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Author has written 3 stories for Harry Potter, Naruto, and Camp Lazlo.

Nick-name: Sami, Samsonite, Kuppie-cake

Age: People say I'm wise beyond my years

Gender: I am woman and hear me Yaoi Fangirl Scream_

Clubs: Prez. of the Yaoi Fan Girl Club (at school), prez. of the Greek Myth club (at school),

Linkage: Myspace:



A Little About Me (as if anyone cares): I'm Kida. However, nobody calls me Kida since who knows when! So my name is Sami, Samsonite, and, ugghh... Kuppie-cake. They've taken to calling me those names instead of my actual name. I really don't know why. I'm not apart of the social norm if anything I'm out to destroy it (Me: popular assholes suck.Go Freaks!!) But don't let that stop you for getting to know me. I'm random and insanely sane so I'm friendly if you don't piss me off. lol I don't have too many friend but I'm fine with it. At least then I know who my true friends are. I love very few people but I luv a lot (Me: there is a difference between love and luv, people!!). Oh, one of the few people I love is this guy, Ryu. I've known him since like birth he's still my best friend ever. He's gay and got a boyfriend of 7 years this past December!! I love them both with all my heart and anyone who has a problem with gays, lesbians, transvestites, and/or bisexuals you can all go fuck yourselves!! That's it I think on that so... yea.

Likes/Interests: YAOI!! Poetry, sweets (especially banana-nut bread and cookies, yum!), anime, manga, Greek mythology, music, reading, writing, different cultures, the colors: onyx black, sapphire blue, blood red, and golden sunset yellow (Me: yes, i know they are a weird combination), cooking, vampires (Me: Holy Fuck are they HOT!), dragons, other mystical creatures, angels, demons, halflings, supernatural, tarot, animals, Lucifer

Dislikes: Privacy invasion, stupid people (Me: Ironically my friends are. Makes you wonder...), people with bad grammar, homophobic people (Me: those bastards...), close-minded people, people with a superiority complex, people in general, hot-dogs, preps, wanna-be gangsters, jock-type assholes, bitchy skinny-assed cheerleaders or anything like that, popularity.

Parings I support: Seme/Uke (Now categorized)

~Devishly good looking Semes and stubborn ukes~


~Premadana ukes~

Harry/Draco (Harry seme ONLY!!)

~Fanboy ukes~

ChaseYoung/Jack Spicer


Harry/Ron (The friendship angle I love on these two, Ron, is, so, UKE!)
Superman/Batman (Only in Justice League, I do love some of the classic buff superheroes)
Green Lantern/Flash
Will Turner/Jack Sparrow (I don’t care! I’d like to see Jack on the bottom!)
Inuyasha/Miroku: (You know Miroku wants it)


Zuko/Sokka (Aw... Sokka is so uke, my obsessed pairing)
Gary/Ash (Another classic of mine)
James/Severus Kankurou/Kiba (:D I've seen the episode where Kan saves Kiba and I loved it!)
Dash/Danny (Lets face it, Danny needs a seme, and the Bully/Outsider appeals to me)
Mugen/Jin (My two favorite samurai)
Inuyasha/Kouga (Rival lovin, heheh)


Zabuza/Haku (A tragic love story, its so obvious it hurts, and it was the first one to make me truly cry for a pairing)
Chase Young/Jack Spicer (Yup, also in the villain section, they are just so cute)


Almost any of the main guys/Stifler (American Pie series, Stifler needs to be da uke!)

Parings I don’t support:

Character/Mary-Sue (~Gets so frustrated she bursts into tears~ Its like stabbing me with a knife and I'm crying in agony! Please stop! I can't take it anymore! I hate people who make themselves perfect and I hate bitches that think a character is theirs! Because their not! ~Sob~ Please stop...)
Zuko/Katara (No! Think Zuko/Sokka! I'm so TIRED of looking at Zukara!)
Dumbledore/Snape (O.O ~Eye twitches~ so... Wrong...)
Lee/Gaara (I-i just... no)

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