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Author has written 5 stories for Harry Potter, Kingdom Hearts, and The Tomorrow series.

Hi Everyone! Lilypadandprongs4eva here.

I don't wanna give you my name or age or anything but i can tell you other stuff!

I love Harry Potter.

I ship Harry/Hermione. That is my Harry Potter OTP.

My favourite book is Goblet of Fire. The first book in the series I read. Love at first sight I suppose. It's my favourite movie too. Daniel Radcliffe had the longer hair then and he looked dishy.

Ron is good, but fanfiction isn't always too nice to him. I enjoy a good Ron/ Weasley bashing as much as the next person but in the more realistic stories, I love the trio as a strong friendship with a long history and a deep love and respect for each other.

Other good characters are Luna, who is such a great addition to the later books. She's sort of insane but it just feels like she's such a beautiful soul underneath. One of the moments that really stood out of me in Deathly Hallows was Luna's room and that view into Luna and how she viewed the "Ministry six" with the paintings and the "friends, friends, friends" repeated in the design. I thought that was so lovely and it's a shame that wasn't in the movie.

Ginny... is a character that I don't have much like for. Depending on the story, I can either like her or hate her but i'll never go looking for a Harry/Ginny story. It's true that I did write it...way back in my first ever fanfictions, before i even knew what fanfiction was. But no more. My story "Stubborn Harry" was totally written with me bashing everyone except Ginny, but it was bad so I've never bothered posting any more chapters of that. There isn't ever no chance that I won't update it again, but the most likely thing is that it'll stay abandoned.

I do write HP though still, even though i don't ever read it, except for new chapters of stories that started years and years ago and I have on story alert. I was inspired my the 'female harry' story line and decided to write my own. It's about 150k so far that I've written so if I ever decide I like it enough to post, it'll be Harri Potter: Knowledge is Power. It's basic story line is 'What if Harry Potter was born a girl? What if this caused the Dursley's to treat her differently? Worse even? What would this change? So yeah, maybe this year I'll start posting that.

I know "Harri" or Harriet is totally unoriginal but I started writing it so long ago, thats the characters name. Like, if you have a baby and decide when its a toddler to change its name. It's too late! That's its name, for better or worse. I can't picture her as anything else, the name is her identity. So if i ever post it, please forgive me for that.

I also am quite obsessed with Twilight.

Come on, who isn't? But I jumped on the bandwagon way earlier than most. I read it after New Moon came out and was there for the Eclipse release and the Breaking Dawn one.

Back then people didn't care when you tried to tell them about the Twilight awesomeness. The world was so innocent then...

I'm Team Jacob.

Team Werewolf.

I think it's because I read New Moon first and just stayed loyal to the lovable werewolf. Nah, I just love the best friend love story.

HOWEVER, I'm not always a fan of Bella's. Or Stephanie Mayer. I'm perfectly happy to have a major bitch session about how anti feminist the text is and how Bella is the ultimate Mary Sue and it doesn't make sense that Bella can be an ugly girl but every guy falls for her, and how she barely knows Edward but falls irrevocably in love with him. I don't like that she's SELFISH, she falls for a boy and makes him her entire world, forgetting about anyone else around her, I don't like her apparent co-dependancy, that she's so adorably clumsy, that she finally has a flaw but its so "cute" because now all the boys can catch her every time she falls. I don't like that she sees herself as the centre of the universe so much. I don't like that everything does seem to revolve around her so much, but with almost no credible explanation. I don't like that she hurts the people around her. Jacob, Edward, her parents, her "friends" get barely a mention, and I don't like that she makes decisions that hurt people but then cries and apologises like that makes it better. I don't like that she always does her own thing, no matter who it hurts, like in Breaking Dawn with the pregnancy. She hurt Edward bad and Jacob. But she's never blamed.

But overall the story is good and there is characters for everyone so I'll end my Bella-rant.

Personally, my favourite character is Leah Clearwater.

I know i said I like Bella/Jacob but I love Blackwater more. And Leah/Sam. I love Leah/Sam because of the backstory and because in many ways, it's so much more real than Bella and Edward's story. It doesn't get the happy ending but that just makes it more heart wrenching. I think Leah is a much better female lead than Bella. She speaks her mind and she's strong but she is a real character with flaws and hurts that makes her the opposite of a Mary Sue. When I read stories about her, I don't think of me as Leah, but I understand and sympathise and honestly feel so much more strongly.

My least favourite character, no surprise, is Edward. I'll just rant for a moment, but then be more rational. He's a LYING, MANIPULATIVE, OVERPROTECTIVE TO THE POINT OF SMOTHERING AND INSANE, CREEPY, BORDERLINE ABUSIVE AND TO BE HONEST, NOT TO OFFEND REAL GAYS, BUT GAY. Phew, now thats out of my system...I don't like Edward. I think the relationship between him and Bella is unhealthy. I think they aren't equals and he dominates her too easily at some points, patronises her at others, and though this is a Bella-flaw rather than an Edward-flaw, he dazzles her into agreeing to things. I don't think he understands love properly and they moved way too quickly.

I wonder if half their attraction is Twilight has to do with her being his singer and her mind being closed to him, and him being dangerous and an "OMG vampire". Which on Bella's part is a fair enough reaction. You don't find out that there really is the supernatural out there and vampires are real, and then dump the vampire and go on with life. You don't necessarily jump in bed with the guy but its true what Bella said in New Moon, when Edward left, she lost that entire world that had been opened up to her. Once she decided she wasn't scared of him, their relationship when from acquaintances with a shared mega huge secret to a committed, hardcore relationship.

If Twilight were a standalone, I'd hate the relationship even more. I ask myself what do they have in common in the first book? I'm okay with the theory that opposites attract, but in Twilight, what do they really know about each other? Their entire relationship is danger and forbidden and learning huge secrets and intrigue and near death experiences. Compare that to her and Jacob, who for months do nothing more than talk about homework and friends and cars and what's for dinner and how was school and were just... good friends. They had "in-jokes" and laughs but they had the deeper conversations as well and I think all of that is so important. Just being able to hang out should be one of the most important things I think you should look for with love.

In Eclipse, there was a little more of that between Bella and Edward. Major parts of their relationship were still unhealthy but there was more talking and they learnt to compromise, even if there were gross incidents where Bella should have taken a step back and thought about her relationship. Jumping straight back into it after Italy was insane. Forbidding her to see Jacob, that was the act of a jealous, over-controlling, hypocritical boyfriend. Realising that she loved Jacob and kissing him but STILL not taking a step back and thinking "maybe I should wait a little while before the wedding and subsequent life-ending vampire change" was also insane.

I love the Tomorrow Series as well. It's my favourite book, favourite series, out of everything (HP and Twilight included).

It's a very small fandom here, but I have been hoping that it will grow and it is a little, which makes me happy. Having the movie made was a great step. It was a pretty good movie. I watched it in cinemas five times, which is my record, followed by New Moon which I saw three times.

I love Homer. I own every book and go through every book with a fine tooth comb for anything Ellie says about Homer, and try to understand them exactly. Well, over analyse I suppose is what I do. Clearly, I'm a Ellie/Homer shipper.

I suppose I'm a boy next door/ best friend/ childhood friend sort of shipper. Even if Homer is so much more than that. He's brave and funny and a leader and good looking and strong and resourceful and honest and loyal... pretty much everything I think is good. BUt in the end, Homer was not Ellie's choice, though right at the end of the last book we get pretty solid evidence that Homer is in love with Ellie, as more than a friend, even if Ellie choose Lee. Meh, what's fanfiction for, if not that?

The movie was only a little disappointing that it didn't delve into the fact that the first book is one of the books with the most Ellie/Homer, as in the book, there is a verified love triangle there, she thinks she likes them both. The movie chose to leave them as just brother/sister. My only other movie issue was the casting of Homer. I love Deniz Akdeniz, I do, I swear. He has the acting skills, the charisma, the cheekiness that Homer has. He portrays Homer just right. But...Im going to sound like such a bitch and so superficial but he's not as hot as I always imagined Homer. Maybe you guys can sympathise with me if you're twilight fans, and Jacob Black fans. I campaigned for Taylor Lautner for New Moon. He was so good looking, so...Jacob. He had the body and the look and the acting. He's the best part of any Twilight movie. They cast him so perfectly. And maybe I'm spoilt but I was dreaming of the same sort of amazing choice for Homer. Deniz isn't bad looking and he has very nice arms, but he doesn't look like the Homer I imagined, or still imagine. He's just not the tall, well built, great looking guy my imagination built up. I still haven't found the actor I'd have wanted but this is how i imagine him- . Actually, these pics are almost right for all of them. But I'm not unhappy. Deniz Akdeniz, when i saw him in person and he was only a few metres away, i still swooned.

I also love TV shows. NCIS is my passion.

Tony is my favourite, and Michael Weatherly is my celebrity love, (the actor that plays Tony DiNozzo, if you don't know). I love Tony/Gibbs as a pairing and as father/son. I'm pretty flexible that way. I prefer Tibbs but I also love Tiva, but only in the show, not when its fanfiction. They have so much chemistry and there is a chance that they will get together, unlike Tony and Gibbs, so i support them a lot when watching. But NCIS is wearing on my nerves a bit, there is only so much of incompetent Tony I can deal with and the last episode he really shined was Truth or Consequences. So hopefully in his origin episode this season he will kick major ass with Gibbs. He has to, he impressed GiIBBS. And there are so many

I also love Dark Angel.

Lesser known, but I followed Michael Weatherly to it. Well, more like backtracked. It was made before NCIS, and he starred in it, alongside Jessica Alba for 2 seasons before it was ended. I love Logan/Max, and it's canon. But for the first time that i can think of, fans don't support the canon in fanfiction. all. I mean, i do, but its a small unhappy fandom for max and logan shippers. But at least the episodes were fulfilling, unlike Tiva, because they actually are in love and they kiss and everything. It's angsty but they're a couple. And in the books, they finally tell each other they love each other and the "right time" happens, its very fulfilling, probably more than fanfiction is, but when the canon is perfect, I don't really need fanfiction.

I love Huddy (House/Cuddy) in House MD. I do love them together this season. It's a little different but really, the dynamics haven't changed, its the same show, the same witty jokes and compliments and flirting and jokes and insults and misunderstandings, House just...has Cuddy.

And I love Glee. More happens in one episode than in a whole season of most other shows. I mean, it's not as deep as like Dark Angel or House or something, but it's definitely fun and it does have some serious emotion in the singing. Puck is good looking as well though, so thats scoring a few extra points with me. I love Rachel and 'Puckleberry'.

Also 'Brittana' aka Brittany and Santana. I mean, I'm not a fem-slash sort of person except with this one pairing. I just think they are great characters Santana really looks like she's got depth that isnt in every glee character and Brittany is hilarious. And in the season finale, in 'somewhere of the rainbow' when Santana and Brittany had their moment and she put her head on Brittany's shoulder... that was cute. Britney/Brittany was a great episode, I loved it. Brittany S. Pierce was amazing and funny as always. Duets saw them making out, or necking, no mouth touching mouth but it was still an amazing leap even if the episode was fighting and Brittany and Artie are still together which sucks so bad. I love them together so much and Brit and Artie (Barfie) is SO BAD. The sooner we get Brittana back the better.

I hate Kurt and Mercedes A LOT. They just bug me and I think they're up themselves and just... mean. Mercedes mainly. Kurt is more spoiled brat, always playing the victim, boring boring. With him, I'm more just like... get over yourself. Although that was first season. I love Kurt and Blaine this season. Kurt is still my least favourite character but Blaine (Darren Criss) is amazing and funny and awesome.

In the Kingdom Hearts fandom, I love yaoi. I love Sora/Riku. There are the best set of best friends and I love the story and the dynamic. I also like AkuRoku and Leon/Cloud. My KH story I will try to keep going with. Hopefully...

Well i think that's it. Thanks for reading this! I'm flattered but it would be so much awesomer if you read one of my stories or left a review or something.

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