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Author has written 2 stories for Warriors, and Maximum Ride.

Age: I'm getting up there!
Horoscope: Libra
Country of birth: USA
Fav. Color: Blue
What i like: love cats and wolves and flying Avain Kids! (lol)
What i hate: ...bees, they scare me. They're evil. I could rant about this, Ya know.

If You Wish To See Just What Skypaw, and the other's look like, here's a link to Skypaw's Picture --> Please take a look! I drew it!!

Fav. Books: Warriors...Inuyasha...Twilight...The Sight...Maximum Ride... and whatever else that has to do with wolves, and cats, and weird creatures.
Fav. Activities: i love to read...SOFTBALL!... Musicals... Music in general...There ya go.

Favorite Cats From Warriors:

Sandstorm...Moonpool (she's very funny, and smart)...Graystripe... And mostly Jawpaw! (i know you think he's a little brat, but i love it!)

Favorite Character from Twilight:

Alice, and Jane!

Favorite Characters From Maximum Ride:

I love MAX! (Go girl Power!) and i love Iggy, he's jsut soooo cool!

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She made a promise she couldn't keep. But she made it nonetheless. A young shecat and her Clan are threatened by the return of an ancient evil, and it's up to the Guardian of the Moon Tree to guide her past the obstacles she must face: Life or Death.
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This is set after the 3rd book. Maximum Ride: Saving the world-and other extreme sports,but the Eraser's were never extinct,they are still at Dr.Martinez's house. It has Max&Fang and Iggy&Ella romance. New creatures called "Whisper's" Ari is still dead
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