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Hi. I'm TRUE Unknown

I try my hand in lots of genres, although I usually stick to comedies.

I also have a fack-ton of pairings I

Firstly, I'm down and against almost all yaoi and yuri pairings. While I do not hate same-sex standards and do not hate gay people (as a matter of fact it'd be interesting to see a real-life gay wedding), the large influx of yaoi fics have more or less turned me off towards those particular pairings. ESPECIALLY the Axel/Roxas and Sora/Riku pairings from Kingdom Hearts... those basically ruined any chance of hetero-pairings between said best friends. You can have best friends who are close, and NOT gay.

On the opposite end, I am SO into hetero couplings, if my fics and taste calls for 'em. Especially if it's a younger male/older female. As a matter of fact, that's personally a fetish of mine.

Favorite Pairings

Rudy/Cecilia (Wild Arms Alter Code: F) - I so wanted this pairing to pop up, especially in the remake! There were so many hints and obvious cues!! >.

Bridget/Dizzy (Guilty Gear) - Enough of the gay Bridget carp! I know he was made to appeal to everyone who liked the genre that he represented, but that doesn't mean he IS gay. I think he's got a great rapport with girls as well, especially with Dizzy!

Mikey/Mitsuki (Kappa Mikey) - This was an obvious choice! Lily's mean, Mitsuki's an angel, and even Mikey's starting to think about going out with her! Most memorable ep. I can remember was the one with Mitsuki's father in it, triggering Mikey's emotions to fall for her! And it's working!

Genis/Presea (Tales of Symphonia) - This relationship was a cute, puppy-dog like deal; getting called an idiot by Zelos for giving Presea a sharpening stone for a gift doesn't even matter to Genis, because she enjoyed it and found a practical use of it! Now... will Genis react to finding out Presea's actually 29 in a bad way or in a "cool, I got a thing with an older woman!" kind of way?

Ion/Anise (Tales of the Abyss) - Another cute relationship, supported a LOT by myself. Too bad Anise was a betraying jerk (even if done for good reasons), and it cost her her cherished person. Florian just don't cut it either...

Domon/Rain (G Gundam) - One of the few couplings I like that with the fact that true love conquered crazy, semi-sentient nanobots inside Gundams and unites love to perform overly large attacks, completely overshadows my oversight that Domon's older by a few months than Rain.

Shinn/Lunamaria (Gundam Seed Destiny) - This couple seems really loyal to each other, IMO. THAT makes it another one of my favorite pairings, since Lunamaria wants to forgive Shinn for thinking he killed her sister despite the fact that she was really alive, and Shinn's all emo... and she seems to be awkwardly alright with being his silver medal. That, and she has a good 1-2 years ahead of Shinn.

Judau/Roux (ZZ Gundam) - Never saw the ZZ Gundam series, but their chemistry really worked together in Dynasty Warriors: Gundam. Especially with Roux telling Haman that she shouldn't really mess with her or Judau, since she's the only woman who'll look after him. And she's older than Judau. And they both go to Jupiter at the end of ZZ, supposedly.

Kamille/Haman (Z Gundam/Dynasty Warriors: Gundam) - Never saw the Z Gundam series, but even though both were messed in their own ways Kamille being a crazy emo nuckfut, and Haman being all about the revenge, they seem to work together and work WELL together.

Laharl/Etna (Disgaea) - Maybe I'm just like Flonne, but like her statement from Disgaea 2, I'd personally like to see the love between Overlord and Vassal erupt in either a shy array of moves and awkward gestures, or erupt in a fiery burst of WTF-ness! That, and, you guessed, Etna has a good 100-somethin' years ahead of him.

Hunter/Corona (Spider Riders) - One of the most awkward animes I've ever seen, yet I couldn't look away from even a single episode. The hints between the two (or rather, her to him) were very subtle, at times obvious, but seeing the other Riders hold back charging at Hunter for a welcome back to their group, to let Corona get a VERY close embrace on him was an obvious move on her part; and it'd have been even better if she actually GOT to hug him. Age-wise, can't tell between them, but don't really care for it this time.

Kite/Mistral (.hack game series not G.U.) - I really LOVED this pairing, but imagine my heartache when I discovered that a) she was married, b) was pregnant with a kid that would've eventually led on to the crappy, CRAPPY Legend of the Twilight..., and c) only had ONE important storyline segment. I still love this pairing to death, but I realize that their RL selves would never work out...

Kite/Blackrose (.hack game series not G.U.) - So I fall back onto MY silver medal of the non-G.U. .hack series pairings. Kite and Blackrose do make a great team, and have been there for each other thick and thin. With her being a couple years older than Kite, I've accepted the annoyances of her character and her being there in EVERY cutscene for some reason, going through those games, I have used Blackrose VERY LITTLE; I don't know why, but I didn't like her before and accepted these two as a more canon pairing. Especially since during some event in G.U., you supposedly get an e-mail from Blackrose that went to Kite, saying thanks for all he did, and that she confessed her love to him. Pretty much makes it canon. =)

Yugi/Anzu (Yu-Gi-Oh!) - I SO wanted this pairing to work out! I don't know if it ever did in the end, or if it speculated on it or anything, but what we know for sure is: Yugi likes Anzu, Anzu falls in love with Atem, Atem finally vanishes, does she go for her silver medal, and will Yugi accept her if she does?

Charlie Brown/Marcie (Peanuts) - The poor blockhead never gets any breaks. This was also inspired from the story arc where Marcie comes over to Charlie Brown's house, rants about she's unhappy with her parents caring only about her marks, and just falls asleep on his couch. If I were good ol' Chuck, I'd ditch the little red-haired skank, and go for the cute smart girl. Not Peppermint Patty; she's a nice girl and all, but at the same time that I'm debunking the fact that the two girls are NOT gay, they both have crushes on Charlie Brown, and Peppermint Patty actually goads Marcie into confessing more often than not.

Lucas/Kumatora (Mother 3/Earthbound 2) - A coupling I'm really obsessing on, despite my not playing the game, or having access to an import copy of the game, japanese GBA, or reading the Japanese language. A girly boy who starts off as a crybaby, an almost butch tomboy of a girl whose older and stronger, and they seem to connect on so many levels, aside from the fact they're both PSI users. I actually could see something happening between the both of them, and in the end, I can picture little kids running up to give Grandpa Flint a big hug! smiles wide

Geo/Luna (Megaman Star Force series) - My newest favorite coupling! Luna is obviously in love with him, whether he's Megaman or not, and by his actions and desire to protect only her, it sounds like she's important to Geo as well. The anime and games all have obvious points that she's in love with him, so why not put the two together?? F Sonia, big time!


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