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Greetings and Welcome Fellow Travellers!

You have entered the Realm of Mists and Shadoes, the home of theshadoelady!

I was born on a frosty evening in early December, a goodly number of years ago in an area of the Carolina's known as the Foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains; the upper Piedmont region to be exact.

As to my age, well . . . some days I feel as if I were Seventeen, and other days I feel as if I were an Hundred and seventeen.

But then again, I've always felt that way!

I was an Old Soul from the very first Breath I drew.

My favorite Holiday is Halloween. It is the One day out of the whole Year when My being Strange and Unusual is actually an Advantage, and not a Hindrance.

Of course, being Strange and Unusual is not neccessarily a Bad Thing in this Life . . . , Van Gogh, Hendrix, Da Vinci, and Einstein were all Strange and Unusual also so I run in Good Company.

Who I am NOT is J. K. Rowling: REALLY People! What WAS she thinking when she decided the destiny and fates of some of her characters?

What I would do DIFFERENTLY, if only I could . . . AAaahh! That's RIGHT! This is fanfiction! I CAN do it differently, and I DO.

I do not own her character, Severus Snape~she softly sighs in unrequited love!~~poor lonely, unloved, abused, misused by simply Everyone!, only to be Discarded as so much used up canon fodder! (yes Canon--not cannon)

I have always had a 'soft~spot' for the Underdog; having been One Myself for as long as I can remember.

I suppose that's why Severus is My favorite character. Still~Waters truly run Deep!!

I also do not own Alan Rickman, but OHhh! Sweet Merlin! How I wish that I DID!! (she passionately sighs!)

I LUST for Alan Rickman; but SSsssshh! That's OUR dirty little Secret!

This journey has been both an adventure and a learning experience for me.

According to some of You out there, I've gotten better and better at this as my little tale, The Sisterhood: Volume One; Seven Sisters Are Called progressed.

However, I've taken a brief hiatus from that story. I'm thinking seriously about pulling it and re-working it before I finish it.

"Why?" you ask--Because, even finished, a piece of crap is still a piece of crap. Upon re-reading that story, I'm highly dis-satisfied with both it and myself.

I CAN do better, I promise.

I've written another brief 'ficlet' while down with writer's block (it's Complete and posted now along with a bit of vitrol that would have been better entitled: The Author Strikes Back; insert Star Wars themesong here--snickers)and have several other story ideas jotted down in my Journal right now.

When my skills have improved a bit, I fully intend on completing The Sisterhood (if not it's sequel also).

Sorry to leave you hanging, but I truly feel that the story will be improved by improving ME first!

I humbly and sincerely thank each and every one of you out there who have taken the time and trouble out of your busy lives to read and review my work.

Special 'props' to SongAngel and RavenHairedMoon, for their unwavering support and devotion. Whenever a Bitch(oops I meant 'witch'-- :D) needed a cuddle after a particularly nasty Flaming, they were always there!

Please feel free to click onto my PM, and drop me an "E" anytime you have a question about what I've already written or what I'm currently working on.

Or even about a problem You might be hung up on yourself and need a friendly ear to bounce it off of. Whatever!

Thank you for taking the time out of your own busy day to "stop and smell the roses" so to speak.

For all of You who 'get it', Merci Beaucoup! For those Who don't, Screw You!

Yours Most Sincerely,


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