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Well hello thuur our little chickities! ;D (or however it's spelt..)

We bet your all wondering 'how come it says "pik.AND.Mable?"' Well we shall tell you dear ones! This account.. is shared! Yes, thats right. SHARED. Means TWO or more people use it... but in this case, just two xD so, we shall tell you abit about ourselves -nod nod-. Okay, here we go!

Author #1

Name: Kitsune Summers. (that is what I go by on sites, DEAL WITH IT! DX)

Age: Thaaat would beee.. 14.

Location: Canada, in a basement.. where it's dark... -shifty eyes-

Yes I have a family you fools, and no im not adopted, and no way am I related to Pik. xD bwahaha. cough Anyway.

I like many things, yes, things. And no, not THOES things.. heh heh.. things.. Anyway, I can be a pervert when I think nesseccary, or when the times come that it is needed. I can be VERY hyper. Alot of the time I am usually (never ending sugar rush). I preffer to keep to myself sometimes with things, I dont like to beg others and stuff. But whatever, I do argue, and sometimes I win. ... With my own logic. Which, makes no sense WHATSOEVER.

I do like Yaoi if you must know, I support gays, bi's, and other things. But back to yaoi (;D). Some of my favourite poairings are.. oh god there are TOO many too name. Bah well, I like anime (woot!) and I like too roleplay. I go to conventions here and there (when I can afford it ;-;'') I have many friends that I love and cherish. Yes im a sap so deal with it! XD

I do have Gaia. I do have a Deviantart (not that their's much on it ._.'). I do draw, I love too read. I have many mangas and novels. I CAN stare out a window for hours on end if i'm bored. I talk to myself ( w ) when no ones around, I talk to my stuffed toys. ...You know what, any other information, I think i'll just leave for later. ;D Tah tah my little friends! ;D

Oh, one more thing. My gaia avi's name, 'tis MableFable, sooo... jah! Tootles! Pik. It's your turn! x3.

Umm ... yes, it is I! Author #2!!!!

In case you can't tell, lovely (and airheaded) Kit wrote that entire part up there (). I shall do my best to impress you on my side now!

Name: piksoyp (teehee, that's all you get! I'm even worse than Kit!) But I usually just make it easier and say pik. NO CAPITALS (fear my bad pun)

Age: 13, and Kit lies! She's 13 as well, but we'll wait untill September, then hers will be true for both of us! But until then ...

Location: In the middle.

Oh, I never know how to write about myself, and when I do, I always end up sounding either completely boring or completely idiotic. Here, let's try this ...

Hello mina-san! If you acctually have enough time to read this, I'm amazed! I don't really like writing about myself because I find it's the absolute worst when you really like a story or a work of art, and then you find out about the artist and you really don't like them personally. It's happened to me a couple of times and I've found I enjoyed it slightly less than I did before I knew. So, I'll spare you any ... wait, I wouldn't put dirty little secrets here anyway.


-I like almost any anime out there--I'm a bibliophile--I hate dillusional pairings--I'm a member of the nothing--I'm VERY perverted, mentally only though--I draw ... ALOT--That also goes for writing--I'm a computer whore--I have many bishies--I love character abuse--I get depressed--I get happy--if one of my friends died ... cries-- sorry, I meant to say, we'd still talk--only one fanfiction has made me cry--most of the rest get me to number 12 on this list--I think that's enough--or someone might stalk me-

sites --> piksoyp.deviantart.com piksoyp.livejournal.com

gaia (D;;; I miss you!!!) --> piksoyp

Please enjoy our stories!

Er.. This is Mable talkin'! Or.. Kaitsurinu-chan.. or Kaitlynn.. oh phooey. Anyway, yes, I just had to add something (I'm sorry but it's true!) ... I love my bishies! (whom there are just too many to name..) And just too add. I'm pretty much like pik. Ha ha. Save for the fact im a cry baby... I just never really know WHAT to put about myself.. oh well. And as pik said. Er.. we BOTH say.

Please enjoy our stories! x3

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