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My family is my whole life.

My friends mean everything to me.

I don't trust many people.

I'm extremely loyal.

I won't stab you in the back.

I won't say one thing to your face then talk shit about you behind your back.

I love to laugh.

I'm a tomboy.


Those people are my best friends, I love them with my entire heart.

I love to read.

Music is my life.

Tennessee is my home.

I recently dug up an old notebook. It's full of stories I started writing years ago, some random thoughts in between stories or chapters and a lot of doodles in the margins. As I flipped through it memories came up and hit me hard. I remembered why I started writing in the first place. I no longer have that original inspiration. But within the pages of that notebook, I found a new inspiration. I have to move on from the past and live in the moment. Things are changing immensely in my life. Please bare with me as I work through that and begin writing again.

Current Favorite Book: White Fang - Jack London

Current Favorite Song: All Or Nothing - Theory of a Deadman

Current Favorite Movie: The Breakfast Club

I want to scream at the top of my lungs

I want to punch a hole in a wall

I want to jump off the highest mountain

I want to cry until I run out of tears

I want to sleep until everything in the world gets better

I want to see my grandmother one more time, just to tell her how much I love her

I've learned that you can't please everyone, you're always going to piss someone off.

I've learned that you can rely on no one but yourself.

I've learned to let go of the people that are holding me back, no matter how hard it is.

I've learned to please myself first because when my life is over it's ME that needs to be happy.

I've learned that life flys by and all we can do is hold on and enjoy the ride.

I've learned that the people that are MEANT to be in your life won't be that hard to keep there.

Life goes through changes so fast, you think your life is great, than one of your best friends dies. Then you think you found someone you truly love, only to figure out, (s)he doesn't love you back. You cry and cry and cry, but nothing changes. You realize, that you must accept things for what they are, and what they have made you become.Everything in life changes you in some way. Even the smallest things. If you do not accept these changes, you do not accept yourself. For through these changes brings new and greater things to you, making you wiser, as time progresses. To avoid these changes is a loss. You only live your life once. Do not waste a minute of it avoiding things. Let them come to you, and learn from them. There's always tomorrow. - Adam R. Gwizdala

Never regret something that once made you smile. - Amber Deckers

I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you learn to appreciate them when they're right. You believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself...and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together. - Marilyn Monroe

I believe in God. He is my best friend. I've struggled in my life and I've realized that nothing gets easier until I stop trying to control it and just give up my problems to Him. He will always make everything better.

Story Updates: Basically, I will try to work on everything. Ignore the things that are next to the titles.

A Happy Ending- Being rewritten, almost completely. I'm not happy with what I have so far so I'm changing it. Fixed and new chapters will be up as they get written.

Another Bookworm- On hold

Back in the Hollow- On hold

Broken- Chapters are being written.

Random Thoughts- A couple different ideas are in the works and being written when I have time.

Untitled- On hold

We're a Family- Chapters are being written.

New Story Ideas:

Sequel to What She Wanted (Untitled)- Read What She Wanted, let me know what you think about a sequel. Oneshot? Multi-chapter? Titles? Send me your thoughts!

City Lights- Rory Gilmore is a fifteen year old model that splits her time living in New York and Stars Hollow. Jess Mariano is sixteen year old boy who's world is turned upside down when he decides to sit down next to a pretty girl on a bench one day. How will that one small decision affect his life? (a short preview follows)

“Hey.” His voice was rough but velvety at the same time. “You look familiar. Have we ever met?”

“Um, no. But…” I trailed off and gestured over my shoulder to a huge billboard that featured my latest DKNY Jeans ad. His eyes widened and I noticed the warm caramel color of them.

“Wow. So I guess all of that,” he gestured to the tents set up in the middle of the park. “is for you.”

“Yep. We’re supposed to be shooting an ad for Converse, but the guy I’m supposed to be shooting with had a family emergency so I’m not sure what’s happening.”

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