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As my long unhyphenated name suggests, I do fancy myself something of a songwriter, though not a good one. I just write songs when I can because I like to. I've written one about Miroku and Sango, believe it or not. It's good.

Also as my name suggests, I love wolves. WOLVES! Wolves, Werewolves, Crazy Lupine Demons, I don't care! I love them all! Even Koga:D

I draw a bit, and even have a comic going. (Two actually. One I've started posting ona forum that's Manga and the other is astickman comic I do at school for myfriends. The latter's humor is 85 game related. :p)

Stuff I Write:

Original stuf-wise, Fantasy/Sci Fi. What else would I write?

Fanfiction wise: Inuyasha. Dragons In Our Midst. I used to write a little bit of Star Wars and Redwall Fanfiction, but I haven't in a really really really long time. I have a Karin fanfiction which I posted on here, but I doubt anyone shall read it. No one ever bothers to. :p

Yes, I'm definately a Inu-Kag kinda person. Though I still kinda like Kikyo. She's okay, in a Nordic-tragedy-of-fate kinda way. And I usually don't like Kagome paired with other people, though if it's done well, I don't mind. Miroku-Sango all the way too. I love thosetwo, and I think they're best together.

And to be honest, I'm a fan of those Shippo-Rin fics. I love Shippo, even if he isjust a little kitsune kit. :p


Kansas! -Best band ever

Nirvana, RED, Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance, Pearl Jam, Boston, Evanescence, Rush, Silverchair, Third Day, Three Days Grace, The Eagles, Ozzy Osbourne, U2, Trapt, Three Doors Down, Symphony X, Dragonforce, Reliant K, Switchfoot, Styx, Skillet, Rush of Fools, Casting Crowns, Led Zepplin, Leann albrecht, Kerry Livgren, Jonezetta.


Red Moon- Karin fanfic.

Karin and Kenta think things are alright, except for that dance coming up...but their mundane school worries are about to look really insignificant. The Red Moon, a rare phenomenon, is about to happen and it could spell disaster for everyone as things begin to happen the two couldn't even imagine.

Inuyasha: Distant Thunderings

When the crystal was shattered,a lot more happened than Inu or Kagome could guess. When the dust cleared fromthe wave of destruction, the powers that be sent a man to investigate. But the Fallen were right behind and he hasn't been heard from. Another party, the Seeker and his companions, are sent to retrieve him. When Inuyasha and company find themselves in a war stretching universes, will Inuyasha be able to hold back the forces of absolute evil?

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Red Moon reviews
Karin and Kenta are doing fine...or at least, they think. But things they could neverdream of are being set in motion, and Karin faces a difficult choice.
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