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I love love reading fan fictions.

Thanks so much to all you guys that have been reading my fan fiction!!

I just recently decided to write another story. There will be no hints towards what type of story it will be. I love the Romance/Drama genre. That's the only information you are getting from me! Check back soon!


Random thoughts:

I really have a boring profile/bio thing. I hope to make it better! (Like that will ever happen.)

I just had Japanese food! It was so yummy! (No I'm not Japanese. I am American.)

How would you say your favorite smileys? OR smilies? Does anyone have the answer?

Anyways, my favorite smileys are.. :P : (:

I've always wanted to visit the UK. I think everyone's accent is amazing! wishes I am going to go to the UK!

Short Stories about my life..

I went to the mall with my grandmother. Picture a 2 story mall. Okay, you got that? Well, they took the elevators out! So now you have to go to the end of the mall to get on the escalators. How dumb is that?! I know right?!

My friend's mom got mad at me for using my friend's camera. As I was using it, I took 1 picture of her (my friend). Well, obviously my friend's mom wanted more pictures of my friend. She kind of told me I needed to take more pictures of her. I was like okay. Creepy huh?

I got out of school in May, and I was so happy! I mean, I love school, but you just need to have your two months off so you can stay at home and get on the computer all day long. I'm kidding. Psh.. I'm not on the computer ALL day long. Just somedays..

Things I have said..

Me: Mom! Did you eat a slice of pizza?

Mom: No. You and Jonathan (my brother) did.

Me: Wait.. So he had three?

Mom: No.. He had two

Me: But there are five empty pizza spaces..

Mom: No there aren't

Me: Yes there is

Mom: Um..

Me: See.. 1..2...3...4...5

Mom: That's four

Me: No because 2 plus 2 equals five

Mom: No wonder you aren't doing so well in Math. You can't add!

Me: Yes I can. Wait, I can't add? 2 plus 2 is four.. OH!!

Quotes That I make up on the spot

Guys are like the blood around your heart. The vein in your arm. They're like the junk under your bed. Sometimes they're needed, and then sometimes they are thrown to the curve because they are so rude to you.

If I were a little girl would you put me on your show because I was cute? Or maybe because I had the cute little laugh that won you over. Or was it because you felt bad for me? I hope it was none of the above. I hope it was because I was a great actress.

People are always talking about you. Sometimes they talk about things that will bring you up, or sometimes they talk about things that will tear you down. Either way, they are going to talk. You can't let what they say hurt you, because in the end. It won't matter who was nice or who was mean. What will matter is who was the Queen.

Lovely. Just Lovely.


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