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Author has written 28 stories for Pucca, Camp Lazlo, Kirby, SpongeBob SquarePants, Super Smash Brothers, Mario, Chowder, Katamari Damacy, X-overs, Popeye, Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack, Pikmin, Ed, Edd n Eddy, Luigi's Mansion, and Wario Ware Inc..

News Flash!

I'm done with Youtube, for it literally turned into crap. So I'm staying here for now on and will continue to update as fast as I can. Horray for people who truly like my stories =D

And for those who read Camp Lazlo without Lazlo, I've accidently switch with the wrong chapter while I was fixing a bug. But I really doon't feel like rewriting the whole chapter. I'm sorry for the inconvinience =(

Now where were we? Oh yeah.

Hi everyone. Welcome to my files! It's about time I could write stories! I will be up dating stories quickly again! I made a resolution to write more fanfictions. So far...not so well; thank the guy who thought of writers block.

Home: Milwakee,WI, USA,Earth,(and so on)

Age: 15

Birth: 8/12/94

Password: Now that's too much infomation! Perverts!!

Gender: Male

Things I like most: Mario game and Pikmin games; Fanfiction.net; Google video's Stupid Mario; Chatrooms; Cheez Its, DisneyWorld, Youtube Poop.

Things I hate most: Foster's home of Imaganary friends(I don't mind viewers liking it though); People who hate Mario and Pikmin games; flamers; classmates getting me in trouble, a lot; cherries.

Favorate shows: Spongebob Squarepants, Pucca, Ed, Edd, n' Eddy, Camp Lazlo, Billy and Mandy, Chowder, The Mighty B, Pokemon (First Few Seasons), Simpsons and Family Guy.

Favorite Animated Movies: Happy Feet, Surfs Up (both penguin movies) Every Pixar movie (especally the Incredibles), Spongebob Squarepants Movie, Night Before Christmas/Corpse Bride (has that eerie vive everyone wants), Shrek (all), Pokemon Movies (1-5 only), and the Simpsons Movie (a classic showing us why we love the Simpsons in the first place).

Favorite Live-Action Movies: Speed, War of the Worlds, and I Am Legend! (What's not to like them about?)

Favorite Games:Every Mario game ever made, Pikmin's 1/2, Katamari's 1/2/3&4, every Kirby game.

Hobbies: Fanfiction.net, writing a Pikmin book, not fan fic, and a triple back flip and meow. (From Paper Mario)

Now for some of my characters.

Friend: First Red Pikmin

Buddy: First Yellow Pikmin

Pal: First Blue Pikmin

Nice: First Purple Pikmin

Kind: First White Pikmin

Now for future fanfic, their summary, and their dates.

Saw Ed

A saw parady mixed the cul de sac kids.

Mario the Pumpkin King

The Nightmare before Christmas mixed with Mario characters parady.

Ed Turkey Supreme

Did Ed really cook himself to a magic turkey?

Chioh's Turkey

Chioh made a mistake on the turkey. Will it scar her?

Charlie's Confessions

Charlies moving away, but he want's to express his feelings. So Charlie wrote a letter instead.

We wish you a Merry Piks-Mus

The crew learns the true meaning of Christmas...from a wollywog?

How Giga Bowser, Ganondorf, and Mewtwo Stole Christmas?

Those three will do what even the Grinch will regret! How will the Smash Bros Brawl and Melee crew stop them?

Happy New Baby Mario

Yoshi's late for delivering the baby. Can he make it before 12?

Eddy the Leperachan

Eddy has the power of a Leperachan. Will he use it for good or evil.

Edd the Easter Bunny

Double D baby sits Sarah and Jimmy, so how else could he entertain at a time like this.

The Eds and the Chimpmunks

The Eds switch lives with Alvin, Simon, and Theodore. Man will there be confusion!

The Adventures of Mickey and Mario 2

This time, Mickey and his gang visits the Nintendo world!

Pokemon in Camp Kidney

I cannot explain much more than the title.

Heat Complaints

Spongebob is way too hot to do anything right!

Pikmin Olympics!

The Pikmin against the Bulb-min in events and sports.

Rotten Peaches and Apples

Peach has breast-cancer! How can Mario cure it?!

Pikachu's addiction to Cheez It's

Pikachu eats Cheez it's for the first time! Is he willing to share?

Viva Las Ocean

Spongebob realised that Patrick is a gambler.

Tootie the Murderer

Tootie is too jealous of Trixie, so she have to take drastic measures.

Big decision

Spongebob says that he's everyone's best friend. But who's the 'bestest' best friend?

The Tragic Death of Kirby!

Poor Kirby has been murdered! How will Ribbon and Karby deal with it? How willl it affect the Smashers(Last Kirby Story from me.)

First Pikmin No More

The first Pikmin recently died without Olimar noticing.

Last Days of Raj

Lazlo poisoned Raj with marshmellows!

Lucy Stricks the Little Red Haired Girl

Lucy has a terrifying secret that she did wrong!

The Fight of the Century

Eddy has challenged Keven in a Brawl.

The Smasher's Goodness

The Smashers gave up fighting due to Kirby's death.

The Adventures of Mickey and Mario 3

Mickey and Mario, tagged along with Sonic, needs to stop evil once again from their ruined extinct worlds.(Final story!)

One year Anniversary Aug. 14

This day is the day every fanfic I've written celebrates my year writting fanfictions.

I will add more to the list later on when I think about them. BTW, I always say that Easter is on April because March already have a holiday! You can't put New Years in August!One more thing, if I took a story is made from your idea, please tell me. But make sure that you wrote it first. As you can see, I have a busy summer. And July's my sad month. I don't know why.

One more thing... When the stories are underlined, it means that it's almost time or it's here.

Now for the people I thank for supporting my fanfic (or at least review them:


The Pumpkin Queen



Crusade Pikmin



Bowser Jr. Nut

Naruto 396



Shad0w Zero

PrincessPeach 94


Pixie Queen

Cartoonatic (forgot the numbers)

Marvin the Hooker

Now we're going somewhere.

Stories I will update & complete (in what order I'll update)

Spongebob's Final Exam (6th)

Adventures of Mickey and Mario (2nd)

Super Smash Stories (Send in reviews for ideas) (7th)

Chowder's Past (5th)

Behind the Damacy (anywhere inbetween or after)

Wimpy's Diet (9th)

Adults Only Road Trip (3rd)

The Planet Next Door (4th)

Love Triangle: Mayple Vs. Sally Syrup (Next in Progress)

Ed's Mansion (8th)

Stories I may update & complete

The Thoughts of Heather

The Photo Album (losing interest)

The Cheese Cracker War

The ones that aren't already completed and not in this list won't be updated. I just need to stop juggling so many at once.

Now for something completly random.

Spongebob: Hi everyone. Welcome to DisneyWorld

Mickey: Hey wait a minute! I was suppose to say that!

Luigi: Can we work this together?

Sonic: Puh-lease. You can't even put two slices of bread together!

Mario: Shut up, Sonic. No one asked you or your boyfriend, Tails.

Tails: If only it were true.

Kirby: Can I go home now?

Pikachu: Like anyone cares about you.

Mickey: Okay... we've gotten a little carried away.

Spongebob: Yeah! So how about we say let's be friends.

Everyone else: Umm...okay.

Olimar: Don't I get a say in this?

Everyone: Umm...NO!!

Knuckles: Come on man, let's be civilized men here.

Peach: Well excuse me if I'm a man!

Kirby: Shut up! I will eat you if you don't!

Sonic: Eat him!! He's the size of a quarter, and I'm too spiky to eat.

Olimar: Jerk!

Mario: Where's the bathroom?

Pucca: (Chuckles)

Sonic: Eww! That is not funny!

Mario: Opps, too late. It's a good thing I put in a glass.

Tails: That was some good lemonade. What's the secret?


Sonic: LOL! You're stupid!

Peach: Hey! Can we at least try to be nice?

Mario: No! I have to go to the 7 Kooplings Hotel now.

Amy: For some reason, I feel like that I love Luigi.


Mario: What did I say?

Yoshi: Man, that has gotten old!

King: Dinner!

Everyone: (Cheers)!

Olimar: Why's everyone cheering? We had breakfast only 40 minutes ago?

Yoshi: To Kirby and I, 40 minutes is like 5 hours, and I'm starving!

Wario: So where's the dinner already!I haven't eaten in seconds!

Waluigi: You really should stop eating too much! You're already over your 400 pound mark!

Mario: That's coming from-a stick like-a you!

Wario: 400 pounds! I only weigh 185!!

Everyone: ...(Idiot.)

Kirby: So what's for dinner?

Pac-Man: I wanna eat ghost for dinner!

Mario: I wanna have spagettii!

Peach: I'm not cooking anything of yours! You make it yourself!

Spongebob: I can make Krabby Patties!!

Everyone: (Cheers!)

Wario: Can you make mine with fries?

Mario: If you need instruction on how to make Krabby Patties, check out the enclosed cooking book.

Luigi: Cut that out, Mario! Let's chow down now!

Peach: Wait! Stop eating!! We forgot to say Grace!

(Everyone in a praying pose)

Bowser: Thank God for the food we're gonna eat.

Everyone: Amen!

Spongebob: Well, I guess I'm God then! (Laughs).

Mr. Krabs: I hope you'll pay for these food.

Yoshi: I knew that they're will be a cost.

Everyone: (Sighs).

Wario: If I have to pay, then I'll eat you!

Mr. Krabs: Never mind the pay! The food is complementary!

Spongebob: Gary No!! Don't eat all of those Krabby Patties!

Everyone: Aww!!

Mario: I guess I have to eat mushrooms again.

Luigi: I hope you add lotsa Spagettii.

Yoshi: I hope you shut up!!

Tails: Why can't we be friends? Why can't we be friends?

Garu: (Rolling his eyes.)

Spongebob: I actually forgot what started this feud in the first place?

Charlie Brown: I got a rock.

Patrick: I think you lost your name tag.

Mickey: It was because you greeted my catchprase at the very beginning.

Mario: Okey-Dokey! Now I want-a everyone to apologise for making this bullcrap possible.

Everyone: We're all sorry!! (Then parties)

The End!

What you've just read was actually a glimpse of my One Year Anniversary fanfic coming Aug 14th, (when I wrote my first (and popular) fanfic, Before Pucca and Garu's Silence!)

Hey, if you didn't want to read all of that, there was a side scroller to skip to the stories. Right there.

Enjoy my stories now, and review.

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The Last Scam on Ed by Colton M. H reviews
When Ed has to move away, and the greatest scam of all time comes, the Eds face their biggest challenge yet. I do NOT own Ed, Edd, n Eddy. I own absolutely nothing.
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