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Heyaa! I'm Zoie, and I love to write, play sport and shop! But doesn't everyone? My Mom's always complaining that I write too much, so my excuse is that "I would spend my time playing Football, but Cameron (my brother) always cheats so there's no point". And the only other thing that I'm relatively good at doing is singing, and you can't sing all the time, so...

About Me

Favorite Foods: Pasta, Mangoes, Oreos, Pizza and Bananas

Favorite Colors: Red, Purple, Green and Blue

Favorite Songs: "Hey There Delilah" and "Let Me Take You There" by The Plain White Tee's, "How To Save A Life" by The Fray, "8th World Wonder" by Kimberly Locke and "Whatever Will Be" by Vanessa Hudgens ('cause that's my motto in life alongside HAZARRR! (the Knights of the Traingular Table) which means: "No one on this earth shall save you, 'cause only you can save yourself" which I think is pretty good)

Favorite Movies: High School Musical 1 & 2, Hairspray, Harry Potter, The Ring, Saw, Jump In!, The Lion King (1,2+3 'cause I'm strange like that), Serendipity, The Notebook and Romeo and Juliet

Favorite Authors: Meg Cabot, Nicci French and also Joe Donnelly

Favorite Phrases: "Don't be silly!" It's my thing that I say when people suggest things I should do and I don't want to do them. Works everytime! And the new one that came from my best mate Cera (she's English), which was "Indeed we were, Coach." - I don't even know why that's funny, we were mucking around in Gym and the Coach shouted at us, telling us that we were there to play Basketball, not to have a gossip, and she replied with that.

Favorite On-Screen Couples: (You'll have to forgive, I not very good at the shortened names)

High School Musical - Troy/Gabriella ('cause sometimes they're so cute I feel sick) and Chad/Taylor (I dunno why, I think they're cool togther)

Hairspray - Seaweed/Penny ('cause I think they didn't have enough in the film) and Link/Tracy (or preferably Link/Me, but that'll never happen, so I'll just go with this for now)

Summerland - Cameron/Nikki ('cause I cry everytime I watch the last episode and also 'cause I smile everytime they have a moment)

Favorite Off-Screen Couples:

ZacEfron/VanessaHudgens (I'll admit these guys are cute, but I'm not completely obsessed unlike SOME people cough Ella cough)

Celebrity Crushes:

Can someone please tell me what is so amazing about Johnny Depp, 'cause I don't know. He looked good in Pirates of the Carribean, but Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - WHAT WAS THAT ABOUT? I had nightmares...

Jesse McCartney - Just 'cause he's gorgeous and his music annoys my mum

Jeremy Sumpter - 'Cause he made me want to go to neverland, especially if people like him are there

Alex Pettyfer - Even though I still haven't seen Stormbreaker, I have a poster of him on my cloest door

And also you'll probably all kill me when I say this because you probably all love him, but I am not completely and utterly crazy about Zac Efron. Sure he's hot and has nice abs, but to me he's just a normal guy who's trying to live his life just like the rest of us. And also it gets kinda boring when one of your best mates talks about him for 3 hours straight and you can't go into her room without being blinded by the color of his eyes. He's still cool though. And has nice hair. And eyes...OKAY! You got me, but he is gorgeous. And, no, Reef, that is not an invitiation for you to tell the whole school!

8/18/07 - Okay, so I just finished watching High School Musical 2 which I thought was pretty good. Favorite part was when Chad and Troy were in the kitchen pretending to be English 'cause that's the kind of random thing you'd catch me doing. One more thing to say (my mate pointed this out to me so you can go check it out for yourself or whatever): when Troy and Gabriella are in the pool after his dinner with the Evans' and he spins her round in the water apparently just before he lets go they kiss really quickly.

That probably doesn't happen but my mate is weird like that so she'll say anything just 'cause she wishes it was her!

10/4/07 - Wow. Absolutely amazed by the responses to my first story - 180 hits! That might seem like a small amount to some of you, but to that means so much. And also I want to say a massive thankyou to x3heartsx3 who added me to the ZanessaTroyellaLOVE C2 - so thankyou very much! Peace and Love guys, Zoie.

Love you xxxx

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