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Hey! this is a combined account of AngleFire 13 and s-slytherin. Currently, this is Angel. Zarri is next to me writing something. Sooo...

Hey. Come here often?


But enough of this, on to the profile

Hey, when it's in bold, that is s-slytherin talking, ok? Either way, we are going to post our first combined story soon, (enough.) Back to you Angel!

RENT is great. and i hate your keyboard zarri. grrrr...

Quotable quotes...

Umm... Popcorn? -Angelfire

"Well what now, Nancy Drew?" Anglefire13 after I picked one of the locks on the briefcase of something in the costume room, but I couldn't open the other lock.

"I am Nancy Drew for heaven sakes! I should be able to open this!" Me, after trying to unlock the Costume room door.

"You're going to get some, ...
Decibals! Now sing to me!!" Anglefire13 and I reffering to our wedding night with Norbert Leo. =D

Joe: (In reference to hot cartoons) Damn Bugs Bunny!!

REALLY QUICK NOTE IN THE MIDDLE OF PROFILE: Joe is my bro. Haha, that rhymes. Sorry. Back to profile. =D

"THE CLOTHES!! THEY ARE EATING ME!!!" Shiloh, being eaten by clothes.

"Let me through, I play tetris!" Me, attacking a cuboard in my school's drama club costume room

Me: (trying to close a tubberware container, I put a knee on it)
Me: Oo, the tubberware is like 'oo, a knee!'
Anglefire13: Ew.
Me: Ah, this tubberware container won't close!
Angle: Here, let me. (We both put our knees on it. (Look at eachother):
Me: Ooo, two knees.
Angle: gasps a threesome!!!

Later) Me: When it doubt, put a knee on it.

Me: (Holds up a rather riskqe costume) Wow. This is rather-
Shiloh: Sluty?
Me: I think that is the word.

Angle: Oh look, another hooker dress.
Me: I find that racist!
Angle: Everyone's a little bit racist.

Later:Angle: Another Hooker dress.
Me: How bout a fake snooty British accent a lady of the night dress

Angle: (holding up a rather strange almost thong) LOOK!! A slingshot!!!

My favorite couples for: (BOTHE)

Nice spelling zarri.


Norbert and ANGEL!!!!!! - simply perfect.

Fiyero and Elphaba. They are so cute, and I love them together. Don't hate, you Gelphie lovers, don't hate.

Boq and Nessa. Nessa has had a hard life, and deserves a quite little marriage with Boq, don't you think?

Glinda and Fiyero. Only if something happens to Elphaba. Glinda shouldn't be alone. Damn Gregory Maguire and his lack of making an even number of people that can get together and it makes every one happy!!

Glinda and Boq. Only when something happens to Nessarose.

Angel: Book Avaric and Galinda: Because she deserves better than lord whats his face. and angel was the only one who read the book.

RENT (Shiloh's pairs)

We have completely different views)

Roger and Mimi, who happen to be my favorite couple.

Mark and no one. This thought is inspired by him dancing by himself in "La vie Bohem." Sorry, but the good die alone.

Mareen and Joanne. They are the perfect 'odd couple.'

Collins and Angel. A match made in heaven.

Rent, (Angel's pairs)

Roger and Angelfire. Because Norbert is marrying michelle. and roger has a nice voice.

Roger and Mimi.- need i ask why?

Joannane and Angel- a drag Queen who we all love and a loveable queer. cute? right?

Benny and his dog- forget the rich wife it was the dog all along. Go Rent angel

Mark and Maureen - idina would go crazy for guys with striped scarfs? right? and mark should get his old girlfriend back. poor mark.

(Zarri's kinda weird explanation of Angels pairings)

Benny and collins, who cheated on bennys wife, but benny and his dog are having an affair. bennys busy. wierd. lol.


Anyway, that is the end of our profile for now, but we may add more later. Lots of love!

S-slytherin, Aka, Zarri, Aka, Shiloh, Aka, Shi...=D



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Wicked - Rated: T - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,797 - Reviews: 11 - Favs: 8 - Follows: 7 - Published: 8/14/2007