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I'm just a boring old person who reads too much fanfiction but cannot write... As I started to read more and more, my standards became higher... and I've learned that although some stories deserve all their reviews and more, other popular stories are rather over-rated, and some truly praise-worthy stories lack the recognition they deserve.

Twilight is my current addiction but I'm getting a little wary of repetitive and cliched fics. Sure, fanfiction is for fans to explore the possibilities... but atleast keep it in character and within reason, please.

Things that irk me in Twilight fanfiction:

1. Edward never returns. - Sure, through Bella's POV we don't see how important she is to Edward. But it's not that hard to figure out. He can't stay away. Oh... and Bella getting all angry and vengeful when they meet again... OOC much? I'm not even saying that she doesn't have a right to be... but obviously that's not Bella!
1b. Related to this would be Bella having a a daughter with Jake and Edward falling in love with her. Not even remotely possible.
1c. When Edward left, he left Bella pregnant. OMG. Go back to your romance novels.
1d. Noy only does Edward not return, but Bella has found herself some kickass coven or she is some highly revered member of the Volturi. Uh... Everytime I see one of these cliches I feel like I've stepped out of Twilight and into some other strange supernatural story with vampires... and the only words that come to mind are... "ex-girlfriend's posse..."
1e. Bella was changed by Laurent in the meadow. - That's not what makes the story hard to stomach.., It's what happens in the story after Bella became a vampire that just ruins it all.
1f. What's with the Bella becoming a singer/joining a band thing anyway? Because that is just so OUT OF THE BLUE I'm confused... and amused (not in a good way).

2. Bella chooses Jake. Jacob is great. But you must have missed something because Stephenie made it pretty obvious that there never was a choice. It sucks to be Jake but it was quite obvious her feelings for him can't compare to true love. Get over it. Sorry that Bella doesn't love Jake as much as you do. I have nothing against Jake, but I just hate the overly dragged out and cliched love triangles I keep seeing. It wasn't much of a triangle anyway, Bella never had to choose. if you think it's remotely possible, then you're missing the whole point of the story. The "love triangle" wasn't even that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things. Jake needs some loving too... but not from Bella! And that BS excuse that Bella didn't try to let herself be happy without Edward is SO LAME! What did you think she was TRYING to do when he was gone? She wasn't telling herself "act depressed, act depressed" all the time. She just couldn't help it. Jacob made her feel better during her dark times, but he didn't make her world RIGHT or COMPLETE. And choosing Jacob-- that's not the way it should have been. She and Edward just have that special connection. I love it when people say "ignore Eclipse and BD" or something.. as if that would make all the difference.. Sure, while you're at it.. why don't you just ignore everything else and ignore their names and call them Jack and Jill or something?
(BTW I'm not a Jacob hater... See? I'm perfectly civil. Just that BellaxJacob gives me heartburn. That and BellaxJasper, BellaxCarlisle, etc... Gosh, Bella is such a fanfiction whore.)

3. Edward leaves again/cheats on Bella. - Yes, lots of drama. But have you even read the books? Do you get the characters at all? "I am not planning on writing the Twilight Saga from Edward’s perspective. The reason, two things: New Moon would be horrible. I have said before that I have to live these emotions to write them. I don’t want to live in that place for six or seven months. I really don’t. It would be way too depressing. It would not be a fun book to read. It’d be boring in lots of spots because how long can you read about someone curled up into a ball doing nothing but moping?" (Stephenie Meyer at The Host signing.) He wasn't out having a party the first time... Why would he do it again? Please, this is Twilight, not some soap opera. Just for the record, he is not going to leave Bella just because someone smells better than her or something. That is just laughable, really.

4. Edward had someone before Bella. Human memories fade with time, but it's not amnesia or something. Like he would forget someone he felt strongly for before Bella.

5. Edward is a man whore. I can even tolerate it if he's more outgoing... he certainly has the charm... but really, Edward is too kind to treat women that way. Why the heck would you write about Edward if all you keep is his name? No, playing the piano and having a crooked grin does not mean you have Edward down. Sheesh. Geez, make some other bronze-haired guy and call him BOB.

6. Emmett is dumb. Alice only does shopping and makeovers. Rosalie is just b-tchy because she is full of herself. - Way to insult an author by botching up her characters, really. If I read another fic about Rosalie looking at mirrors in her free time, I will stab someone. She's vain, but thats just blowing things WAY out of proportion!

7. Jacob rapes Bella. - He may be a bit pushy and immature, but Jacob would NEVER do that to Bella.

8. Bella gets turned into a vampire and has these amazing superpowers. - I don't think I need to explain how silly that one is.

9. Messing with the canon couples. - Jasper without Alice? Emmet and Bella? Ew. So wrong it makes me cringe. What did they ever do to you? So what if Edward was not the single one? Bella didn't fall in love with him because he was the only single Cullen. That makes her sound really desperate. Twilight is told in Bella's POV, but it is Bella and Edward's story. The bonds of the Cullen family are very beautiful and essential in Twilight. So you have a preference of one character over another, but there is a really big difference between interpretation and disregarding practically everything the author has worked on. Again, soap opera fetish much? If Stephenie wanted that to happen, she would have written their love story instead. Yeah, I know.. it's FANfiction. But how much of a fan are you if you're just a lazy author who steals someone else's characters and keeps them away from who they want to be with? Not to mention place them in ridiculous scenarios...

10. Bella/Edward have a sibling we never heard about. - Uh...right. And sometimes they even fall in love with Edward/Bella. Blasphemy! And just for the record, there are no long lost Cullens! Stephenie Meyer herself said there are no strays running around!

11. Someone told me to add ALL-HUMAN stories. I'm guilty of indulging in some once in a while when there aren't enough NON-HUMAN ones. While I've enjoyed quite a few of these, recently the majority of them are so obnoxiously riduclous. Edward is either a total jerk or a total doormat.. and Bella gets away with being the biggest, whiniest btch ever just because she's insecure. Giving her more of a backbone doesn't mean making her a hypocrite on permanent PMS. I read Twilight fanfiction because I really loved the original story and characters, not because I want to see stories that are a cross between Jerry Springer and 90210. Besides continuing the ones I've been following, I have to say I'll be staying away from these.

12. Bella running to the next vampire willing to change her. Bella fell in love with Edward because he's Edward. She's not going to go running off to the next guy who's going to chomp her neck because that's not what she's looking for. Geez... way to make her look superficial. She isn't like Gianna who sees vampires at their worst but still wants that immortality and beauty. Bella sees EDWARD, the one she loves, and his wonderful family, and wants to be part of that. There is a difference.

13. Jacob has imprinted on Bella. - If that were the case, it would mean they were meant to be, which clearly changes the whole entire story. Anyway, even before she changed the story and gave Jacob a bigger role, she already planneed to have him imprint on Renesmee (even though I don't really like THAT idea...) "I had to answer the question for Bella. What does Bella Swan do when true love leaves her? Not just true love, but Edward Cullen! None of those other heroines lost an Edward (Romeo was a hothead, Willoughby was a scoundrel, Tristan had loyalty issues, Heathcliff was pure evil, Rhett had a mean streak and cheated with hookers, and sweet Gilbert was much more of a Jacob than an Edward). So what happens when True Love in the form of Edward Cullen leaves Bella?" -- Stephenie Meyer - I don't know how she could have made it even clearer. He TRIED to force something that couldn't be forced, it didn't work... and that's that.

14. Edward lied about having someone before Bella. - THAT is so stupid and OOC. The whole point was he is just as inexperienced as Bella, even though he is over a century old.

15. Bella has/had some secret life before coming to Forks. Sometimes these are really well-written, interesting and almost believable, but most of the time they just seem like an excuse to rewrite Bella's personality.

16. Bella was found by the Cullens as a kid and was raised by them. - Okay, these were really fun to read at first... but they quickly lost their appeal. Every member of the Cullen becomes sterotyped and OOC, and everyone just fawns over Bella... who seems to have an excuse to grow up as a spoiled, whiny teenager because she was raised by them. Bella as a kid was cute, but the story gets so tiresome without any real substance.

If you think I left any out... feel free to PM me.

Some of these plots are just really cliche and overdone, but I've found one or two good ones... but others I would never read, out of respect for Stephenie Meyer. Butchering her characters or ignoring what she's told us... that's just plain abuse.

If you're planning on writing Twilight fanfiction. I suggest reading the Personal Correspondence from Stephenie Meyer on the Twilight Lexicon herself to get more insight on the characters. Anyway, I can't blame her for getting too frustrated to read anymore fanfiction. I'd cry if people abused my characters this way.

I like Edward but I wouldn't call myself Team Edward. To me, this team thing is quite ridiculous. This is not some reality dating show. Not like there was any real choosing anyway. One thing really annoying I've seen on the net from anti-Edward people. 1. They accuse us all of being mindless fangirls. While that might hold some truth, it's pretty presumptious to put us all in the same boat. After all, who is the bigger fan-girl, a supporter of the canon couple, or someone insulting others because they don't like what happens to their favored character? 2. We are narrow minded because we can't see Bella happy with someone else. Well, she isn't! But sometimes I'd rather see Edward with someone else :P

I love all the stories listed under my favorites, but I think oneshots have made the biggest impression on me so far. I guess squeezing the message into one chapter can make it so much more powerful. Here are some of my favorites:

Only Human – by ChieriAn9el

The Truth About Juliet – by luvcali76

Tradition – by Amelia Bedelia

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