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~ NEWS 6/4/08~ Wow i haven't updated in a while...sigh i'm sorry. For newcomers i haven't been updating but i plan on starting again. To old comers i'm suprer sorry. My life has been a little full write now and i haven't had the chance to write. my plan is to get the stories going again so hang in there!


i'm known to many of my readers as SNOWY but my real name is Dagan. I'm sixteen and i have brown hair and eyes. I love to write as you can tell...

Blood Red Rose: is based on Twilight. The story starts off with a hunting Vampire named Alexander (Alex) who clearlly remembers a young girl he had happened upon nine years prior. You soon find out that girl was Edward's younger sister Eleanor, and once again, one fateful night they (Alex & Ella) meet again at the very same place. Ella and Alex relize that they have fallen in love with each other. but will Ella make the discession that could chang her life forever? Or will fate choos her answer for her? If she is changed what will happen when she happens upon her 'vegeterian' brother and his human fiance'? Read plz!

HisWish: is also based on twilight. This story is sort of unuasaul sci-fi/mystery/drama/romance. It starts off with Edward hunting and he happens upon a young mysterious girl. She tells him she can answer his wish--a wish that could destroy or streghthen his bond with Bella. A wish that would keep Bella from being a vampire, a wish that would make Edward human. His only price was his memories--every memory he ever had, even those of Bella. When a car accident puts Edward in the hands of a small town girl Jaylan Dodson. He finds himself having feelings for her, but senses that what he is feeling is wrong, but when bella's search for him keeps coming up empty and months pass will Edward be able to keep the wall around his heart strong or will it crumble? Will Bella find him in time before Edward gives his heart to another? Read plz!

Kissing the Dawn- Is based on twilight. I have three main oringinal charaters. The three young vampires that escape from an coven of cruel vampires. They are tracked by Xaveir one of the merciessly vampires of the coven. Areil, Jesse, and Lydia make their way up north hoping to find freedom. When they accedentally run into our favorite band of golden eyed vampires. The cullens offer the trio something they couldn't refuse...freedom. However the cullens find that accepting the trio may cost Bella her life...

Blue Eyed Angel- In preproduction, but based on a one shot of twilight

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His Wish reviews
When Edward's wish is to turn himself human. What will happen when he is seperated from Bella, without memories, and Alice can't see him. When a smalltown girl captures human Edwards interest. What will happen to the love Bella and Edward once shared.
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I moved toward her neck. At that moment I heard several sounds, a furious roar, a defensive snarl, and someone slamming into me forcing me to the ground. When I opened my eyes I saw Jesse on top of me, for a second his eyes searched mine.
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