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Author has written 5 stories for Pokémon.

!Important! I decided to only have two active in-progress stories at a time so i deleted all of my inactive in-progress stories. They will be posted again once i finish one of my two active stories.

Why did you delete most of your fics?

Shane likes POKEMON asked me this once and this is what i answered.

Uhm... how to start? Well, you see, writing fics is very hard if you've lost the motivation. And I had lost almost all my motivation for the fics i took off (i will post them again, don't worry XD).

Most of those fics came to me in a burst of inspiration. I'd write the fisrt chapter, post it and my inpiration would be gone meaning that they'd be left there until i felt like updating. So what i'm going to do now is finish a story before i start posting it. Meaning that once i put a fic in there, it'll stay there and since i already finished the story, there will be an update every week.

Another reason i did this is because posting unfinished stories made me forget the real reason why i even started: my love for writing. Let me explain. Once someone starts posting a story, he/she starts getting reviews. And after a while, most authors come to depend on those reviews. What i mean is that if they don't get enough reviews to their taste, they'll just stop posting becase they'll feel unmotivated. That's what was happening to me. The stories i took off wouldn't have been taken off if i had gotten more reviews. And i HATE to know that because i should have kept writting them, reviews or no reviews. So what i wanted was to take back those stories and finish them at my own pace and without the stress of "Oh god! i haven't got any reviews!" or stuff like that.

From now on, if i post a story, you can be sure it's already finished.

So yes, from now, i an't posting squat until it's fnished.

And remember kids, writing is all about the love for writing, not the reviews.


Dreaming of you (Pokemon): After pairing up with Ash for a contest, Misty starts having dreams where a boy who looks like Ash makes all of her dreams come true, leading her to fall for her dream boy. If only she knew the boy was Ash, after finding out a way to go inside her dreams.

Multiple Pokemonality Disorder (Pokemon): After being kidnapped and experimented on, Ashlynn finds herself fused to 4 annoying talking pokemon and on the run from Team Rocket and a bratty rich boy. Will she find a way to defuse the pokemon or will they drive her crazy trying? OC fic

STORIES ON HOLD (one or two chapters done)

2 late 2 say goodbye (Ducktales): "Be strong lads, for strong..." Mickey and friends will finally realise what they had now that it's too late to have him back... If only they had realised it sooner, maybe he wouldn't have died thinking everyone thought he was useless...

Walking a mile in your shoes (Disney): Due to an accident with an invention, Donald and Mickey are trapped in the body of the other. And to make matters worse, Maleficent finds out about their little problem. It seems like waiting for the machine to be fixed will be harder than they thought.

Population: you and me (Pokemon): Bonds will be tightened, confessions will be made, horrors will be seen as one by one they die. Will one of them stay alive or will they all die from the pain and trauma? Shippings and character deaths. Read if you dare...


Into the Crevisse (Pokemon): I never thought i'd tell you that i loved you...That is, until we were both falling to our deaths... pokemon mystery dungeon: explorers or darkness/time oneshot

How to make fun of your author(Pokemon): Join Ana and her lucario as they make fun of their creator and their creator's most shamefull writing secrets. Beware, Ana's not scared of breaking the fourth wall... Rated T for minor swear words (this is the randomest fic i have ever written in my life...seriously, read if you're not afraid of a lot of randomness xD)

Revenge is sweet (Pokemon): If someone did something horrible to the person you love most in the world, how far would you go with your revenge? -AU- oneshotIf someone did something horrible to the person you love most in the world, how far would you go with your revenge? -AU- oneshot (The darkest thing i've ever written xD but probably not the last dark think i'll ever write >:D )


Nightmare (Pokemon): Children all over the world are having nightmares and not waking up. As more and more children fall prey to this wave of nightmares, a group of pokemon will have to go inside a girl's nightmare and help her fight the cause of it all: Darkrai."


The following pokemon are some of the pokemons from my games and they will appear in my fics. If one or more are main characters of a multi-chapter fic, they will probably not appear in another fic. (Dreaming of you is the only exception seeing as all 6 main characters make small appearances). The majority of them (if not all) will appear in my future fic "Nightmare". I'm writing out what part they'll take in what fic. Bold means will appear in fic for sure, Italic means still not 100 percent sure. I'm including there attack levels so i don't have to go look for my gameboy every time i need to know one of their attack levels (i'm sending them all to my diamond cartridge so if you ever want to battle, don't hesitate to ask for my friend code).

Aquashell: Blastoise. Male. Leaf Green. Level 67. Appears in "Nightmare"
Thunder: Raichu. Male. Leaf Green/Ruby/Diamond. Level 63 in leaf green, Level 58 in Diamond. Appears in "Multiple Pokemonality Disorder".
Pidgeot.Male. Leaf Green. Level 63. Appears in "Nightmare"
Rayita: Persian.Male. Leaf Green. Level 47. Appears in "Nightmare"

(wow, my nickanames are sooo original xD) Empoleon. male. Diamond. Level 57. Appears in "Nightmare"
Kirario: Lucario. Male. Diamond. Level 58. Appears in "Into the crevisse" and will appear in "Nightmare"
Sphynx: Luxray. Female. Diamond. Level 56. Appears in "Nightmare"
SkySoarer "Soar": Staraptor. Male. Diamond. Level 56. Appears in "Nightmare"

Ruby. Male. Level TBA. Appears in "Nightmare"
SkyGlider "Glide": Swellow. Male. Ruby. Level TBA. Appears in "Nightmare"
Pelipper: Ruby. Female. Level TBA. Appears in "Nightmare"
Linoone: Ruby. Male. Level TBA. Appears in "Nightmare"

Umbreon. Female. Gale of Darkness. Level TBA. Appears in "Multiple Pokemonality Disorder"
Houndoom. Male. Gale of Darkness. Level TBA. Appears in "Multiple Pokemality Disorder"
Skyscraper "Sky": Lugia. Male. Gale of Darkness. Level TBA. Appears in "Nightmare"
Bluedragon: Salamence. Male. Gale of Darkness. Level TBA. Appears in "Nightmare"
Teddy: Ursaring. Gale of Darkness. Level TBA. Appears in "Nightmare"
Mightyena: Ruby/Gale of Darkness. Female. Level TBA in ruby, TBA in gale of darkness. Appears in "Nightmare"


--> Bulbapedia: This site is a very complete pokemon wikipedia. I use it for knowing how attacks look in the anime so as to describe them in the fic or to find out as much as i can about the pokemon i'm writing about so as to better capture its personality.

--> Mary Sue litmus tests: Ah, the famous Mary-sue litmus test... If you fear you're oh-so-great character is a Mary Sue or Gary stue, GO HERE!


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Inuyasha - Rated: T - English - Romance/Romance - Chapters: 12 - Words: 42,766 - Reviews: 1384 - Favs: 508 - Follows: 272 - Updated: 11/15/2004 - Published: 3/19/2004 - Kagome H., Inuyasha
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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Dreaming of you reviews
After pairing up with Ash for a contest, Misty starts having dreams where a boy who looks like Ash makes all of her dreams come true, leading her to fall for her dream boy. The problem is, dream Ash is anything but a fiction of Misty's imagination. AAML
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