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Author has written 14 stories for Tales of the Abyss, and Tales of Destiny.

So, yeah.


In progress:

Tales of Unity

I am writing another long piece of fanfiction that can't really be posted here due to category discrepancy. It's fanfiction of the Tales series as a whole; so basically it's six--I guess I have to say it--OCs that get fucked over many times before being forced to save the world as is the Tales series staple. But in no way to these OCs interact with existing characters--it's a different universe. So if that makes any sense and if anyone still isn't terrifed that I said "OCs", I'm posting it on the official Tales of Series Forums here:

It's a lot better than the crap I have posted here, if it's any consolation.


Abstract Lucidity--AU. Suspended because no one cares (including me).

Art! =D by Arka :

by me:

(not nearly as epic if you haven't read chapter 10!)


Tales of Darkness--Finished... I drew the pic of the new costumes. Sweet Lorelei, do I hate this fic.

Ragnarok--Also finished, but not as good as I thought it would be...I may rewrite it later to be either serious or funnier, as halfway stuff doesn't sit well with me. I don't really like this one either, though it did have its moments.

Sorrow--General request response. It came out rather nice, I think...

Ant Lion Trade--Just a little oneshot I whipped up. Probably the only TotA fic ever written that doesn't even have so much as a hint about any of the MCs, God-Generals included.

Origin of a Necromancer--Finally added this to the complete page... it just came out of nowhere. I hope I kept the events sequential, but I'm pretty sure I did...

Glory --What was to be called "Fallen". Not as broad as I imagined it. Anyway, it's Van-centric, but I hate Van, so I had fun torturing him. : D

Blood in the Water--Hands down best one-shot to date. Love this one to death. =D From NaNo.

A Pricey Dilemma-- :( Ithought it was pretty good... Have received few but very good reviews for this one. From NaNo.

High Stakes WHIS--For Aelph from ToSF. My first Eternia fic.

Black Lion--From NaNo.

Tears and Flames--My second Eternia fanfic.


Will write one-shots as the ideas come, but priority is Tales of Unity.

As is what seems like a tradition on Bios, I will put a list of things I don't like:

1. Getting up early to go to school, going to school, and wasting every waking moment of my life there while I could be writing fics.

2. Kanji.

3. Social contact. Seriously, I can't stand to be around people.

4. Talking. It just drives me up the wall. Kind of a problem.

5. More on the topic of writing, I don't like read-and-runners. Please review; if you had enough time to read the fic, you have the time to review!

6. TV. It's obnoxious, and nothing's ever on.

7. MySpace.

8. Stupid people that think they're intelligent enough to hold a conversation and insist that they really know what they're talking about.

9. My biggest pet peeve: "IT'S." IS. NOT. POSSESSIVE. GET. IT. RIGHT.

And some stuff I DO like:

1. My iPod, laptop, and various other electronic godsends.

2. AIR CONDITIONING. Does not fall under number; it is too special.

3. Writing 'su' in hiragana.

4. Swords, spears, and weapons in general

5. BINGE GAMING. I could go for some right now.

6. Abusing punctuation and linking verbs.

7. French vanilla cappuccinos. Don't we all love them so?

8. Bagels...

9. Taking showers...

10. Having money.

11. Writing about Jade. Just Jade in general.

12. Dave Matthews Band is the greatest band eveeer. :D


Favorite pairings? (and if it's guyxguy, it's not yaoi):

Tales of the Abyss: AschxNatalia (fluffy!), GuyxCantabile (thank you, ladynadiad~), JadexTear (thanks again to ladynadiad...), SyncxArietta (:3), and AschxLuke (as brothers or rivals).

Tales of Legendia: SenelxChloe or SenelxStella (just PLEASE no Shirley!) and... DelquesxStella...(my OTP because they would so be perfect together~)

Tales of Eternia: KeelexFarah, ReidxFarah, and KeelexMeredy. (I don't mind breaking up pairings. -.o)

So, yeah, if anyone has any suggestions, just give me a poke and I'll see what I can do. I'm not talking requests, as I only write when I feel like it and may or may not have the time/inspiration/whatever to get right on it. Just... yeah. You get it.

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