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Celebes - Guide to Making Simple and Cheap Kitchen Designs

Celebes - The kitchen is an inseparable side of one house. It does not have to be large and exclusive, the kitchen has a small size can also look good and feel comfortable. With a unique topic and a good order, some of the small kitchen design inspirations below will make you feel at home for so long. The following designs are mostly used to fix small kitchens because only a small amount of space is needed. With a length of between 2 to 3 mtr., You can place the tub, clean the plate and rack at the left end and the stove at the right end.

Celebes - The right side wall can be used to store spices. The middle side is a room to prepare food, where to put the rice cooker and oven. So that it doesn't feel crowded, the upper cabinet shouldn't be made full. Leave room to place an open rack which can also be used to store beautiful jars for kitchen decoration.

Celebes - L Shape for a Comfortable Kitchen Not just a straight shape, the design of the letter L is also widely used to design a mini kitchen because it gives more space. Place the tub clean the plate in the kitchen that is shorter. Use a little space on the left side to store equipment such as flasks, sugar and coffee containers, or others. The longer part of the kitchen is used to prepare food and store the oven, cake scales, bread basket, and others. Up side room you can optimize by placing the cabinet in a full way, except in the window. Choose clear plain colors so that the kitchen looks clean and comfortable.