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Author has written 5 stories for Harry Potter.

Nationality: American (I think my writing has possibly given this away. Still, I hope that it was only the littler things like the fact that I know so little about the school system in the U.K.)

Race: Caucasian but does it really matter?

Age: 22

Status: Single, never married.

Gender: Male

Most people that truly know me usually claim I'm either a genius, or 'really smart'. However, my 'really smart' tendencies do tend to irritate some people (Or most people for that matter...). (Math teachers don't like me much because I'll get the answer to algebra formula's in my mind and I don't need to write the numbers I needed to get the answers. Which is why I failed Algebra in High School until I took an independent study of the subject. Got an A when I did that...)

I'm a gamer. Big time. Don't ask for me to list the games I own, If you asked me which consoles I own I could easily reply that I own more than many people own games. (Obsessed much?) I own around 200 games if you must know. :) (Beat the vast majority too.)

I'm also a crusader. I like to right wrongs, and generally do the right thing. What can I say? I'm passionate. That's reflected in my writing. The main hero is usually; just that a Hero and not a small fry hero either. The hero will be saving the world and kicking in doors on a day to day basis until the ultimate climax.

Interesting side note about the Trio:

They Call the Pairing Harry/Hermione: HHr right? Harry/Hermione/ron


See an interesting connection or two yet? It occurred to me in the Tales of Singularity tale "The Obligatory Cliche".

Even ron supports the ship! So he's not half bad after all! Besides being stupid...lazy...etc...



About the only thing you'll see is it used as an insult, or alluded. For example in WOE when Eternity calls Draco gay...(I'm about half sure he bats for the other team anyway...)


It ain't erotic, it's dehumanizing, it's vicious, and...unforgivable. At this time I have never written a scene where someone was suffering from the effects of rape. As of this time I have no intention of doing so either. If I went over this topic I'd probably only vaguely describe it. It would be something that the hero of that story would avenge to the best of his/her ability. I realize it happens and I try to make my fics 'real' but, if I never get into this horror don't be too surprised.

Important note, I've agreed to roccio88's request to use the quote 'the creator's very Son sacrificed his life before returning to glory' and the usage of calling God 'the Creator' in her tale.

UPDATE: Any truly offensive Reviews will be ignored and promptly deleted. I don't mind some negative feedback, but be reasonable. Saying things like "You should die cause you can't write" isn't very helpful. It's just downright annoying. I realize that everyone gets that kind of thing but I've reached the end of my patience to deal with those kinds of 'reviews' If offensive reviews continue I will have no choice but to regretfully block all anonymous feedback.

Those types of reviews are exceedingly rare but they're getting old.

2016 Update:

I'm looking to put more information in the forums so that I can start trimming down this page. That is, once the wrist issues are taken care of.

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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Tales of Singularity reviews
One shots that may or not become more than that, depending on public response and time restraints. The first Tale is 'The Goddess of Fate'. Rated M for any potential stories. As is typical for me H/Hr is the main pairing, with potential other pairings and stories. Some are just snippets while others are nearly complete chapter ideas.
Harry Potter - Rated: M - English - Romance - Chapters: 57 - Words: 144,499 - Reviews: 521 - Favs: 232 - Follows: 246 - Updated: 3/14/2016 - Published: 1/22/2010 - Harry P., Hermione G.
Hermione and the Radiant Chaos reviews
Sequel to Harry Potter and the Light of Honor. The year is 2,993 A.D. Why does an ancient woman sit alone in a crumbling castle?...One thousand years ago, Hermione lost him. But...They always said she wasn't one to give up. HHr.
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