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my name is not from fall out boy, fob, or any random song i heard on the radio. thank you.

Name - Kristin.

Age - is a number.

Location - stalkerr.

Loves -

Hates - home depot, sweating, & tiny dogs.

Favorite Stuff

Color - pink & orange

Movie - pretty in pink :)

Show- The OC, Laguna Beach, The Kathy Griffin Show, Roseanne, Fresh Prince, Project Runway, and Hell Date.


30 seconds to mars


amy winehouse

avril lavigne


finger eleven

counting crows

fall out boy

hurricane chris

lil mama

jupiter rising

no doubt

panic at the disco

papa roach

pretty ricky

sean kingston


and thats enough about me.

now onto the rants:

i use the words "dumbass" and "like" too much in conversation.

please, please, PLEASE don't say "i hate fake people." or "stop labeling me." or "i'm my own person.". it get extreemly irritating. people don't care. and no, you really don't LOVE fallout boy. you only love the funny fact that they are famous as the beatles. i could care less about gerards hair or patrick stump. if you saw patrick stump at bojangles, would you find him attractive? i guess not. he is just as hot as my nineteen-year-old cousin. they are good as any band that comes along, maybe worse. its sickening (another word i use a lot.). so if i don't care, don't make me. my chemical romance is a great band, and isn't overrated. next. i am yet to find a person who isn't unique. so don't call people fake. you really do sound retarded. i love designer stuff and i'm broke as hell. is that okay? i dyed my hair as black as possible and destroyed it and i still wear hollister. why is it always the emos who label people and then complain about fakeness? you aren't unique. there are milions of people who shop at hot topic. it isn't anything new. people worry about there image too fuckin much. next. why do people hate skinny people? what is your problem? can i hate fat people? are you that stupid? i'm not getting attention for being thin. i'm a normal person. i eat fastfood/takeout everyday this summer. it is yummy. anorexia my ass. anorexics starve themselves because they want people to like them more. right? then why are we so mean to them? if you want them to eat then send food to africa. gummy bears. and a tooth brush. and toothpaste. next. elliot yamin. enough said. next. if i hate you, don't be "bestfriends" with my sister and come to my house. how would you like it? its annoying! next. they just said "my bestfriend gerard way" on the radio. ughhh. next. if somebody tells you that they smoke, don't say "i'm not friends with smokers. it isn't cool." some of us want a bitch slap. amen.

disagree me, PM me :

then ya go in here :-)

hey girl, its me, mascara. i hope you realize this and all, but i kinda
DO love fall out boy (and i happen to think patrick is kinda hot. pete
needs to set his fan club on fire though. i mean, come on! his teeth look like a
horse!) so sorry. i guess we can disagree on stuff and all, but do we
need to be so passionate? haha, jkjkjkjk. i love you girl. (but patrick is
still hot :D) imma start singin...nevermind. i dont wanna type a lot right now. i
like the song "teenagers" but mcr though. its awesome. ;D

remember kids, don't do drugs: - yung joc.


The Cullens Go To Camp by ladyenterprise reviews
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