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Author has written 3 stories for Harry Potter.

From now on, all my stories will be continued on my personal website, Zwinkyness. You can find them under 'writings'. (The Claims of War will also be continued there, but have some patience while I upload the other parts, currently only the prologue is up => this was written on thursday july 3th, by saturday up till chapter 3 should be up)

Until recently known as “Almighty Lordette of All Things Good and Evil”, “Your Uber-uber-uber-Highness”, “Your Royal-looking, Insanily-clever Majesty” and other high-class titles, you may know refer to me as Morgan since for most of you that will probably be hard enough to remember anyway.

For now it will suffice to say that this supreme example of intelligence was born about seventeen years ago, on the second of July to be exact (buy me an early/late birthdaypresent?) in a small village in Flandres, Belgium. I am quite aware of the fact most of you probably do not know the exact location of this mysterious country named Belgium, but may I remind you of the heroic history of said country?

Believe it or not, but the most part of World War I was fought on Belgian ground. We, brave Belgians, fought off the enemy somewhere near a river somewhere in Flandres…Well, history is really of no importance, as long as you know we were there! (Of other relevance is that there were also English, French, … present.) We have the monopoly on chocolate. Honestly, you will never find chocolate as good as Belgian chocolate anywhere else in the world. Jealous yet? Since we are so damn small no one actually knows our exact location, this comes actually in quite handy during warfare, when it’s time to pay taxes or to actually do something for our government/the EU. It is believed we are the bravest of all citizens of Gaul. Do not believe me? Why don’t you go and check our dear mate, Julius Caesar for some references…

Being born in such a small country, brought me benefits as well as disadvantages. Of course, from this position it would be harder to fulfill my destiny (and conquer the entire world) but not entirely impossible. In order to gain the strength and intelligence needed to become the once and future Queen of the World, my parents sent me to a catholic local school nearby my house. Unfortunately for them, christianity never really brought me anything apart from some rather bored classes at school. Religion is of no interest to future world leaders. Amen.

I finished Kindergarten (what a lovely toddler I was!) and primary school in the very same building in the very same town. Hell, even secundary school was placed there. Of course, like every other person, I started changing when I was about thirteen years old. Not only did I grew a few inches, began developing certain…things and gained the necessary selfconfidence every young teenager has and the plan of how my world-control would work, already started forming in my head. Along with supreme control of course comes…rebellion. Oh my, what a rebel I was from day one of secundary school until the moment I entered college. And possibly even later, since I might still appear quite rebellious at times, hehe.

Currently I am enjoying the summer holidays before reattending school and entering my final year of college before I will have to move to yet another school, namely university. The classes I take are quite hard and involve mostly Latin and Modern Languages (read: French, English, Dutch, German). My all-time favourite course is history, since I do not really have any computer-related courses (which would other wise probably be my favourite class).

I see the future very brightly, as Empiress of the World, married to a charming Pureblood husband from a wealthy family (currently I am thinking along the lines of Draco Malfoy or possibly even Harry Potter) and make my way into history as the most powerful woman ever. Although I would also be quite thrilled if I married a normal, ordinary hero and lived in a 50-room mansion.

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