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I just realized there was nothing here. So the few people who read my stuff know nothing about me. I'm sorry! I was sure I'd written something here at soem point. I guess I was thinking of my FictionPress account. Because I KNOW there's stuff there.

So let's get to it.

I'm 19 and from Kentucly.
I'm a sophomore studying psychology at Shawnee State University.
I'm currently unemployed, but looking for a job.
I used to write Harry Potter fanfiction and may begin again soon with I'm Moving On (which will be changing a lot, when I get around to rewriting it). While I was writing that, I had ideas for a one shot prequel, which also may happen. Eventually. But don't hold your breath.

I have several things in the works right now, but I'm not sure how long it will be until that happens.

I don't really know what else to write, so I'll post a slightly altered version of my profile:

"Jean's not a name, it's a pair of pants!"
Yeah, I know you're thinking it, but, alas... I am a person who was named for pants. Woe is me!

Actually, I was named for my grandma. But SHE was named for pants. It's a true story. That I just made up.

Jean Likes:

Smart People
Her Cat Dude (From a story that I've deleted from my account, but will be reworked and reposted eventually)
Correcting People's Grammar (Anybody need a beta?)
The Matches
Her flippin' sweet college classes
Making Lists
Mechanical Pencils
Cell Phones
Laptop Computers (mine is wonderful when he decides to be nice)
Notebooks/Journals (I collect them and only use about half the ones I get)
Blank CDs
Empty Containers
Empty Things (In case you weren't noticing the pattern. I guess I like the possibility of filling them up with (dramatic pause) stuff!
My Cats
Dancing (In private)
Doodling pretty swirly things.
Oh, and Kim, Darla, and Phil. Because they are the most positive, encouraging, and all around super people!

Jean Does Not Love :

People who are mean to animals
People who are mean
New Found Glory
Being allergic to things
Her sister living far away :(
Being lonely
Hand sanitizer that smells like rubbing alcohol (Mine doesn't. It smells yummy)
A lot of other stuff she doesn't feel like thinking of... (Remember, I don't love it?).

That's me in a nutshell. Aren't I awesome?

The following part only applies to my account, so it's only relevant if you intend to start reading my stuff there:

I've uploaded and deleted a lot of stuff because I tend to second guess myself. But a story that got a lot of good feedback, Angel and Kirby, is going to be rewritten and reposted eventually and will be entirely different in most ways, but exactly that same in others. One major change is that the focus won't be so much on Justin anymore, rather Kirby will become the central character. I like him better and I thought his past out more thoroughly than Justin's, so he'll be easier and more interesting for me to write about, whenever I get to it. It was a little slashy (or would have been, had I gotten that far) and I think that will remain, but it'll be less creepy because Justin won't be thinking of Kirby as his cat all the time. Ew. I think he just won't know for a long time.

Pretty soon (or maybe a really long time from now. Whichever) I'll be uploading the thing I attempted for NaNoWriMo. It was an epic failure (I got lazy and only wrote 1000 words in November) but I really believe in the story, so I'm going to pick it back up and try to do the 50,000 words thing. I'm gonna novelize it. lol. I normally like to write fantasy, but this one isn't that at all.

So, I've got some projects underway and I'm excited to get writing again.

Looks like I have work to do, so I'll talk to y'all later.

And WHY is nobody reading To Sir, With Love? It was the only one I was fairly proud of. Only one review! It's a good review, too, so the story can't be all bad! This lack of reviews has caused me to lose a lot of faith in my ability. And my taste, because if I thought this was good, and it's not, than what else of mine is completely sucktacular that no one is telling me about?

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