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OK, I'm Yuri Hana, (Aka Lily flower) I love you all, who have read any of my stories, and bother looking at my profile! I am actually trying to learn to write a Yuri, so any good references appreciated, I am taking requests, I personally love Yaoi! I will write any manga or anime I can't stress that enough! If i don't know what anime you are talking about, tell me the name, and I will do research! ALWAY FUN! But yeah, if you just have a pairing that works, or if you have a certain idea what you want to happen, I can help get it to flow! I will always say who its dedicated or a request from! i will not steal your idea! I love you all! I'm back! I am geared up for requests! :




Hey, I am taking a poll which fan fics should i write first? All of these were random challenges, that I'm trying to figure out.

GaaraxShino ((AU gang related))- Gaara is leader of gang, Shino is a leader of another gang, Gaara kidnaps Shino in a gang attack, but Shino doesn't know its him he hides behind a mask... so Gaara tortures him, then he appears without a mask and saves him and forms romance... ((Lot of plot in between but i don't want to give it away ))

ShinoxNeji ((AU Gang, but not leader related))- Neji is kidnapped by a rival gang, and held ransom, Shino is ordered to pick him up after he has been tortured and clean him and fix him, taking care of him, Shino slowly begins to like the man, and in the end saves him, shocking the other, they go through a few fights... yada yada insert plot i don't want to telly out

Loves you all please send me a PM with which one you think i should write first



random hilarious junk found on xARIISHAxNxNEJIx profile I didn't put stuff on these are all purely from the author, i just copied and pasted not all classifications fit me

If you KNOW the voice in your head are real, copy and paste this onto your profile!

The sterotypes. i got these from an AWESOME author,DanceingDragonBlaze, but i deleted the ones that dont relate to me _

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MUWAHAHAHA...um why did i laugh manicaly?

Any way...i got this from a freind...i know childish but oh well...You know you live in 2007 when...
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