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ok about myself:

Hi! I'm a 19 year old college student who loves to write in her free time... yeah :)

Current Story: The Witching Hour It is a Sunrise re-write so be sure to check it out.

The Witching Hour cover:

My cast for The Witching Hour

Eva Nightingale- Nina Dobrev

Bindi Dawson- Megan Fox

Alani Davis -Erica Hubbard

Crystal Loisel - Hayden Panettiere

Paige McMicheal - Danielle Panabaker

Dianna Marino- Haley Williams

Mina Swan - Emily Browning

Seth Clearwater - Is being played by Boo Boo Stewart (I approve he's cute) But this is and older version.

Ace Jones - Toby Hemingway -

Landon Knight - Scott Speedman

Top 10 Jacob Black Quotes from Eclipse:

10. “Sure, sure, I’ll stop by your crypt after school.” (Page 78)

9. “I’m so full I’m about to puke, but I think I can force it down. I won’t enjoy it at all though.” (Page 239)

8. “I’m useless these days, no wonder Billy’s always gone. I’m so boring.” (Page 326)

7. “I run at a toasty one-oh-eight point nine these days. I’ll have you sweating in no time.” (Page 490)

6. “Of course, you’d warm up faster if you took your clothes off.” (Page 491)

5. “Does my being half-naked bother you?” (Page 216)

4. “Go fetch a space heater. I’m not a St. Bernard!” (Page 289)

3. “It’s enough of a pain to carry the shorts around with me, let alone a complete outfit. What do I look like, a pack mule?” (Page 216)

2. “Did you seriously just stamp your foot? I thought girls only did that on TV.” (Page 119)

1. “Next time you want to hit me, use a baseball bat or a crowbar, okay?” (Page 335)

Top 10 Jacob Black quotes from Breaking Dawn:

10. “He’s brave. Brave as you are. Didn’t pass out or throw up or anything. I gotta say, I was impressed. You should’ve seen his face when I started taking my clothes off, though. Priceless.” (Page 495)

9. “How much blood would it take to keep her going? At some point, would they start trotting in the neighbors?” (Page 271)

8. “He was right – she was beating herself up about hurting his feelings. The girl was a classic martyr. She’d totally been born in the wrong century. She should have lived back when she could have gotten herself fed to some lions for a good cause.” (Page 187)

7. “I’d been planning to take off and get some Z’s, but the chance to ruin Rosalie’s morning seemed too good to pass up.” (Page 323)

6. “I’m getting older here, Bella. Okay, not technically, but you get the idea.” (Page 435)

5. “You know how you drown a blonde, Rosalie? Glue a mirror to the bottom of a pool.” (Page 271)

4. “See. Charlie. Afterwards. See Charlie when she’s all sparkly white with the bright red eyes. I’m not a bloodsucker, so maybe I’m missing something, but Charlie seems like kind of a strange choice for her first meal.” (Page 300)

3. “Where is this psycho crap coming from? Are you making this up as you go?” (Page 182)

2. “I felt like – like I don’t know what. Like this wasn’t real. Like I was in some Goth version of a bad sitcom. Instead of being the A/V dweeb about to ask the head cheerleader to the prom, I was the finished-second-place werewolf about to ask the vampire’s wife to shack up and procreate. Nice.” (Page 185)

1. “Say what you want, I still think Dracula One and Dracula Two are creep-tacular.” (Page 631)


Books I Love:

Twilight/new moon/eclipse/breaking dawn


Heartland series

Vampire Diares

The Faerie Path series

Nobody's Princess

House Of Night series

Chronicles of Vladimer Todd

Percy Jackson and The Olympians

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