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Author has written 1 story for X-Men: The Movie, and Stargate: Atlantis.

Hi! My pen-name is freegirl, but my real name is Kayla. I'm a teenage girl, fairly tall, with short brunette hair, very white skin, and freckles. I'm obsessed with vampires, (particularly Twilight) and my favorite color is red. I have started writing a Stargate/X-Men crossover--the title is "Starjammers Just Don't Compare".

I am a member of the religion commonly referred to as Mormon or LDS, but the proper name is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. That's why I don't read slash pairings, use bad language, support abortion, watch R-rated movies, read M-rated fanfictions, or drink coffee, tea, or alcohol.

My favorite types of fanfiction to read are: X-Men Evolution and X-Men: The Movie. And a bit of Twilight.

I'm fine with most types of romance, but these are my favorites: Romy, Jonda, Tonda, Kurtty, Rogue x Angel, Kiotr, and OC pairings. Like I said, I do not support slash pairings.

Some of my favorite sites include: They've got tons of funny animal pictures. , they have cool wallpapers from the Iron Man movie and "create your own superhero" in the kids section. , they have a Maximum Ride game. , I like to make and take quizzes, polls, surveys, etc... My username there is MissVampire13. And , there's fun games on there, too. Another site I discovered recently is http:// --an online game where you get to build spaceships and conquer the universe. :) And I love Fanfiction, of course!

Here are some of my favorite quotes:

"Ah! It's raining furniture!"--Kurt, X-Men Evolution

"I swear, zat hommie's lingo is so vhack!"--Kurt, X-Men Evolution

"Chicks dig ze fuzzy dude."--Kurt, X-Men Evolution

"Love hurts, man."--Toad, X-Men Evolution

Pheonix: I think the more nervous you get, the more jokes you crack. Gambit: Shh. Ancient family secret.

"Since Magneto's gone, Colossus bailed and went back to Russia, Sabretooth's out playin' with a big ball of yarn somewhere, and Gambit didn't leave a note on the fridge."--Pyro, X-Men Evolution

"Don't lie to a telepath, Scott. It's demeaning."--Jean

Rogue: Keep your slimy paws offa me, Gambit! You know I can't make flesh-to-flesh contact without drainin' your powers! Gambit: Perhaps. But don' nobody know how Gambit loves a challenge.

"Ze Lord is my shepherd, I shall not vant. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures. Yea, zough I valk through ze valley of ze shadow of ze death, I vill fear no evil, for thou art vith me."--Kurt, X-Men: The Movie

"I'm sorry, this is the fun-vee. The humdrum-vee is back there."--Tony Stark, Iron Man

"Let's face it, this is not the worst thing you've caught me doing."--Tony Stark, Iron Man (struggling to get the suit off)

"If you gas me one more time and I'm not on fire, I will donate you to a community college."--Tony Stark, Iron Man (talking to one of his robots)

Pepper: I thought you said you weren't making weapons anymore. Tony: I'm not. This is a flight stabilizer; it's completely harmless. (hits a button and the flight stabilizer blasts him backwards) Tony: I didn't expect that.

"So this is how liberty dies: in thunderous applause."--Padme Amidala, Revenge of the Sith

"In summary, she did jump off a cliff, but she was not trying to kill herself. Bella's all about extreme sports these days."--Alice Cullen, New Moon

"Say what you want, but I still think Dracula One and Dracula Two are creep-tacular."--Jacob Black, Breaking Dawn

"We're exactly one zat gun short of actually having a zat gun."--Jack O'Neill, Stargate SG-1 "Deadman Switch"

"It was your 'dumb idea'."--Thor, Stargate SG-1 "Small Victories"

"It's an expression!... isn't it?"--Samantha Carter, Stargate SG-1 "Beneath the Surface"

"Daniel Jackson's electroencephalogram proved anomalous."--Teal'c, Stargate SG-1 "Lifeboat"

"Since when has Plan A ever worked?"--Jack O'Neill, Stargate SG-1 "Evolution Part I"

"You built a Stargate in my basement out of spare parts from a toaster."--Samantha Carter, Stargate SG-1 "The Fourth Horseman Part I"

"I do not understand why everything in this script must inevitably explode."--Teal'c, Stargate SG-1 "200"

"I shot him."--John Sheppard, Stargate Atlantis "Hide and Seek"

Beckett: These little dots don't tell much about who's who. How do we know which one's Major Sheppard? Ford: He'll be the dot gettin' rid of all the other dots. --Stargate Atlantis, "The Eye"

"There are tens of thousands of life-sucking aliens in highly advanced spaceships on their way here to destroy us!"--Kavanagh, Stargate Atlantis "The Gift"

"Your masterful grip on the blatantly obvious continues to impress me."--Rodney McKay, Stargate Atlantis "The Siege Part I"

"You show up here with your guns and your brush cuts, but when it comes to actually saving the city you turn to the scientists!"--Rodney McKay, Stargate Atlantis "The Siege Part II"

"You can't kill an unarmed upside-down man!"--Rodney McKay, Stargate Atlantis "Runner"

"I'm no scientist, but those mice used to be a different color."--John Sheppard, Stargate Atlantis "Duet"

"So it's a teenage thing. Pimples, rebellion, life sucking."--John Sheppard, Stargate Atlantis "Instinct"

"Fine. Explain. But no more lies!"--Michael, Stargate Atlantis "Michael"

"I would've settled for Dr. McKay, but I doubt I would've enjoyed his wailing."--Acastus Kolya, Stargate Atlantis "Common Ground"

"As I told you, John Sheppard, there are many things about Wraith that you do not know."--Todd the Wraith, Stargate Atlantis "Common Ground"

"You shot me!"--Rodney McKay, Stargate Atlantis "Phantoms"

"Perhaps the future is predetermined by the character of those who shape it."--Davos, Stargate Atlantis "The Seer"

"He doesn't want to shoot me. Or, to be more precise, he'd like nothing more."--Michael, Stargate Atlantis "The Kindred Part II"

"Within a year, he had the Wraith on their knees. Literally."--Rodney McKay, Stargate Atlantis "The Last Man"

Sheppard: How many suicide missions have I been on? McKay: I don't know, I've lost count. --Stargate Atlantis, "The Prodigal"

98 percent of teenagers do or has tried smoking pot. If you're one of the 2 percent who hasn't, copy & paste this in your profile.

Never smoked, never will

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If you can read this message, you are blessed, because over two billion people in the world cannot read at all:

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If you could read that put it in your profile!

Recent studies show that 92 percent of teenagers have moved on to rap. If you're part of the 8 percent that stayed with rock, put this in your profile.

Rock-and-roll girl and I'm proud of it!

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