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Author has written 12 stories for Cloverfield, Fullmetal Alchemist, Naruto, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Yu-Gi-Oh, Gargoyles, Bleach, Game X-overs, Invader Zim, Inuyasha, 13 Ghosts, and Hellboy.

Hello! My name is Motoko! I write stories (duh) and a lot of them are OC filled, warned! And, I also like to put my friends OC's in my stories too! Mostly Rasberryhiyata, Emily-twilight and Neoia. (Who all three are my OC buddies!) hugs them all until they turn into marshmallow bits

So...check out their stories too! :)




Favorite Couples (Fannon and Cannon):


Deidara X OC (OC=Shein Ookami)

Madara/Tobi X OC (OC= Hana Mei) (Who belongs to Tyde07)

Itachi X OC (OC=Midori Ookami)

Zetsu X OC (OC=)

Kakuzu X OC (OC=Shein Ookami)

Sasori X OC (OC=Shein Ookami)

Gaara X OC (OC= Ichigo of the Sand)

OC X OC (OC=Aron Ookami) (OC=Kazumi Uchiha) (Kazumi belongs to My friend, Kayla)

OC X OC (OC=Kat Ookami) (OC=Hiroshi Haruno) (Hiroshi Belongs to Kayla)

Naruto X Hinata

Sakura X Sasuke

Neji X TenTen

Kakashi X OC (OC= Midasu Umino)

Shikamaru X OC (OC= Akita Uchiha)

The story for Naruto is called 'Wolf's Cry'. I haven't started it yet, but I'm going to. It's going to explain the past of my character, Shein, and how her life goes. This story follows the plot line of the actual Naruto story, and some of the things that happen in this story fill in loop holes in the actual story.

I'm also working on a cross over called '13 Akatghosts'. It tells of how the Akatsuki (as well as my friends and mine OC's) become these restless spirits. Some of them don't want to hurt anybody, but there are a few exceptions. And, it tells of Itachi and how his family get sucked into a glass house filled with these spirits. And one of them just so happens to be the spirit of his dead wife.


Umlaut X OC (OC=Serenity)

OC X OC (OC=Hokis) (OC=Talia) (Talia belongs to Rasberryhiyata)

OC X OC (OC=Trever) (OC=Alice) (Both of these OC's Belong to Emily-twilight)

This story is based off of a first person shooter game called 'CarnEvil'. The story is called 'My life in CarnEvil', but I'm going to change it. It tells of a undead, cannibalistic jester named Umlaut, and his demon friend, Hokis and how their world is turned upside down when one day, a girl turns up at the front of the carnival and another ends up in a carnival attraction and is turned into a shape shifter. one of the girls is related to Amungurama... And what happens one day when Umlaut runs into Trever and Katie, the children of Hellboy?


OC X OC (OC=Sinri) (OC=Serena)

OC X OC (OC=Kovu) (OC=Kiara)

This story is based on Yautja's (Predators) and Xenomorphs (Aliens). The title of it is called 'Xe-O', which is shortened for 'Xeno Organization'. In it, it tells of two girls named Kiara and Serena, who are both Alien hybrids. But, both of the work of the Xeno Organization, a system specially designed to keep the Xenomorph population in check.

(Fullmetal Alchemist)

Ed X OC (OC=Kimiko)

Al X OC (OC=Rika)

Roy X Riza

In this story, it tells of how Ed and Al (who are now older and still the same) meet a new alchemist named Kimiko and her kitten, Rika. But both brothers realize that strange things start happening ever since they met them, especially during New Moons. The even stranger thing, is that it always seems to happen when Kimiko and Rika aren't around. Also, there have been sightings of a 'Creature with eyes of purple death' and a 'Pretty pale girl with eyes of a cat'. The title is 'The Cat's Cry and The Demon Alchemist'.


Usagi X Tuxedo Mask

OC X OC (OC=Anya) (OC=Haku)

Title of this one is 'Soldier of Darkness'. This story tells of Usagi and how one day, she and the gang run into a new, mystery girl at school named Anya. Anya herself is Aloof, but very sweet, and very weak at heart...literally... Usagi and the others become friends with Anya and her strange pet dragon named Haku. Then one day, Usagi and the others find out a deep dark secret about Anya. Something dark, something so shocking, something ...evil...


Lou (The Cloverfield Monster) X OC (OC=Sahara)

I wanted to do a story of Cloverfield and try to fill in loop holes in the plot. So, that was when 'What Really Happened' was born. It tells of a lab experiment named Sahara and how one day, she accidentally summoned the Cloverfield Monster. She escapes and collides (literally) with him. The two become fast friends, and maybe even more. Then one day, Sahara was captured by the people she ran from, and lets just say, Lou (Cloverfield Monster) isn't very happy.


Pharaoh Atem X OC (OC=Yu-umi)

Present Day Atem X OC (OC=Ayumi)

Kaiba X OC (OC=Shara) (This OC Belongs to RasberryHiyata)

Priest Seto X OC (OC=Vili) (This OC Belongs to RasberryHiyata)

Yugi X Tea

Joey X OC (OC=Jorden) (This OC belongs to Kayla!)

Y. Bakura X OC (OC=Kohana)

Ryou X OC (OC=Andy) (This OC belongs to Rasberryhiyata)

King Thief Bakura X OC (OC=Kohana)

There are three stories to this one:

The first one is called 'Dark Shadows', which tells the actual story. It's about three new girls in school, Ayumi, Shara, and Jorden. And right away, Shara and Ayumi are the talk of the town. Yugi and the group befriend them and right away, Yugi, as well as Yami, begin to notice things. Like how Ayumi seems to have a new bruise somewhere, and how Shara is treated more kindly by her parents than Ayumi is (To Ayumi, Shara's parents are her Aunt and Uncle). And how Ayumi seems to be depressed about someone. And like how Jorden has this strange scar on her belly...

The second is called 'Once In A Millennium'. This story tells of how Ayumi and Shara's previous incarnations, Yu-umi and Vili and their life with Pharaoh Atem. Yu-umi, a child prodigy, goddess of looks, and eldest twin of Vili. (Not actual goddesses) And Vili, goddess of cuteness, and youngest twin of Yu-umi and how they befriend Prince Atem and soon-to-be head priest Seto. And how when they get older, love blossoms between the group. And, how even the king thief can fall in love with his own twin, Kohana.

The final is called 'Contained'. In this one, there is only but one land. North is ruled by Vampires, South: Werewolves, East: Warlocks and Witches, and West: Spirits and humans. It tells of the three eldest vampire princes, Atem, Bakura, and Kaiba and how their hearts were stolen from them by three beautiful slaves, Ayumi, Kohana, and Shara. It also tells about their struggle to save their land from an Apparition named Boss who's motivation in unknown. And, he wants the princes to suffer, by hurting their precious slaves.


Iunyasha X Kagome

Miroku X Sango

Sesshomaru X OC (OC=Izuna)

Bankotsu X OC (OC=Hikari)

Naraku X Kikyo

Shippo X OC (OC= Kira) (This OC belongs to my little sister, who doesn't have a Fanfiction.Net account)

Kouga X OC (This OC belongs to Kayla!)

There are three stories to this one:

In this one, I made it to where all of the cast was born in the present day and are going to collage called 'Demon University', which is also the title. It follows Izuna, a mute girl who lives with Kagome, who she treats like a sister. They go to America when Kagome's mom gets a job there. but as soon as they get there, they are attacked, the only survivors are Izuna and Kagome. They then run into Inuyasha and the gang and things start going down hill for them all.

In '4 Seasons With Your Love', Kagome hears of a legend about a girl who, like Inuyasha, was sealed away. When she tells the gang, everyone but Myouga are skeptical. But, when Inuyasha and the gang stumble upon the village dedicated to her and see for themselves that the legend was true, they become believers. But then, Kagome accidentally removed the arrow from the cave, awakening the girl. They are all shocked and Myouga is scared beyond belief because...the girl is now a human...and...she has no memory of her previous life. The legend says, "Her rebirth...will also bring about the destruction of the Earth...". Now for the big question: Who will bring about the destruction of Earth? The girl...or...her unknown suitor...?

The tale of 'Kiss From A Rose', tells of Izuna, daughter of the great cat demon and her child hood friend, Sesshomaru and their adventures as children. And, even their love for one another as time goes on. It also tells of how and why Izuna was sealed into the cave and it explains why Sesshomaru despises humans.

(Rurouni Kenshin)

OC X OC (OC=SinShi) (OC=Hitomi)

OC X OC (OC=Toro) (mine) (OC=Kairi) (Belongs to Kayla)

Sanosuke X OC (OC=Citty)

Kenshin X Kaoru

This story, also called 'Tears Of An Angel', tells about Kenshin and someone that was precious to him. There is no real pairing in this story, with the exception of Kenshin and Kaoru fluff. One day, Kaoru found a beautiful wooden box in Kenshin's room and opened it, revealing a beautiful purple scarf. But when she see a capitol 'H' on it, she goes to Kenshin for answers. What shocks her is that he nearly kills her for touching it. Why is that...? Who did it use to belong to...? ...And...why does there now seem to be something wrong with the Dojo...?

(Ed, Edd n' Eddy)

Edd X OC (OC=Samara)

Kevin X Naz

Sarah X Jimmy

Ed X OC (OC=Suzie) (Belongs to emily_twilight)

Eddy X OC (OC=Rouge) (Belongs to Kayla!)

This story, which I haven't started, is called 'Cloudy With A Chance With Edd'. A new girl named Samara comes to the col-d-sack, turning the trio's world upside down. Edd especially. Edd develops feelings for Samara, and begins to notice unusual things. Like how Samara is starting to wince every time Ed hugs her, she wears her jacket more and more, even as the weather gets warmer and warmer, and how she is always fidgety when she walks home with Edd. Edd is getting worried and he is determined to find out what is going on...even if he himself ends up getting hurt in the process...


Brooklyn X OC (OC=Zara)

Broadway X Angela

Goliath X Elisa

Thailog X OC (OC=Boston) (This OC Belongs to Rasberryhiyata)

I'm working on this story. It's called 'Fallen Embers'. It tells of a run away princess named Zara, who ends up in Manhattan and meets a Grease Monkey Elf named Manny, which later he adopts her. She then meets the aloof Gargoyle named Boston and befriends her. Then one day, during her nightly sitting on a tall building, she is found by a bounty hunter, gets injured, and falls off the Chrysler Building. And Brooklyn, who was blowing off some steam about Broadway winning Angela's heart, sees the poor girl fall to her doom. He manages to save her, but at what cost? Her love, or his life?

(Invader Zim)

Zim X OC (OC=Izayoi)

Tallest Purple X OC (OC=Hanabi) (Belongs to Kayla!)

Dib X OC (OC=Saya) (This OC belongs to Rasberryhiyata)

Tallest Red X OC (OC=Mar)

There are two stories to this one:

The title of this one is 'All The Little Things' and is in progress. One day, now that Zim and Co. are in Hi-Skool a new girl comes into class. Dib gets feeling for her and becomes her friend. But then, Zim starts to hang out with her, making Dib get suspicious. But this new girl has a secret that she wont tell neither boys. Also, just when things were going good, tragedy strikes, which unleashes an evil that has been asleep for a long time. And who is to blame?

The second one is the following to All The Little Things. 'Tears Of Sorrow' tells of two years after the events that caused nearly the destruction of New Jersey, the Beru gets a surprised visitor, Gaz. Gaz is nearly dead and the Beru finally step in to stop this madness. Trever, while in search of the menace, stumbles upon GIR and the robot tells him of what has happened. Trever does manage to convince GIR's "boss", who is a tall figure (About 6'6) with wings and giant claws and is completely shadow, into coming to the Bearu with him. And when Trever asks the tall shadow creature's name, it simply replies "Zim".


OC X OC (OC=Yami) (OC=Pandora)

Ulquiorra X OC (OC =Esther) (This OC belongs to Neoia)

After killing Ulquiorra, Ichigo and the gang run into a beautiful Arrancars named Pandora and her Zanpakuto, Yami, who is a wolf. Pandora is there because she want revenge for killing her best friends boyfriend and she wants Orihime. Orihime is taken by Pandora after Pandora engages into a battle with all of them, leaving them all nearly dead. Orihime somehow befriends Pandora and finds out about 'Pandora's Box', (which is also the title of the story.) The box then reveals to Orihime things no one knew about Pandora. Things so terrible, that not even Orihime could probably survive from. Can Orihime somehow heal Pandora, her knew awkward friend, before its too late?


Mikey X OC (OC=Caboose)

Leo X OC (OC= Aurora)

Don X OC (OC= Jill/Scarlett) (belongs to emily_twilight)

Ralph X OC (OC=Snow) (belongs to Kayla!)

After rescuing a girl 3 years ago, Mikey always sneaked out of the house, like Ralph, and always kept watch over her. One day, they end up meeting each other and an unlikely friendship blossoms. The other three turtles notice Mikey unusual behavior and they also end up making an new ally that goes by the name of Cat Woman. Then, they find out The Foot clan want to capture a ancient water spirit named Aquarius. Now Mikey is wondering why his new friend is acting very strange when he tells her of The Foot clan. And...why is she afraid of water...? The title of it is called 'Dark Water'.

(Thir13en Ghosts)

Ryan Kuhn (Jackal) X OC (OC=Kris)

Royce Clayton (Torn Prince) X OC (OC=Katie) (This OC belongs to Emily-twilight)

In the story 'Even A Jackal Can Love', it tells of Ryan meeting a girl named Kristina Turner (Or Kris for short), who is also the daughter of Death himself. She befriends him and reteaches him to speak and talk. It also tells about him being in the glass house and when after he gets sent back to the insane asylum. Also...what's this about him knowing Alice, the girlfriend of Trever (Who is Hellboy's son). After that, Kris takes him back to her island and there he meets her two, over-protective brothers, Fredrick Krueger (Freddy) and Charles Lee Ray (Chucky). Oh boy. Time to raise some hell.

Well...that's pretty much it!

See ya later,


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