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I consider myself a bird. I always fly away. Christian Kjellvander put this in wonderful words, that describe me perfectly:

All that I love will disappear
Even if I stay
For I myself am going where
My nervous blood will sway
Lost and leaving my fate

Last year I have decided to spread my wings and fly away, far away from home.

I went to another country and worked there in sectors that are completely different from what I am doing usually in my life. 6 months I worked in a school taking care of 40 adorable children and 5 months I worked as an accountant.

I took a break from my normal life for one year but now it is time to return home. So I am spreading my wings again and I am flying home.

In this year I met a lot of other birds, I flew higher than ever before, I even learned to fly a looping, but the whole experience also cost me something: I will return home with a broken wing. But that's the price I had to pay.

Okay, enough bird allegories for now. Now the facts.

I am 22 years old. In my normal life I study Theater/Movies/Media and Translating (Spanish, Portuguese, English). And as you can guess, English is not my first language, so please forgive me my mistakes.

I love writing, but generally I am writing a lot of autobiografic stuff as well as fictional stories. But these things I write in German, my mother tongue. I am not a big fanfiction writer (partly because of the rules you have to follow, partly because I don't want to write fanfiction in German). But I do love to read fanfiction. Mainly GSR stuff.

I am addicted to CSI. Las Vegas. I like NY as well. But CSI:Miami is not really my favourite show. I have an objection to Horatio Caine. I just can't stand this man. For me watching CSI:Miami is like watching a comedy ... Horatio in 90 degree position to his interlocutor, head inclined, sunglasses constantly on and off ... I just can't take this man seriously.

In my history as a TV addict I have loved many TV shows but my current favourites are CSI (obviously), the Gilmore Girls, the L Word and Queer as Folk (okay, the show is over, but I just started watching it last year so I haven't seen all the seasons).

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The desert changes everything reviews
While Sara is lying underneath the car waiting for rescue she has to keep her mind busy to prevent passing out. As she is musing about her life she is getting weaker and weaker. Will the team find her alive or will the desert have changed everything? GSR
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