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Like most grown-ups, I became a fan of Naruto because it was recommended to me by a kid I know. I have never thought much of manga, but I knew that she was a fan, and I believed that I should take an interest in what she is interested in. So I asked her for her favorite mangas, she named Shaman King and Naruto, and as they had the first volume of Naruto in the bookstore, I began with that - I must admit that I have never tried Shaman King.

Now she has grown out of Naruto, but I am still a fan. I have even begun to write fanfiction, which I had never dreamt of. Most of my stories are SasuNaru.

Of the stories that are complete, the Canalized River, which is also the longest story, is the most popular one. It has turned out that chapter 4 of that story is the most popular one, and I am interested in why. It's not that I don't like the chapter - I do! - but I am interested why it gets more hits than the other chapters. So if you are one of those who only read chapter 4 of the Canalized River, please drop a line what you like about it.

Eowyn Unquendor told me that the stories I wrote before that (mostly Ambushing the Leaf) feel as if they were exercises to practise for this long story. The stories I wrote after the Canalized River, PostRevenge Blues and To Protect You, are rather experimental. I'd like to draw your attention to To Protect You, which I like a lot, so that I am a bit sad that it is not very popular. It stars Sasuke and Tobi/Madara, but not in a romantic relationship (that would be perverted.) It is just that somehow I love to confront Sasuke with grown-ups. For the SasuNaru fans among you: Naruto has a cameo at the end of the story.

To Protect You suffers from one of my worst weaknesses: That I tend to indulge in dialogue. If I let them, my characters just talk and talk. I think that my dialogues are quite good (only that my English is too formal, which I must ask you to forgive me - I am not a native speaker), but a novel cannot only consist of dialogue. I try to do better with The Blessed Realm which is the story I am currently busy with. (I only write one story at a time.)

Feel free to comment on all my stories. All comments, positive or negative, constructive or destructive, are appreciated.

My native language is not English, but German, so I ask you to overlook the grammatical mistakes and the not very elegant style. If you have any advice, it will be welcome!

I also want to thank Eowyn Unquendor, who has beta'ed all my stories.

Policy regarding anonymous reviews:

I realize that there are some people who don't have an account and still want to comment, which is why I keep anonymous comments enabled. If you just come to spill hatred I will simply delete your comments. If you want to criticize me, do it with your account and with a minimum of politeness so that I can answer to you.

Being (more or less) polite and using a name for your review is not enough. I can reply to you and stand up for my position and explain why I keep my summary as it is only if you use an account. If you don't reply with an account, I will simply delete your message. If you don't want to create an account, you can tell me where and how I may answer to you.

Also, if you want to discuss the blurb to "The Blessed Realm", please comment to the first chapter, or, even better, send me a private message. Reviews to later chapters by people who have obviously only read the blurb will be deleted immediately.

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