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I don't flame, though the line between NCC and flame has gotten quite thin before. Yes, there's a difference between having a negative opinion and using it to personally attack a writer. Keep in mind that a story is not a true reflection to the ability of the author. I'm not out to hurt someones feelings, I'm not a bully. These are just words, just something that can be taken into consideration.

So, if what I say upsets you too much you may need to separate yourself from your work...or stop being in denial.

Pet peeves as of now include:

Mary sues: (That includes: Gary stus, generic self inserts, and of course my personal favorite; mary sues inserted into canon characters) A common trait sues tend to have is detesting something while at the same time representing it. Such as hating arrogance while being quite haughty themselves. It's usually due to lack of character development. No, eye color is not included in it.

General canon rape such as OOC characters: It's fan fiction, so who cares if they're in character!? What gets my goat is that in whatever fandom a person writes for, the characters in it are probably what spurred them to pick up a pen in the first place. Why would you (and I use this generally) butcher them? It's like saying: I like Naruto, but he'd be better like this. Then you didn't like him in the first place if you feel the need to completely change his character. So much so that we could call him another name and not notice the difference.

Bait and Switch Stories: Imagine this, you've clicked on a story of your chosen fandom. It's incredible, funny, enchanting, clever, all around good. Now after many long chapters later (and hours depending) everything changes. There are more mistakes present, the characters all do a fucking 180 and you're left wondering what the hell you've stumbled into.

Review whores: Nothing better then holding out on a chapter for retarded reviews such as, and I quote: I loveded it! Very funny! HIGHLARIOUS! Write more! Nothing like a retard review to make one feel like the shit. Or of course writing a bunch of mediocre "stories" at best for the retard reviews. Then again both examples can go hand in hand. It's perfectly normal to want to showoff your work to others, but they are not required to kiss your ass for it. If the only reason you write is for praise, and bad praise at that, then you should probably take a look at your priorities.

While I'm at it might as well include retard reviews. If you're going to only write three words, could you at the very least spell them right?

Writing for a fandom you've never watched, read, or played: If you must, then at least research. Don't take others opinion's as an easy way out, take your own.

Spelling and Grammar: It's really not that hard. There are online spellcheckers, there is a site spellchecker, as well as dictionary and thesaurus. Firefox has a spellcheck add-on. There are forums of easy to understand outlines on learning this stuff as well as people who are more than willing to help someone who asks for it. There are even betas. The information is not hidden, so there is no reason for cave-man speech.

Copy/Paste Canon: I've come across an unbelievable amount of game stories that take straight from the script. We've all played it, we don't need to read it again. Get creative, especially if the original dialogue reeked of not trying in the first place.

Sugar Highs: No such thing. It is not funny. It is not a good excuse for a bad story. It is and always will be just pitiful.

Missing Sex Scenes: It's always sex scenes that get cut out. It's one thing to put a full version up elsewhere, it's another to throw it on a site that requires signing up, or on an LJ account that the reader must friend. It's just sex for Christ's sake. This is not something people can't find elsewhere. It's everywhere.