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Author has written 3 stories for Bleach, and Naruto.

About me: I study Literature and Linguistic. I'm also quite adept in my knowledge of the science of scent, something I utilized for my newest fanfiction. I enjoy cooking, fencing, writing, reading, and pilates. I am a sufficient sword fighter whose specialty is the European saber, but I admire the art of Japanese sword fighting and hope someday I would be able to indulge in it. I adore the Japanese simple and elegant décor, the healthy diet, and the thrive towards perfection and harmony withn nature.

I have lived in three different continents, so I have an easy stomach which can house almost any type of foods.

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly: I like to cook for people, from fancy to casual style. I can make French and Asian/Japanese food. I am very anal about my time, I will not welcome anyone if they interrupt me while I am reading or writing or in a middle of a project. I like to organize things neatly, so if someone moves, knocks over, or spills things, I explode. But then later, if they were good and quietly listening to my temper, I will apologize and even treat them to a meal.

Types of Manga/Anime I like:
No cookie-cutter, perfect, everyone-falling-in-love-with characters. I like characters with faults, I also think the martyr characters are unrealistic. I like a story with complexity, with good side-characters, with mystery, a story that involves other things than just love. I do not like the blushing, high school romance. I like deep, meaningful, maybe even painful love. But I like stories that do not just concentrate on love, because while love is a part of life, and there are many other things in life too.

My first fanfiction “Heavenly Days”: Essentially it is a love-story, but a different kind of love. It's a love that breeds from proximity more than impression. It is also a political story, in which the social status and background are examined, how they affect the development and the growth of a person, how they interfere with that person's wants and desires, how they form the behavior and the thinking. It is about oppression and liberation: how different their definitions and expressions can be depending on the person. It is about second chances, dealing with lost, and facing changes.

Kuchiki Byakuya and Naoki Helena:

To me, Kuchiki Byakuya is a man like any other man, but he has mastered the art of hiding his feelings. He has a sweet and romantic side, and also a very idealistic person when it comes to love--evident in his marrying Hisana, a commoner, and his clinging on to her image even after her death. He is a gentle person when he wants to be, or is forced to be. He respects the rules, and upholds them without regard to anyone's feeling. This attitude carries into his life, and he is ready to lose tracks of all happiness for his idealistic philosophy on love.

Naoki Helena is my least favorite character in the beginning. She is cold and calculating, and hates the Kuchiki to a passion. Her hatred for them clouds her judgment, and so when it comes to anything Kuchiki, Helena loses her cool. Unlike Byakuya, Helena does not hold idealistic ideas when it comes to love. She has no idea what it is like, and cares nothing about it. She values faith, loyalty, honor, etc, but not romance. She is very similar to Byakuya, but different in which what she is masking is not only her feelings, but her innermost personality. As the story progresses, I come to understand her character and her longing. She is actually a lively, vibrant, and witty woman whose upbringing put that rebellious nature behind bars. At the end, she evolves into one of my most favorite characters.

Their love has gone through a very interesting cycle. It was hate and curiosity that brought them together, but their similarities allow them to enjoy each other's company. In the begining, it was painful to me to have to write them in a scene together. The tension was merely too great. Then their relationship evolves as they grow to trust and care for one another, and love is born naturally. Now their love is going through its very quiet circle, in which it deepens its own depth. I am throughoutly enjoying writing them together, for they have grown to complement one another so well.

My current Naruto fanfiction "Brave New World": It's an exploration of twentieth century's loneliness, as the rising cost of living and expectation affect the young adults who are entering the work force. The pressure crushes them, and makes them impotent, unable to live with any ideals. They become scared of living. Having the character falling into the world of Naruto, I want her to rediscover the ideals that we as a society was built upon but has now forgotten. Courage, bonds, love, duty, etc. I also would like to examine the concept of "home." What is home? Is it necessary for "home" to be your birth place? What is happiness? What is sacrifice? The story, though a romantic one, is also about adventure and philosophical. It's the first one that I have no idea how it will end. I also don't know how the pairings will go, or how everyone will end up at the end. It's a more serious and mature attempt to create a good overall fanfiction.

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