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I am a twenty-eight-year-old male from Henderson, NV with a fiancee and a desire to write. I love television and movies and have no real life. My favorite movies/shows have an "S" in them most of the time. I have always wanted to be in movies and TV but never had the opportunity. Other than that, i have nothing to show for my life.

Favorite movies: Superman (any but Chris Reeve is my favorite), Star Trek, Star Wars (Natalie Portman is gorgeous), Back to the Future (The only one that does not have an "S"), and parodies (Spaceballs, Thumb Wars, Airplane!).

Favorite TV shows: Smallville, Star Trek (didn't much care for Enterprise), Stargate, Sailor Moon my avatar is Tuxedo Melvin, a.k.a., Guardian Vulcan (my original character for Sailor Senshi Training, use with permission), that 70's show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly, the Real World, Battlestar Galactica (either Frackin' version), Transformers, Doctor Who,

Pet Peeves: Bad spellers, bad Grammar, my use of Punctuation, the fact that I capitalize words that don;t Need it, people who hate me because they ain't me, and people who think that i'm an idiot because I'm still a virgin.

Other Likes/loves: My Fiancee, Ali (I may use her in a story or two as a character that mine falls in love with/is married to), Italian food, Pepsi, Etc.

Other Dislikes: olives, Terrorists (real or fictional), people who prefer full equality over personal choice, the fact that pro-choice really means pro-abortion for no reason, instead of meaning the ability to choose to wait to have sex when you are married instead of giving in, and Teenage Girls. They are the spawn of the Devil.

Favorite Quotes: I will fill this in at a more reasonable time than 3 am

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Broken But Not Destroyed by lateVMlover reviews
This is set after Arrow season 2's undertaking. Oliver can't take the guilt and flees the city, leaving Thea, John, Felicity, and Roy to pick up the pieces. Buffy comes to Starling City looking for both a hellmouth and a new slayer. Buffy will help train and save city in Oliver's absence. Set more in the Arrow world than BTVS. Previously posted on Arrow main page.
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