticus (Yu-gi-Oh Gx), Naruto, Sakura, Kiba, Hinata, Candy, and Carly (Naruto), Carly, Yusei, Jack, Akiza, Luna and Leo (Yu-gi-Oh 5ds), Joey, Yugi, Tristan, Tea, and Duke (Yu-gi-oh), Ash, Dawn, Brock, Misty, May and Max (Pokemon), Neku, Shiki, Beat, Rhyme, and Joshua (The world ends with you), Luna, Howard, Sharla, Kaoru, Bell, Shingo and Minori (Uninhabited Planet Survive!).

Family: Susan (Adoptive Mother), Spencer (Adoptive Dad), Marcus (Brother), Kristy (Sister) Agumon (Brother like figure), Forte (Twin Brother), Misaki (Older Sister), Nozomi (Sister like figure), Lisa (Sister/Future granddaughter), Thomas (Brother like Figure), Yoshi (Aunt like figure), Irma Lair (Adoptive sister), Charlie and Jason Landers (Cousins), Alex, Justin and Max (Cousins) Casey (Brotherly figure.) Serena (Adoptive sister) Ran, Miki, Suu, and Dia (Daughter figures) Hana (Little Sister like figure) Adam (Planet Survival) (As a son figure), Shingo (A little brother figure), Love Momozono (Sister), Ed and Al Elric (Big brother like figures), Aerrow (Uncle like Figure), Ikuto (Brother figure), Utau (Sister like figure) Luna (Mother figure), Riku and Sora (Cousins), Inuyasha (father like figure), Jasper and Henry (Brother like Figures) Kevin Levin (Cousin), Ichigo (Older brother).

Pets: Sandy the hamster, Thelma the dog, and Kilala

Pokemon: Sparky (Raichu), Eva (A rare White Umbereon), Lita (Espeon), Milo (Jolteon), Ethan (Vaporeon), Mimi (Flareon), and Rick (Leafeon), Abby (Ambipom), Tasha (Yanmaga), Tiana (Beautifly), Tamara (Venamoth), more pokemon later…

Love: Joshua Kiryuu (TWEWY/Kingdom Hearts Dream Drops Distance)

My Shugo Ocs

Name: Kouro

Bio: She’s the first to hatch out of Kim’s eggs. She was born out of her desire to Athletic, Honest, and Sporty. Her egg is black with purple stars. She’s hyper, fun loving, and loves to cheer people up. She has dark purple hair in a side ponytail and black eyes wearing a purple hairclip, a purple tanktop with black trim, black pleated skirt with purple trim, purple socks, and black shoes. She carries purple and black pom-poms. Her attacks are “Star Punch!” She punches her enemies with her pom-poms and “Shooting star!” She uses her star staff and an energy hits the monsters. Kim transforms into “Star athlete” with Chisu. To character change, Chisu yells out “Star! Kick! Jump!” VA: Ashley Johnson

(Kim’s appearance as Star Athlete, Her hair is in a side ponytail held by a purple ribbon wearing a black sun visor with a purple star on the side, a purple camisole with a black star on the front, jean shorts with a purple belt, black fingerless gloves, purple knee socks, and black sneakers.)

Name: Panko

Bio: She’s the second to come out of Kim’s eggs. She was born out of her desire to be an animator, calm and cool. Her egg is red with two suns on top and bottom and another one in the middle. She’s a rival/friend with Miki. She has pink hair in a spiked bob hairstyle and pink eyes wearing an orange beret with a sun hairclip on the side, a red vest over a yellow shirt, red skirt, yellow legwarmers, and red sneakers. Kim’s attack is “Colorful roundup!” Kim transforms into “Star Artist” with Chikata. To character change, Chikata shouts out “Paint! Draw! Color!” VA: Emily Osment

(Kim’s appearance as Star Artist, Her hair is in two down pigtails wearing an orange beret with the same hairclip as Chikata, a yellow blouse with red links to the sleeves with a yellow bow in the back, a red skirt with yellow links to the orange, yellow and red striped socks, and red boots with yellow laces.)

Name: Kaze

Bio: She’s the third to come out of Kim’s eggs. She was born out of her desire to be brave and never cry when insulted. Her egg is light blue with a red band around the middle with yellow diamonds with red arrows around the top. She has long brown hair in a ponytail and blue eyes wearing the same as Sora from KH. Her attacks are “Healing light!” she uses that to heal her friends and any type of magic. She kind of acts like Sora even though she’s Kim’s cool side. Kim transforms into “Star Blader!” with Skyler. To character change, Skyler shouts out “Keyblade! Light! World!” VA: Jennifer Hale

(Kim’s appearance as Star Blader, her hair is in a down ponytail wearing a silver crown necklace, black and white fingerless gloves, a small black short sleeved jacket with white lines around the sleeves and bottom of the jacket with yellow leather stripes and red pockets over a blue shirt, black pants with yellow two belts, yellow and black sneakers.)

Name: Bara

Bio: She’s the fourth to come out of Kim’s eggs. She was born an X egg when Asterix took over her body but turned back when she splits from her X self to help Kim when she splits from Asterix. Her egg is dark teal with a blue rose on the top and bottom. Her hair is teal in two Odangos with rose clip covers and blue eyes wearing a blue jacket, teal pants, blue gloves, and blue boots. Kim’s attacks are, “Magical Leaf storm!” “Sing a song!” and “Rock Star lullaby!” Kim transforms into “Star flower singer.” To character change, Rosa shouts out “Sing! Tree! Flowers!” VA: Selena Gomez

(Kim’s appearance as Star Flower Singer, her hair is Odangos with the same barrettes as Rosa, a blue short sleeved dress shirt, blue opera gloves, a dark blue skirt with a brown belt with a blue rose on the front, and long dark blue boots.)

Name: Sasha

Bio: She’s the fifth to come out of Kim’s eggs. She was born out of her desire to be a good person and to grant wishes. Her egg is green with a pair of Pixie wings on the sides of a silver crown. She has white hair that touches her shoulders and blue eyes wearing a silver tiara with a green star in the middle, a white shirt with the sleeves going over her hands, green skirt, green leggings, and green slip on shoes. She holdsgreen wand and on her back are blue pixie wings. Sasha is hyper active and fun loving. Kim transforms into “Shooting Star Wish!” with Sasha. Her attacks are, “Moonlight wish” she heals her friends wounds, “Cosmic hit!” She hits the enemies with comets. To character change, Sasha shouts “Wish! Grant! Pixie!” VA: Ashley Tisdale

(Kim’s appearance as Shooting Star Wish, her hair is down wearing the same Tiara as Sasha, pink tanktop, green skirt with a pink belt, light pink long socks, and hot pink boots with a green line going down the back.)

Name: Reba

Bio: She’s the sixth to come out of Kim’s eggs. She was born out of her desire to be an Anime girl she wants to be. Her egg is hot pink with Hamataro on the front. She has long black hair and blue eyes with a Hamataro hairclip, a pink sweatshirt over a white shirt, white skirt, pink tights, and white sneakers. Her attack is “Anime slam!” She gains a hammer and slammed the enemies with it. Kim transforms into “Star Anime!” with Reba. To character change, Reba shouts out “Anime! Cartoon! Hammer!” VA: Amy Palant

(Kim’s appearance as Star Anime, her hair goes down to waist wearing the same hairclip as Reba, pink tanktop, a white scarf, blue gloves, green pleated skirt, yellow leggings, blue socks, and pink shoes.)

Name: Tammy

Bio: She’s the seventh to come out of her eggs. She was born out of her desire to be a prima ballerina and have patience. Her egg is rose pink with a rose on the front. She has long blonde hair and blue eyes wearing a rose hairclip, a white shirt with a rose on the front, a red skirt with a pink sash, white tights, and red slip on shoes. Kim transforms into “Star Dancer!” with Tammy. Her attack is Rosetta spin, she spins around and a blast of pink magic hits the monsters. To character change, Tammy shouts out “Spin! Twirl! Flowers!” VA: Tara Strong

(Kim’s appearance as Star Dancer, her hair is in a bun with roses in them, wearing a white ballet shirt with a rose on the front, a pink skirt with a blue sash, white tights, and red ballet shoes.)

Name: Stella

Bio: She’s the eighth to come out of Kim’s eggs. She was born out of her desire to Draw manga and to be free spirited. Her egg is green with an open book on the front. She has long brown hair in a ponytail held by an orange bow with black beaded ties wearing a white and orange sailor shirt, orange skirt with a orange bow on the back, white socks, and orange school girl shoes. Her attack is “Manga Summon!” She can summon any Manga Character she needs to help her. She transforms into “Star Manga” with Stella. To character change, Stella shouts out “Comic! Artist! Manga!” VA: Kathie Souchie

(Kim’s appearance as Star Manga, her hair is in a high ponytail held by the same tie as Stella, wearing an orange and white sailor shirt, orange skirt with an orange bow on the back, white socks, and orange school shoes.)

Name: Matt

Bio: He’s a lost Chara. Kim finds him when she was taking out the trash and found him fainted on the ground. He doesn’t remember anything about his owner. He has a big crush on Skyler. He has spiked dirty blonde hair and sky blue eyes wearing a blue and black striped jacket, black pants, and black shoes (Think of Theo’s uniform from Jungle Fury). He’s quiet attached to Kim. Kim’s attack is “Jungle Slice!” she gains a knife and she slices the bad guys. Kim transforms into “Star Fury” with Matt. VA: Aljin Abella

(Kim’s appearance as Star Fury, her hair is in a low ponytail wearing a blue and black striped jacket, black pants, and black shoes.)

(As Star queen, Kim’s hair turns gold with star barrettes wearing a white dress, white gloves, and white heels.)

(As Star Diamond, her hair is down wearing a yellow dress with a short skirt, it has gold frill down the sleeves, a headset, gold gloves, two long pieces of cloth down the back with gold frill going down them, a yellow bow around her neck that ends at her hips, and long white boots with a yellow line down the side.)

(New Charanari! As Dream Queen, Her hair goes to her hips, she gains an orange beret with 7 pointed star on the side, she has a silk orange shirt cuffed end sleeves with star buttons with a purple heart on the front, rose earrings, pink vest with Pixie wing like design on the back, a purple skirt with a brown belt with a Hamataro on the front, a choker with a rose on it, green and yellow armbands, pink tights, and black heels.)

Walking Dead OCs (Game and Tv Show)

Name: Forte Grimes

Age: 20

Weapon of Choice: A bat

Personality: Kind, sweet, forgiving, stubborn, hot headed and Head strong

Appearance: His hair is Seto Kaibaish with dark skin and dark blue eyes wearing a brown leather jacket with a black and red star on the back, cameo pants, and black boots.

Family: Rick Grimes (Adopted Father) Lori (Adopted Mother Deceased) Carl (Adopted brother) Judith (Sister) Kim and Misaki (Blood related sisters)

Occupation: Colledge Student

Life before the Apocalypse: He lived in an Orphange until he was 10 when a burgaler grabs all the kids shooting them until the cops caught up with them but only remaining kid still living with Forte. One of the Police officer's Rick took him in. Soon after he becomes a big brother to Carl. When he hit 18 he got a scholarship to study abroad and say good by to his family to join Starlight Academy. A years later he hears that his father was shot but couldn't go and see him.

During the outbreak:

Still upset, Forte rooms with his friend, Kyle for the night and was woken up by screaming in the hall and a ghastly sound. They looked around for weapons to protect themsleves just in case it was a burglar only to find a person or what looked like a person chowing down on a student. They both went wide eyed as they ran back into the room and baracaded the door quickly packed a bag full of stuff they need and jumped down to the ground which wasn't very hard considering they were on the first floor. They helped people down from the other windows as they ran to Kyle's Van and drove away with 10 other survivors.

They drove towards Atlanata hoping to find their families alive and well but all they found was a hoard of walkers as Forte tried to get the survivors to safety he found himself alone with all his friends gone. He fought his way to a toy store baracading the door and he finds a young girl named Chelsea and her older sister, Marie with a toddler on her back saying they had run off when their parents turned and Forte promised to protect them. He and the girls find themselves being helped by a guy named Glenn and Forte is happily reunited with his father.

Name: Megan Smith

Age: 23

Height: 6'7

Profession: Collegde Student and Cafe Worker

Birthday: December 30th

Weight: 120 (Well you would lose a lot of weight running from Zombies, right?)

Family: Luis (Father, Dead) Dina (Mother, Dead) Lola (Younger sister, alive) and Conner (Older brother, Alive)

Weapons: Sniper Rifle (For Long Range) Hammer (Close Up)

Personal Items: Dad's Military Dog Tags, Stuffed dog named Artemis, a book bag full of books, and an armband that says 'Keepin it real)

Likes: Reading, Star Gazing, Sleeping with her siblings (Makes her feel like their always safe), Rick's family, taking care of Judith, scouting, and hunting

Dislikes: Walkers and Spiders (Gives off a silent Scream)

Love Life: An Old boyfriend who died while trying to rescue some of his friends

Personality: She's very sweet but has a hard shell considering all the perverts at her job. Ever since the outbreak she's been protective of Conner and Lola making sure they're always in her sight even though Conner's older. She tends to cry easily after seeing all the dead bodies of people and animals she can stomach hunting but seeing how a Walker mutilates the animal makes her heart wretch.

Where was she when the outbreak happened:
She was throwing a birthday bash at her dorm for one of her friends when the emergancy broadcast when a loud scream echoed the halls along with growls. She and her boyfriend helped her friends out the window to the ground, her boyfriend was helping one of his bestfriend's out when he was bitten and tugged into the crowd of them but Megan didn't stay to cry for long about it knowing she had to try and get to her family and save the survivors

Ranma 1/2 Oc:

Name: Yuriko 'Yuri' Fujioka

Age: 17

Residence: Her family's temple

Birthplace: Japan

Family: Yoshiko (Mother) Akira (Father) and Yoshi (Older brother)

Occupation: Martial artist and High school student

Curse: To turn into a Monkey

Fighting Style: A style all her own which is a mix of different Martial art styles

Love Intrest: Ranma Saotome

Rivals: Akane, Shampoo, Ukiyo, Kadachi, and Kuno

Voiced by: Rie Kugimiya (Japanese) Laura Bailey (English)

Appearance: Shoulder length dark brown hair tied in a ponytail and hazel eyes

Clothes: School uniform, a short white sleeved shirt, aquamarine dress, white socks, and brown loafers

After school and weekends: A red jacket over a dark blue shirt, jeans, and black and red sneakers.

Background: She was brought up to become hier to her families Dojo right after her older brother flat out refuses to do anything related to Martial arts and goes to do rock and roll. While on a training trip to China, she trips and falls into the spring of the drowned monkey. When her family moves the Dojo to Ranma's part of town. While on her way to Furinkan High School it starts to rain as she turned into a monkey and was almost ran over until Ranma came to her rescue. Later she tells Ranma that she was the monkey he rescued knowing he was the girl who saved her and changlenged him to a fight which ended in a draw when it started raining. She has a deep admiration for Ranma which turns into love a little later for both them (Hey I'm a fan of AkanexRanma though a little more her with Ryoga though).

Harvest Moon Oc:

Name: Alyssa Carlston

Age: 14

Game: Tree of Tranquility

Occupation: Farmer

Birthday: Spring 3

Family: Marilyn (Mother, deasceased) Carter (Father, Deascased) and Heather (Younger Sister)

Farm Name: Songnote farm

Favorite Food: Yams, apples, Mangos, Corn, and Oranges

Favorite Seasons: Fall and Spring

Favorite Items: Broaches, cakes, and herbal grasses

Favorite Animals: Chickens, sheep, and cows

Background: When she was young her family lived on a farm but when her father gets a better job they moved away. Alyssa grew up loving nature and always wanted to be a farmer like her parents were. When her parents die in a car accident, she and her sister decide to move back to the island they grew up on and buys the farm that was still up for sale. But after an arguement her sister descides to buy another farm and moves out.

Name: Kara Murphy

Age: 20

Birthdate: Spring 23

Favorite Gifts: Milks, Strawberries, watermellons, Hot Cocoa, any herbs, Apricots, Plums, Tomatoes, and eggs

Least Favorite Gifts: Burnt food and any fish

Appearance: Long light pink hair and ocean colored eyes wearing a white shirt with pink short sleeves, brown work gloves, jeans, and brown work boots.

Bio: She's was an idol that is until she decided to quit when she got lymp notes on her vocal cords and had a surgery to take them off which hurt her singing voice even though the doctor said she would be fine, she was too scared to go back on stage. When on her way home, she finds a flyer for a farm in Harmonic Town she descides to take it when the night before she meets the harvest sprite named Finn who tells her that she needs to go see the harvest goddess saying she need her help. The next day she catches a train to the country side and a ride with a friendly rancher named Cain to her farm which is a littler worse for wear but she doesn't mind but after hearing from the mayor that she has to pay off her farm, she sighs heavily knowing it's gonna take a lot of work.

Rise of the Guardian Ocs:

Name: Lucy Lancaster

Age: 19

Personality: Kind, sweet, fun loving, and sort of a book worm

Appearance: Long dark brown hair tied in two braids and dark brown eyes wearing a white shirt under a dark blue vest, jeans, white stocking and pink slip on shoes.

Snow Clothing: A white snow cap, dark blue jacket, white scarf, white sweater, and blue snowboots.

Family: Anabell (Mother) Antonio (Father) Marie (Younger sister) and Nicholas (younger brother but a year older than Marie)

Background: Lucy is a teenage who believes in mythes and fairytales no matter how many times she got bullied. The legend that caught her eye the most was the one of Jack Frost. A little later, her family decides to move to Burgess to try and start her at a new school to make new friends. One night on the way home it started snowing and meets a white haired young man who looked a few years older than her and befriended him and is amazed to find out that he is the actual Jack Frost. She seems to have a bit of a crush on Jack. Voiced by: Jessica DiCicco

Name: Soulia Pipper

Age: 19 (Died) 180 (Guardian)

Power: Music and to calm people

likes: Music, being alone, and adventuring

Dislikes: Pitch

how she died: from a long term illness.

Why she was chosen to be a guardian: She has always tried to help her friends and random strangers through their families death through music.

Crush: None

Life before becoming a guardian: She was a loving girl who was diagnosed with a rare disease which she was gonna die from in about 10 years but that let that get her down. Her whole life she wanted to make people happy and try to comfort them in family problems and deaths and even trying to calm her parents. When it went past the year she was suppose to die her parents were so happy but tragedy hit when Soulia was on her way home with friends she felt extreme pain and died in her friends arms.

When she woke up, she began her new life as the guardian of souls. But being the guardian of souls took it's toll on her personality, she went from kind and sweet to lonely and sort lone wolf that is until she met Jack Frost and became a good friend to him. VA: Jennifer Lawrence (Katniss from the Hunger Games films)

Name: Sonata

Age: 19 (Died) TBA (Guardian)

Power: Music much Solia

Likes: classical music, flying, having fun in general, and making kids happy

Dislikes: Rock music and Pitch

How she died: Flood

Why she was chosen to be a Guardian: TBA

Crush: Jack Frost

Life Before Becoming a Guardian:

She was a young girl who loved to play the piano every day and night making people happy just to hear her play. Her parents were always busy, she became a lonely and attention seeking girl who decided to go and be apart of a piano contest in the next town but when the dam breaks she is swept away she was able to keep afloat to a large thing of wood but saw a kid trying to stay afloat and grabbed her and left herself sink.

When she woke up, she was awoken from the river as a cricket muse for those who find themselves strolling by the river for ideas she's the one who gives it to them. She meets Jack Frost while visiting the town playing lovely songs on the violin to the many children who have heard her legend, they meet and talk after a few weeks turned into months and than years they were a close knit pair of friends and soon Sonata seemed to fall for him but knew probably it wouldn't work out so kept it to herself.

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