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Knowing no one will ever read this, here are a few things that drive me nuts or makes me think about Twilight fan fiction.

1. The author not knowing what a dictionary is. Doodspeak and l33tspeak is for the lazy, learn to spell and for god's sake learn the difference between homonyms. Bare and bear have different meanings, as do except and accept, two and too, now and know, and your and you're. You want people to enjoy your writing, don't make it painful to read. Also since I see this more than I don't, defiantly means to show defiance, definitely means certainly and positively. The two words are NOT interchangeable. Also, They're means they are, there is a place, and their is a possessive adjective, figure out which one you mean and use it. And in another note, for those youngsters out there who weren't raised with any type of food knowledge, barley is a grain used in feeding animals, making beer and other types of alcohol, and most famously, barley soup. Barely means the least amount needed, and is the word most of you are actually looking for.

2. Edward leaving Bella, coming back 100 years later and being forgiven instantly. I don't care how unselfish Bella is, no one is going to forgive the person who left them as painfully as possible just because they suddenly pop up and go "Oops! I lied, I love you and I only left to protect you!" five seconds after they come back. Or even more, blaming Bella for believing Edward when he said he didn't want her anymore. While it makes for a nice story, even in the original book it was a bit unbelievable that she would accept him back so easily. One story I recently read mentions this, With Edward commenting how he was disappointed that she believed him so easily. She replies sarcastically "as if normal people didn't in fact use words to communicate and believe the words from people who claimed to love them".

3. Jasper being a dominant asshole who treats every one around like shit. If anything Jasper's empathy would force him to feel how people react to his being an asshole all the time. Also while there are women and men who need and want a d/s relationship, unless it is totally consensual it is an unhealthy relationship that can only lead to abuse. Also any story where the male vampire has the "right" to punish or rule his mate. It's called abuse no matter what the species is. Contrary to what apparently some people believe you can be a strong man without biting, hitting or otherwise assaulting or controlling the person you say you love. This includes verbally as well as physically. A man has no more "right" to rule a relationship than a woman, and if he, or for that matter she, feels that they must, they are insecure and I sincerely hope that the other person leaves them unless they realise that they are no better than anyone else. This is especially apt in those stories where Edward is extremely controlling, if I were dating someone like him and he told me I couldn't see my friends, go here or watch a certain movie, I'd tell him to go fuck himself because that's the closest thing he will ever get to having a lasting relationship.

4. Bella being spineless and weak. Yes she is physically weak compared to vampires and werewolves, but she is an intelligent young adult quite capable of making her own decisions. If it were me I would have dumped both Jacob and Edward and found some nice guy or girl who doesn't treat me like a prize to be won or a piece of china that's too fragile to touch. I also would have spoken to Carlisle about Edward's domineering behavior, and pointed out to Charlie that Jacob's kiss would have been assault if it were anyone else. She makes it very clear in the books to both boys, and yes despite Edward's age he still acts like he's 17, that she will not forsake one relationship for the other no matter how much they pressure her or whine about it. Along with this is the stories where Edward is portrayed as the infallible adult with vast experience whereas Bella is an immature child who should be grateful he is interested in here. Edward has absolutely no experience living a normal life where he has to pay bills, budget his money, work for a living, or support a family. Bella however has virtually been the adult in her mother's household for a very long time. Edward has a false sense of what it is like to be an adult because basically he's never been one. He still lived with his parents when he "died" and after becoming a vampire he became essentially Carlisle's son, a role he has yet to relinquish. The fact that the entire younger generation is still going to high school just reinforces that mindset. Yet despite all this many still write his character as someone with vast wisdom and experience. And no I do not count the 10 years he was out killing criminals as experience, since obviously he was not holding down a job or living as a normal adult would.

5. Bella's new family meeting the Cullens after 50, 75, 100 years, and her immediately introducing them and telling the Cullens each member's power, like it's normal for every vampire in the world to have a power, and then want to share that information with any vampire that drops by. Oh and another gripe is Bella having her own family and then they almost immediately fade from the story or go evil. If you are going to take the trouble to introduce characters into your story, then give them a reason for being there beyond cluttering up the background.

6. Bella being able to absorb every vamp power in the world without any problems or issues. It's trite and overused and frankly makes her character very unsympathetic.

7. Putting Author Notes in the middle of a chapter, for example, "Bella slid into her Bugatti Veyron convertible (A/N picture on profile) and drove away." I don't care what she's driving, what the designer clothes she's wearing looks like, or how her wedding dress looks. I care about the story, and author notes break the flow of it. Put them at the beginning or end of the the chapter so that if someone wants to read them they can.

8. An author who is too proud to use a beta editor. Every professional and semi professional writer has proofreaders and editors, this is not an insult to a writer, it is simply that authors are TOO familiar with their work, they tend to miss the common mistakes or missed words because they automatically correct them in their minds. A proofreader isn't there to critique your work or suggest changes to the plot, though if you ask them they will offer their opinion. They are there to fix the grammar and syntax errors in the story. Also writers who get defensive and upset when someone points out an error. If someone responds to a polite post or review pointing out an error by saying "Be thankful I write at all!", I'm going to find someone else to read. You aren't special and you aren't perfect. Learn from polite criticism and remember that while yes, you are the writer, there are thousands upon millions of people who have the same desire to write and be read and I'm betting some of them are a hell of a lot politer than you, so the readers are going to go where they won't be insulted or reprimanded.

9. Writing style, pick a style and stick to it. I don't mean changing viewpoints, I actually enjoy that. I am talking about writing in 1st person style, but halfway through the paragraph will switch to 3rd person. For instance "I ran after him, hoping to catch one more glimpse as he left me there in the forest. Bella then tripped and fell, curling up into a ball and sobbing." This also applies to writing in past or present tense, they are not interchangeable.

10. This one isn't really something that drives me nuts, but just a wishful thinking type of thing, One of the best stories I've ever read on here was Princess Alexandria's Lone Wolf story. What made it unique for me is the main character isn't a Cullen/Hale, Bella, or Jacob, its a totally new character not in the books at all. The entire story is written from her viewpoint, and it offers some unique insight to the family dynamics. Edward isn't the perfect god, nor is he the devil himself, he's a flawed character who makes mistakes, other members of the family have quirks and flaws and weaknesses that actually make them more likable. You get to see Edward and Bella start their relationship through the eyes of someone who's not emotionally invested in it, and in all actuality, their romance is not even close to being the main storyline, it is merely part of the background. Stories like these that are unique yet still retain the flavor of the original series are almost impossible to find.

11. Stating how Carlisle has never tasted human blood. He's tasted human blood at least 4 times, when he changed Edward, Esme, Rosalie and Emmett. It is even pointed out in the book when Rosalie explains her background to Bella that while she has killed 7 men, she has never tasted human blood and not even Carlisle can say that. In only one story did I see a logical explanation of how Carlisle can change 4 people and not taste human blood.

12. Another one that's not a gripe but wishful thinking. I'd like to see someone besides the usual suspects help Bella. I enjoy it when Peter stumbles over Bella running from Victoria, Garret discovering her as she tries to move on with her life, or perhaps Tanya or Siobhan finding her as she travels for school. Not necessarily in a romantic way, though it is fun to see her with someone else other than a Cullen once in a while, but someone who knows about and is a vampire but is not involved in the whole "Cullen/Werewolf lets keep Bella human to save her soul despite her wishes" drama. The Quiet Room is a good example of this.

13. One thing that has always bothered me about both the original series and most of the fanfics based on New Moon is that everyone left Bella, essentially listening to an eternal 17 year old with no real experience in a relationship. Most especially Alice, Emmett, and Esme all had their own relationships with Bella, yet walked away like their relationship with her meant nothing. I would think at the very least Carlisle and Esme would know that Edward's reaction was extreme and self defeating. The others, also in a relationship for decades, would know that allowing Edward to dictate the entire relationship was unhealthy. The excuse of "Oh she's human, she'll forget easily." is a cop out, and even Edward should have known that. I understand he can read minds, and that one might think that gives him insight into how a relationship works, but unless he is with a couple 24/7 he only hears the thoughts of the moment, and considering most humans are fairly decent multitaskers the chances of him learning how to be in a healthy relationship from just mind reading is slim. I do not include the couples that he lives with as examples because first, they are all vampires, the imbalance of power is minimized, second, all the vampires in the family are born a minimum of 80 years before where the man/woman interaction was entirely different. He has no idea how to deal with a modern woman who's goals aren't automatically going to be settling down and getting married.

14. Another wish is to see stories where the Volturi are not the power hungry villains as they are portrayed in the book. Not because I think they weren't but for a nice change of pace. One story like this is "I Did It My Way" by Evilsloth. The author points out that just because they kill humans doesn't make them automatically evil. Another author, while portraying the Volturi as evil, points out that yes, vampires do kill humans mainly for survival, however they could never kill as many as humans themselves have killed for the far lesser reasons of being the "wrong" color, belonging to the "wrong" religion, family, country, or simply loving someone that isn't approved of by "polite" society. In Princess Alexandria's "Adrift in a Room of Mirrors" she brings up that the Cullens are actually rather irresponsible when it comes to their hunting habits, not taking any notice of endangered species or the environmental impact of their hunting. The main character kills rapists and murderers not because she likes to kill humans, but because she feels that it helps the world and society more than killing animals that might not be around in 100 years.

15. One story that made me think was "A Moment Changes Everything". In it Bella speculates that the reason Edward feels superior to everyone is that he hears all the little nasty thoughts that people think but would never say out loud. He essentially sees them at their worst all the time and thus has no empathy for them. Also in several stories the idea is put forth that the reason Edward is the favorite is because by virtue of being able to read Carlisle's and Esme's minds, he knows what they want to hear and can adjust his demeanor accordingly, making him seem to do no wrong and highlighting the other members' less than perfect actions. I found this hypothesis very believable, as it's easy to see how he manipulates people into doing what he wants. This also means he never learns from any mistakes he makes because he's never seriously punished for them.

16. The pack being so violent and idiotic. Also the unevenness often portrayed in the treaty between the native Americans and the Cullens. To my way of thinking it's entirely one sided with the pack being able to almost attack at whim while breaking the only term of the treaty they had with no consequences, while even if the Cullens try to to the right thing they are constantly treated with suspicion and hate. While I understand that the instinct to kill vampires is extremely strong, the idea that the pack is allowed to do anything it wants no matter what the consequences is annoying. The fact that Carlisle is peace loving should not stop him from protecting his family. Yet he is continually portrayed as some one who would rather allow his family to be subject to attacks and abuse than stand up for them. The pack does not look to the Cullens as role models, so Carlisle constantly saying that the vamps have to turn the other cheek and set a good example is fool hardy at best and suicidal at worst.

17. The Cullens going to school over and over again. True they need a cover, and true they stand out enough that claiming some sort of family relationship is probably inevitable. But instead of all living in the same house why not occasionally separate into couples or even two families? Instead of sending the younger crowd to high school each time, take a break and have them be reclusive writers or artists, scientists or even computer programmers, all of which give an excuse in which they keep to themselves yet allows them to interact with the public. I can't imagine makeup not working on them for minor things and the movie industry has been making people look older or younger for decades. The whole family should not have to be bored out of their minds to satisfy Carlisle's compulsive need to atone for being a vampire by saving people through medicine. Also Bella, assuming she and Edward did not get back together in New Moon, mindlessly repeating the pattern, with or without a new family. Hell if it were me I'd snap and kill someone just to relieve the tedium.

18. Edward leaves Bella, stating that he wants her to move on and live a normal life, yet when she does move on he feels betrayed and blames Bella. In simple terms, WTF??? If you walk away from a relationship then you don't get to have a say in what happens to the other person anymore. No opinions, no conditions, no "take backs". It doesn't matter if the result was or wasn't what you were expecting to happen, you are no longer a factor in their decisions or life. Only someone who is extremely egotistic and self centered would think otherwise.

19. If an author is going to have Bella in a non-canon relationship, i.e. Jasper, Emmett, Peter, Alice, Rosalie etc., I'd like to see the former partner not be turned into the evil villain of the story. If she's going to be with Jasper, let's not have Alice be a lying manipulative bitch that caused Jasper to want to kill himself in his depression. Let them break up a little more naturally, if only for a change of pace. Oddly I don't mind if the author makes Edward an ass and causes him to get his ass beat, however it'd be nice if he learned from it occasionally. This also extends to the Denali clan, while having Tanya seduce Edward makes for a convenient plot device, it'd be nice to see them be on Bella's side for a change.

20. While being able to read and observe differing viewpoints of a scene can be fun and interesting to read, having 2 to 5 chapters repeating the same scene from the viewpoint of different characters to "show" their reaction is a bit boring. All it does is make me want to skip to the next part of the story that advances the plotline. You can show different reactions with one or maybe two paragraphs without having to repeat every action that took place 5 times.

There are a couple others but I can't think of them right now. I understand that no one on here is a professional writer, but obviously you want us to enjoy your stories and some basic skills will give you more positive feedback as well as improve your writing ability in general.

Moving on to Harry Potter gripes!

1. All grammatical, syntax, homonym, beta gripes listed above also apply here.

2. Making Harry a superman who can change the world with a snap of his fingers. Boring, overused, and makes for a annoying read. If he can solve his problems so easily there's no room for him to grow and mature as a character.

3. Not a gripe, but it seems that the majority of writers portray Dumbles one of two ways, evil or idiotic, or less often both. Once in a while I like to see him be a good guy. Not the perfect hero, not the flawless leader of light, but a good guy on Harry's side who might make mistakes, but tries to make up for them in a realistic fashion.

4. Having some of the supporting characters be merely window dressing to add length to a story. Having Luna pop into a scene for no other reason than to spout off her plans to go snorkak hunting in the summer is a good example of this. Give the characters a reason to be in the story.

5. The Weaselys, what can I say about the Weaselys... the ultimate mary sue family for the Harry Potter stories. Ron is idiotic, lazy, short-tempered and has no table manners, Ginny is the ultimate Fan Girl with an unhealthy fascination with Harry, bat bogeys, and potions, not necessarily in that order. Molly is either smothering or manipulative, Arthur is clueless and henpecked, Percy is a jerk, etc. GIVE THEM SOME DEPTH! Let Ron grow up, Molly show some intelligence, Percy can have that stick removed once in a while. Fan fiction gives you the opportunity to tweak the characters just for the fun of it.

6. Exclamation points are not your friend. They should be used rarely, and only to emphasize a character's speech when yelling or (surprise, surprise) exclaiming something.

7. Along with many other authors and readers, one of the most annoying things in the world is when the author has a chapter that, if we're lucky, is barely a page or two long. I would rather wait an extra day or two to have a bit more depth.

8. And the one thing that annoys me most of all, in any fanfiction, series, or even tv show is not finishing the story!!! Don't start if you aren't going to finish. If something comes up and there's no way to finish it, remove it so that you don't raise people's hopes of reading a good story and realising it hasn't been updated in 3 to 5 years. The only two acceptable excuses for not finishing or removing a story is you've died or become a hermit with no outside contact with the world. Otherwise there's no reason you can't spend 30 seconds deleting something you have no intention of finishing. This includes posting sequels as well, if you can't give a story a proper ending and decide to stop and start a sequel, either finish the sequel or remove both stories. I don't know how many stories I've read that have a really good first story, and three to five chapters of a sequel that hasn't been updated in 3 years. It's honestly gotten to the point that if it has a sequel that hasn't been updated in a year I don't bother reading the first story because I know I'm not going to get an ending.

9. Something I would be interested in reading is what would happen if the Dursely's were not the evil child abusing family we all know so well. What if Petunia did love her nephew from the beginning and Vernon and Dudley weren't sadistic bullies? How would Harry turn out then?

10. Quit regurgitating the books. I swear half the stories I come across are almost exactly the same as the books, barring a bit of name changing and some dialogue thrown in. For instance, one such story had Daphne helping Harry in the Triwizard Tournament instead of Hermione, yet other than switching a few names the plot was essentially unchanged. The whole point of fanfiction is to stretch and explore the possibilities of "What If?". For instance, what if instead of Harry's name coming out of the Goblet, Hermione's did? What if Sirius knocked Dumbles into the veil instead of falling in himself? What if Lily wasn't at the cottage that night and James sacrificed his life to save Harry, allowing Harry to grow up with a mother who loves him? If I wanted to reread the books they're sitting on my shelf, I don't need to read poorly rewritten versions of it online.

11. Make it believable. This is different from realistic, as let's be honest we're reading about magic here. A believable story allows you to suspend that little voice that says "that can't happen", because in the world that the story is based in it can. Adding wands with 30 different cores, and a trunk that has a small apartment building in it along with a library that just happens to contain the one book needed to vanquish Voldie are cliched plot devices that writers don't realize are just boring for the reader. A good story is one where the hero doesn't have everything drop in his lap the second he needs it, unless of course its a parody and done to be funny. Half of a good story is the hero overcoming difficulties and bad guys and learning and growing throughout the story. Along with being believable is consistency, if a story isn't consistent it jars the reader from that suspension of disbelief. Yes people will get little things wrong, that's human nature, but keep the main ideas consistent and your story will flow better.

12. For those Ravenclaws out there, minute detail is not recommended when writing fanfiction. A four page shopping trip for stuff that doesn't appear anywhere else is bad, mentioning Lavender's fingernail polish is green as she waves her wand is bad, describing every single move in a chess game, quidditch match, fight scene, etc. is bad. Glossing over some of the lesser details allows you to advance the story without losing the reader's interest. Think if it as describing the highlight reel of a golf tournament versus a play by play of each golfer. No one cares if golfer #2 hit the ball 389 yards on hole 12, but they want to hear about the guy who knocked in the ball from 20 feet away to win the whole thing. Keep it relevant. This also applies to describing clothing, transportation and houses.

13. A bit of a rant here. I recently came across a review stating how every thing that went wrong in OotP was basically Harry's fault, Snape was an excellent teacher, and Dumbledore did nothing wrong in keeping information from Harry. In one simple word, BULLSHIT! Let's start from number 3 and work backwards. If you expect someone to kill or die for you, whether 15 or 50, you had better damned well provide them the information as to why. Saying Harry is too young to understand yet expecting him to sacrifice himself is pure self serving lies. Expecting Harry to just accept that you are essentially lying to him, and to me withholding the truth is the same as a lie, without reacting is pure fantasy. Along with this is Dumbledore's conviction that Harry was better off with the Dursleys than with any other decent family in the world. Abuse is never ok, especially against children. There is no reason in the world you can give me that will convince me that abused = safe, which is what Dumbles is basically saying when explaining his reasons to Harry. The main point I feel Dumbles fell down on is basically expecting Harry to solve the world's problems while still a child while giving him no significant information for him to work with, while the adults around him ignore, abuse and slander him.
Now on to Snape. A good teacher does not abuse their students, does not allow them to blow things up, does not play favorites, does not ignore student injuries as he did with Hermione. In teaching Harry to block his mind he explained nothing, showed him no techniques, gave him no incentives to learn and many incentives not to. While it is true that Harry invaded his privacy with the pensieve, did he not invade Harry's privacy every single lesson? While tit for tat is not a good thing I can see Harry's reasoning for peeking. Removing points for breathing too loud, answering his questions correctly, etc do not show a mature man who makes a good teacher, it shows a bully.
And the first point, how it's all Harry's fault. Yes he does share some blame for what happened in book 5. By no means is everything his fault. to give you a quote by a favorite author Jeconais,

{Pansy sighed softly. “Harry. Think of a room - in that room are two doors ahead of you. Through the right, a lion is sleeping. Through the left is a room full of the best food. Which door do you take?”
“The left,” Harry replied, as if it was a stupid question.
“There was no lion in the right room,” Pansy said softly. “I lied, because I wanted you to go to the left.”
She could feel his eyes on her now.
“I don’t understand.”
“You made a decision based on the best information you had at the time. But someone else had been manipulating you."}

Yes he made the wrong choice by going to the ministry, but in his mind it was the only one he could make based on the information he had at the time. No one explained that Voldie could send false images, no one explained what the occlumency was suppose to prevent, and while he did forget about the mirror, one must admit that he was a bit stressed at the time. When that is added to the torture by Umbitch, Dumbles ignoring him, and no way to contact an adult he trusts, he falls back on the pattern that has developed the last 4 years, solve the problem himself despite the adult world.

14. I'd like to see Harry as something other than a depressed, suicidal, angst ridden teenager. Especially when he is acting like that 10 years after the end of the books. There has to be some sort of balance between being an annoying depressed emo and a suzy sunshine character. While I can accept there's no such thing as psychologists in the wizarding world, he's been raised as a muggle, and I'm sure out of all of the squibs and muggleborns who went to the normal world one or two of them went on to study psychology. Surely the savior of the world can find one of them.

15. One of the genres I enjoy especially is when Harry actually knows something about his past, his place in the wizarding world, and his family. Not necessarily everything, but its nice not to read Harry as a clueless muggleborn that everyone can manipulate because he doesn't know the ins and outs of the wizard society. Being able to stand up to the Daily Prophet and the Ministry for libel, and Dumbles for leaving him with the Dursley's for however long he was there, showing that he's his own person and not just a reflection of whatever public opinion, good or bad, shows him to be.

16. An over-used plot device is how Harry has to stay at the Dursley's no matter what happens there, subject to abuse ranging from merely verbal to accidental or even deliberate murder. I understand that it is a part of canon that Harry lived under the stairs, that he was verbally abused and at best physically neglected. What I don't understand is how anyone could miss at least the neglect. No 4 year old wants to dress in hand me down over-sized clothes, normal 6 year olds do not think their name is Boy or Freak. How can any teacher or counselor justify not reporting this kind of thing? One doesn't think of these things when reading the story, it's a children's story, and the details serve to show how evil the Dursleys are. But when taken separate from the story, it's horrifying to think that this is casually accepted as Harry's home life and not one adult who learns of it does anything to change it. In fact Dumbledore actually perpetuates this crime, either knowingly or unknowingly, depending on the story. He even heaps his own abuse on Harry by isolating him from friends and loved ones. This is the sign of an abuser, one who wants to hide his crimes by hiding the victim, why else would he allow the abuse? He further shows this by allowing Snape to abuse Harry, and make no mistake it is abuse, and when Harry protests he blames Harry for the problem not the originator, an immature, sadistic, child hating sadist who has not grown past a teenage rivalry. Few stories deal with both Snape and Dumbledore in a mature and legal way that allows Harry to be free of their schemes and plots.

17. As a continuation of the last point I would really really like to see a story, short or long, which actually shows someone who calls Snape on his bullying and favoritism, and Snape being realistically reprimanded without being protected by Dumbles. In fact I'd like to see Dumbles call him out on it, preferably long before Harry even arrives at school. Along with that I'd like to see someone other than Harry deal with the bullying and favoritism that runs rampant as well. For instance, maybe Minerva actually does her job as either head of Gryffindor or deputy head-mistress. Many stories say she can't favor the Gryfs because of the need to be impartial, but honestly, you can impartially decide that calling someone names and threatening them is a bad thing and punish them without a hint of favoritism. The whole points race the houses have is a prime example, if I were a head of house I would be complaining right and left about Snape's bullshit, and if Dumbles won't listen, I'd be going higher and making sure Snape can't get away with it. It is completely ridiculous that Snape is allowed to get away with whatever he wants just because "he has to play the role of a spy". Also I am a firm believer that children and teenagers need rules and consequences. For Dumbles to say that he is reluctant to punish the Slytherins for fear of pushing them to join Voldemort is short sighted and in the end self defeating. If they never learn that there are consequences to breaking the rules, and those consequences are severe enough that breaking the rule is not worth it, then of course they are going to join the side that lets, and even encourages them to do what they want without fear. But if say, Marcus Flint was expelled and his magic bound for injuring a muggleborn student as a result of bullying, the rest of the purists and bullies might think twice about doing it. And if they follow it up by expelling any other person who does so it will just reinforce the lesson that much more. This includes gred and forge, because regardless of how funny they think it is, some if not all of their jokes could be considered bullying, and if not performed correctly as to injure someone, they too should be expelled.

18. Harry entering a relationship and immediately allowing whomever it is (i.e., Hermione, Ginny, Daphne, Susan, Luna, Gabrielle, Fleur, etc) to boss him around, call him names, hit him, pull him around by his ear, arm, hair etc. It's not cute, its not romantic, and it's not realistic. They are treating him like whomever it is, is his mother and has a right to correct and change him. Completely incorrect, they are supposed to be equals, and if he were to do what they do to him people would be screaming that he is a wife beater and should be in jail.

More when I think of them :)

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