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I'm Katie and I'm twenty-two.

I'm a politics student at university, and I love to write.

I have loved Doctor Who, Once Upon A Time, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Torchwood, Star Trek (VOY & TNG), X-Men & The Avengers, A:TLA Korra, Community, LOTR, and many many more, some past, and some more present. Most of this profile was written when I was in high school, but I'm not really feeling like changing it because i'm v sentimental. And most of it is still true, somewhere deep inside me. But I will add in some happy details on where i stand, because i love to self reflect, and this is my profile, damnit!

Harry Potter-- Tonks, Remus, Sirius. Bellatrix. Ginny, Luna, Neville. Lily Luna, Teddy. Quidditch Team.

Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ginny, Remus/Tonks, Bellatrix/everyone, Lily Luna/Teddy, Lily/James, Oliver/Katie.

For me, HP was my childhood. I lived and died by book and movie release dates. At one point I told myself after the last movie came out, I'd have nothing to live for. I can happily say I was over-exaggerating.

Star Wars Leia, Han, Luke. Ben. Obi-Wan. Rex, Ahsoka. Jacen, Tenal Ka. Jysella, Valin, Corran. Kyp.

Leia/Han, Luke/Mara, Jacen/Tenal Ka, Kyp/Jaina/Zekk, Ahsoka/Rex, Obi-wan/Satine

-I don't read the novels anymore. Killing Jacen was the final straw for me. Maybe something will get me back into them, but until then, I'll hang with the cartoon and re-read the young Solo kids and cry.

I'm horribly excited for the new movies, even though they render my middle school allowance money wasted, as all of the books are no longer...applicable. Still excited. I've watched all of TCW and Rebels, and I'm loving the approach of seeing things from other points of view besides our morally grey skywalkers.

Once Upon A Time Ruby Lucas. Regina Mills. August W. Booth. Killian Jones. Princess Aurora. Emma Swan. Jefferson. Victor Frankenstein. Belle. Nealfire.

Ruby/Regina/Hook, in any combination. August/Emma. Aurora/Hook. Aurora/Mulan/Phillip, also in any combination. Snow/Charming/Red -mostly as an OT3 but I accept all combinations. Emma/Neal. Rumple/Belle. Cora/Rumple. Victor/Happiness (or Ruby)

In other words, it it can be shipped, I most likely ship it, in some form. Especially if Ruby Lucas is involved. (Except Captain Swan. No thank you I'll be seeing myself out.)

Yikes that last sentence...still true. I'm still watching, somehow- I know how. This is my trash show. I can't believe I wrote this summary pre-season three. Pre-my OQ days, as well as my slow conversion into as SQer. So yes, Add Outlaw Queen and Swan Queen to my ship list, as well as Robin Hood on my fav characters list. I will live and die for Regina Mills. You know, normal Evil Regal things ;).

Doctor Who/Torchwood -- Rose Tyler. The Doctor- all regenerations, but especially Five, Nine, & Ten. Amy. Donna. Ace. Martha. Sarah Jane. Tegan. Rory. //// Ianto. Tosh.

Rose/Doctor- again all regenerations-, Rory/Amy/Eleven, Jack/Rose/Nine, Tegan/Five, Martha/Mickey, Donna/Happiness.///// Jack/Ianto, Tosh/Owen, Gwen/Rhys

I stopped watching DW after Eleven regenerated. I couldn't stand to watch the show I had loved change more than it already had. And yes, I'm aware that's the point of the show, but I'll live in my happy 9-11 era thank you v much.

Star Trek-- Torres, Paris, Kim. Troi, Riker, Crusher, Picard. Bones, Scotty, Chekov, Uhura.

Crusher/Picard, Trio/Riker. Janeway/Chakotay. Torres/Paris. Doctor/Seven. Uhura/Spock.

Suprisingly, not much to add here. I haven't watched any ST in some time...but watch OITNB and watch my favorite captain as the world's best Russian prison chef.

X-Men/Avengers-- Rogue. Gambit. Wolverine. Storm. Nightcrawler. Shadowcat. Captain America. Hawkeye. Black Widow. Bucky Barnes Sam Wilson

Rogue/Gambit, Shadowcat/Colossus. Steve/Bucky. Hawkeye/Black Widow. Iron Man/Pepper Potts.

The Avengers movies have let me down pretty heavily recently..but I'm excited af for Cap 3 because why not?? And I am v excited for the new X-men movie, even though I am aware it will no doubt disappoint me greatly. And I just heard that Channing Tatum dropped from the Gambit movie? V conflicted, as I wanted this movie v badly, but more as a superhero romcom with Rogue & Gambit. Fox, make that movie instead please.

"His scar hadn't pained Harry for nineteen years. All was well."-J.K. Rowling.



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Future From Hell reviews
Two years after Apocalypse's defeat, the X-men are at a time of peace. But, like all good things, it doesn't last. Will the X-men be able to overcome their next challenge, or will the future turn to hell? Romy, LoRo, Kiotr, and more.
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