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Obviously, I'm not going to tell you who I really am. What do you take me for, a total idiot? However, I will say this about me, in case anyone in this place is even remotely interested enough to read this. I'm a girl, but I go by the nickname Lloyd because of my personality. I'm lazy, doze off in class (which I would recommend not doing, unless you want your teacher to get mad at you), and I have a tendency to annoy people. I'm somewhere between fourteen and seventeen years old, and currently my favorite thing ever is Tales of Symphonia.

I guess this account is shared between me and Lloyd. (I'm Genis/Sheena by the way, but mostly Genis) I don't sleep in class and I actually pay attention. (Unlike someone else... Lloyd: Shut up Genis). Also somewhere between fourteen and seventeen, and I also love ToS. (In case you couldn't notice)

So...that's us in a nutshell. Whoot! -ahem- Anywho... Since our account was so boring to look at, we thought we'd add some more stuff to it. Like quotes! Quotes are always fun. And most of our friends correlate with someone from ToS, so we'll use their nicknames instead of their real names. Okay? Okay.

Genis: "I'll pay for this, he swears!"... Wait, what?

Lloyd, Genis, Zelos: -yelling- Lloyd, I am your father!

Lloyd: What does 'idealist' mean?
Genis: -sigh- Well, what does 'ideal' mean, Lloyd?
Lloyd: I don't know.
Genis: What?! You're in tenth grade and you don't know what ideal means?!
Lloyd: Heh...

Genis: Hot, cold, hot, cold, which is it Lloyd? Make up your mind!

Lloyd: -pokes Raine in the side-
Raine: -squeaks- Hey!
Lloyd: Eep! Genis, hide me! -ducks behind Genis-
Genis: -laughing- Nuh-uh. -moves away-
Raine: -uses neck pressure point on Lloyd-
Lloyd: Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!... Genis, you traitor.

(Now, this one isn't with our friend's names, but rather the real characters. It was something totally random, and which was really funny, that happens before you even enter the Martel Temple in Iselia.)
Lloyd: What trial?
Phaidra: Didn't you know? Colette's been convicted of murder.
Lloyd, Genis: What?!
Colette: Hehe... No, I haven't been.
Lloyd: ...But why's there blood on your chakram?
Colette: I was...painting!
Genis: You were painting...with your chakram?
Colette: Yes! I was finger painting! And the paint got onto my chakram... -nervous laugh-
Lloyd: That's not paint! Colette, you really did kill someone, didn't you?
Colette: I'm sorry!

Genis: (Speaking for Lloyd) Didn't you know? Voldemort killed my parents.
Lloyd: Then Kratos is like Darth Vader and Voldemort...
Genis: He's Darth Kratosmort!

Lloyd: ... Hey Genis?
Genis: Yeah?
Lloyd: You know you spelled 'genius' wrong, right?
Genis: What? No I didn't. -grabs phone and looks-
Lloyd: Yes you spelled 'genuis'.
Genis: Oh... Oops!
Lloyd: Some genius you are.

(Some of our friends don't have nicknames related to ToS, so oh, well. And this is while he was doing scientific notation for chem.)
Ty: Zero-th!
Lloyd: Zero-th?
Ty: Yes. Zero-th.

(An epic quote from Tales of Vesperia.)
Raven: If you drop your guard any lower, you'll trip on it.

Zelos: Gimme an 'L'!
Regal: L!
Zelos: Gimme an 'L'!
Regal: L!
Zelos: Gimme an 'O'!
Regal: O!
Zelos: Gimme a 'D'!
Regal: D!
Zelos: What's that spell?
Lloyd: Uh...Llod?
Zelos: Oh, right, I forgot... Gimme a 'Y'!
Regal: Y!
Lloyd: Now my name is Llody?

If you haven't already, go see Bolt. Go. Now.

Lloyd's Section

Hey, everyone! This is my whole little area where I can, and will, say and do whatever I very well please. But nothing bad, promise. Though I don't know what 'bad' would include... Hmm... Okay then, no promises, since I don't even know what I'm talking about!

My Stories:

Second Regeneration: This story is a new one I've been considering and started, about the second Chosen's journey. It would be the first of Tethe'alla's Chosens, and yeah... That's about it.

Marauders: School and Beyond: I've been wanting to do a Marauders story for a little while now, but I wanted to make it somehow different. So, I decided to do it from Sirius's point of view instead of the all-popular Remus, and I'll either end it when Sirius dies or continue it from there in Remus's point of view. I haven't decided yet. But it's just the Marauders' years at Hogwarts, my version.

Stories to Come (maybe?):

Tales of Earth: This is my own Tales of Symphonia fanfiction. Instead of a self-insert where someone goes into the game, what would happen if the Symphonia characters (or most of them) come to Earth instead? This story will start up fairly soon, as soon as I finish the first chapter, so keep a eye out for it!

And I'll add more to my page as I think of it! Fly on, may your swords stay sharp, catch ya around, and all that jazz.

Genis' Section

I really don't know what to write here. I'm not very good at the whole telling people what I think they want to know thing. But is that why you're even here? See, I don't know that either!

Just Genis' Stories:

Nothing here right now.

Just Genis' Stories to Come:

Also nothing. I'll update this if I come up with anything though.

Other Randomness (That Isn't Quotes or Stuff Just For Genis or Lloyd)

Stories Written by the Both of Us (a.k.a. Tales of Warp series):

Tales of Warp: Symphonia: Yes, we jumped onto the self-insert bandwagon. But we couldn't help it; we had better ideas than getting sucked into the GameCube, starting at the beginning of the Journey of Regeneration, getting accepted by the group, and instantly telling them that we were from Earth. No way. Ours is better than that. Read it to see how! Pwease? Also, this is the first in a series that we're going to be working on. The other stories will come later.

Stories to come:

Tales of Warp: Vesperia: Ha, the second story in the Warp series! This is going to be, obviously, a self-insert into the game Tales of Vesperia. Again, it is through different means than the sucked-into-an-XBox idea since we don't like reading a lot of those. So, we're going to get the Symphonia one rolling pretty well before we get this one up.

Tales of Warp: Symphonia 2: Using the same method as in the first Symphonia, we will return, in all our awesome, butt-kicking glory! Okay, maybe not like that, but we will return. Unlike the other two, this will take place under the assumption that we have absolutely no idea as to what is going on or will go on. A nice little surprise for us as well, no?

Tales of Warp: Abyss: Now this one will probably be the last in our series. We really don't want to do Legendia, so we'll stick with this. We're planning to have another one of our friends, Raine, join in the fun this time. That'd be amusing - two kids who've gone through this three times previously and a newbie. So, yeah. This one won't come out for quite a while, despite the fact that we're already toying with ideas. The other stories need to get up and rolling first.

Other Story Quotes

Wanna know why we aren't putting these with the other quotes? ...I do too, but I thought it'd be better to have them separate. This is just a lot of quotes that other people have written - they totally do not belong to us in any way. We just wanted to put them on our profile.

Quotes from Nightfoot's Tales of Cosplayers (Read it if you haven't already):

Will: Your crazy Dr. Suess world is going to drive me insane.
Lloyd: Who's Dr. Suess?
Will: Somebody who doesn't make sense!
Lloyd: Ooooo-kay.

"They [flamethrowers] were invented by the man who said, 'I want to set that on fire, but it's too far away.'"

"Yes, it was always a good day when no one got laser-ed in the ass."

Zelos: I don't suppose you have a ten-foot-pole in your pocket?
Will: No, sorry, left mine at home.
Zelos: This would be the perfect time to make a joke about having a ten foot pole in your pants.

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