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The name "Circaea" is the genus name for a species of bur which I have spent a lot of time pulling out of my socks. It is also known as "enchanter's nightshade", because according to legend, the witch Circe used it to turn men into pigs. Now, my one piece of fanfic is for Harry Potter, and in that series Circe is on the Chocolate Frog cards. I could totally claim this was a clever thing on my part and had nothing whatsoever to do with my socks, but that's a lie. It's all about socks.

I use this username on other sites, but please read the story here if you discovered it here. The reason for this is twofold -- I am paying close attention to site statistics, and also I am fixing typos and the like as I go.

If you know me in person, that's a dead give-away to my identity, but if you know enough to figure that out, I also trust you not to do anything stupid that could let, say, a potential employer figure it out. Okay? You may go ahead and read the story, but please never say anything to me about it ever unless you are 100% sure you know what you are doing. Alternatively, make sure I never figure out your pseudonym is you; I'm not fussy. That seems like a fair deal that will keep me from being self-conscious and censoring myself. One last request: if you know me and are stalking me, and hate the beginning, remember this is a writing exercise -- try skipping to chapter 42, which is this bizarre, sexually-explicit, novella-length digression and contains some of the best writing in the story. Be warned that if you are stalking and have never read any Harry Potter fanfiction before, you will miss a lot, including jokes at the expense of other authors. Re-do-style time-travel stories are a highly-fixed, staple fanfiction genre, and are often done badly, so I thought I'd take a stab at it in the hopes I could do something unique.

As to my story, it has been pointed out that my description sucks, and I would get more readers if it were, well, more descriptive. I agree. Suggestions welcome!

Also, remember it's partly a writing exercise, which is why I picked such a highly fixed genre as re-do style time travel.

There is creepy stuff in there, sorta, although some of it is hosted off-site to avoid violating terms of service. I wanted to prove I could write it, I wanted to collect as many warning flags as possible, and there are some characters I needed to be a little morally grey. Deal with it.

The story is not on hiatus or dead or anything fancy like that -- I'm just moving slowly. Expect infrequent updates. Encouraging reviews are always appreciated, but I'm not the kind of crazy person who holds stories hostage to reviews. :P Recommending this fic to friends is also highly appreciated! Getting people to read it is kind of the whole point of posting it here.

Story status, as of 5/21/12: 20.7k words written split across chapters 53-56. Probably will try to build up material and post several things at once. If you actually want to beta, by all means let me know.

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