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~ClowYuuko is now undeniably canon!!~

Luna Moonsurf is the middle and last name of a (yes, male) character my twin sister created for my original story. His first name is Rimon.

My story Shades of Night won Best of the Best award in a fanfic contest!

Also due to my evil twin, TheRecorder, I'm going to die a gory death.

By the way, I am horrible at updating! If you have the patience of Sasori, I suggest you don't Alert...But please do anyways. It makes my inner-poet-who-needs-a-hug a little less angsty. Reviews are even better. I don't really care if they're flames, at least it means someone read the story. Plus flames would probably be unjustified or agreed upon by aforementioned inner-poet-who-needs-a-hug.

On The Subject of All Matters of Luck and Fate:

I first started the ‘all matters of luck and fate’ thing a long time ago. As I wrote and my style evolved, that one thing remained. I recently been using terms like ‘Oh my luck’ or ‘fate knows where’ as well; mainly because I always have trouble (read: awkwardness, not to mention I couldn't figure out for the life of me how many 'd's were in godamnit/goddamnit) deciding whether or not to capitalize the ‘god’ in ‘oh my god’ so thus the fate and luck. But originally it was created to make my writing unique, so NO STEALY! *nods decisively*

On The Subject of Brofriends:

Okay, a ‘brofriend’ is a bro and a bud. In normal context, it’s usually means two guys who are really close and are so secure in their sexuality that they can act gay with each other in jest and not be in the least bit uncomfortable with it. Like the male equivalent of a ‘galfriend’…kinda. Don’t blame me; my sister, TheRecorder, was the one who made up the word.

What A Surprising Number Of People Don't Realize/See Fit To Acknowledge:

The characters native to Kingdom Hearts (Sora, Riku, Kairi, Ienzo, etc.) also belong to Disney as well as Square Enix. Now some of you may say "honest mistake, no big deal. Disney's a kids company, they're not as powerful as Square Enix anyways" but you're WRONG! Disney holds more power in their iron fists than thou shall ever know.

Don't believe me? Well, let's take a moment to indulge in our inner game-geeks, shall we? Now, any KH fan worth their salt (or munny, whichever you prefer) knows about Final Fanasty VII (even the ones who hate it) or at least (hopefully) enough to know Shinra Electric Power Company was a megacorporation, meaning they had a stranglehold on everyone's life. Okay, I want you all to now look-up on Wikipedia the term 'megacorporation'. You there? Now look down to the section labeled 'Real-life Examples'... Yeah, makes ya think twice about putting Disney in the disclaimer only when Walt's Originals appear in the story.

Sure, they say they don't have an army, but we all know there's more to Mickey wielding the Kingdom Key from the Realm of Darkness than they tell us.

Remember, Sora's role was almost played by Mickey (thus his weird clothes in the first game) Disney is the true owner of the Kingdom Hearts multiverse. They just let Square Enix sprinkle-in their own characters now and then. Heed my words, young gamers, and you may live to see the next sunrise.

For All You Diehard SoKai Fans Out There:

Yes, I'm positive that if this wasn't a kid's game (and Disney characters weren't in the background), Square Enix would have made Sora and Kairi kiss upon their infamous Reunion. But in Riku's defence, he was about to slip away into a dark corridor thus imposing self-exile upon himself while trapped in Ansem's form, just so those two could be happy together without him there to complicate things; plus, cut the guy a break, Sora just had to pull that whole, "Ansem-no-Xehanort's-Heartless-thank-you-for-saving-Kairi-but-I-still-hate-you-and-I'll-still-never-forgive-you" crap. (Which would have been mean even if it had been Xehanort's Heartless. I mean if a guy takes up a pseudonym, at least be nice enough to use it and not correct yourself and change to refering to him as if he was a thing while still addressing him, even if he's evil.)

For All You Diehard SoRiku Fans Out There:

Yes, I'm positive that if this was any other Square Enix game, a more torrential downpour of tears of joy would have to accompany Sora's falling-to-his-knees thing; however, part of that show was probably subconscious guilt at pulling above-mentioned crap. I mean, really, Riku takes any negative darkness-related comment about him to heart, just so he can say he's not the only one who thinks himself deserving of eternal torment (even though the adorable torturing-himself-but-he-totally-deserves-it-angst is half the reason we love him). But in Kairi's defense, if she hadn't pulled those two together at the Reunion (though we know it was probably more like "You better get your scrawny hide over here and talk some sense into this idiot, or Kingdom Hearts help me, I'll skin you both!") there wouldn't have even been a SoRiku Reunion Moment to drool at. And if that still doesn't convince you above-mentioned SoKai fans have some logic to their arguements, Sora hugged Kairi because he thought she was safe on the Islands but now she's here with him! However, Sora thought Riku was dead. No one gets locked in the Realm of Darkness and has a good chance of surviving.

For All You Diehard SoKaiRi Fans Out There:

You are all the most intelligent and logical people to ever play Kingdom Hearts.

I am a proud owner of the original Chain of Memories for the Gameboy Advance. Actually, when I played it was the first time I had ever come in contact with anything Kingdom Hearts-related. You can't even begin to imagine how confusing the plot is when you have no background information whatsoever. Nevertheless, I had a half-hour laughing fit upon seeing Marluxia's pink hair because in the original game his hair is brown.

Severe and extreme OOC Kairi-bashing: What. The. Hell.

Hey, am I the only one realized Sora knocked-off Marluxia and Larxene, and fought Axel and Vexen with the intent to kill, before he knew they were Nobodies?

Rec: looks over at paper 'Sheliak'?

Luna: continues typing It means 'harp'.

Rec: It looks Arabic.

Luna: That's because it is.

Rec: Oh...

Rec: stares at paper in disbelief Wha-What is this?! How do you even pronounce this?!

Luna: checks Oh that. 'Charioteer's Pass'.

Rec: Not what it means, how it's said!

Luna: Um...'Aurigae'.

Rec: That's not how they'll read it, my friend. It looks like it's pronounced 'Or-gay'. Like 'Orgy'. But gay.

Luna: 'Orgy'?!

Rec: Yes, like a gay orgy. Or-gay.

Girl Across Room: gives a 'what the hell' look to Rec

NiMP tRU - Nothing is more perilous than rivals united

(Rec says: Give me credit for that!)

Luna: What happened to your bunny?

Rec: Breakfast.

(same conversation)

Luna: All of it?

Rec: Half yesterday, half today.

(Note: This was a solid chocolate rabbit which, admittedly, isn't very healthy either)

Regardless of their canon quotes, wouldn’t it be epic if all the angels of Tales of Symphonia casted Judgment at the same time? They’d all start the same, but the ending five syllables (and badass poses) were different. For example:

“Sacred powers,” they all began, “cast your purifying light upon these corrupt souls,”

“Farewell thy fallen!” Colette crossed her chakrams above her head.

“Rest in peace, sinners!” Kratos raised his sword into the air with his right hand.

“Take what you deserve!” Lloyd hefted the Eternal Sword up with both hands.

“Rest in peace, sinners!” Yuan held his swallow blade aloft, gripping the weapon vertically.

“You ready for this?” Zelos twirled around before lifting his left hand to the sky, almost as if to wrap his fingers around the spell itself and pull it from the air.


C'mon, you cannot tell me that wouldn't be completely awesome.

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