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Thank you for coming to my page.

Hey whats up, my name is Mitchell a true inspiring writer. Remember "Kotemani!" cuz, it'll be big one day. I'm 15 years old and although I enjoy writing fan fictions, such as Sonic, the best of my creativity comes out through my own collection of stories. It's called Kotemani. I can be sarcastic in my reviews but i just want to say here to DEAL wit it. And by "deal wit it" I don't mean "block me" Just don't take it personally. I'm sarcastic but still cool. I'll really like to write a fanfic with somebody... If you have questions please ask. Age 15. Male.

Sonic the Hedgehog. I think that this is the greatest game ever. The characters are well made and the shows and comics supports them.

Amy and Sonic: Sonic will NEVER like Amy.

Amy and Shadow: Amy is totally into Sonic so NO.

Amy and Tails: If Sonic dies maybe after 2 yrs of crying. Shadow is too dark for Amy

Cream and Tails: It haven't been expressed and I don't know why not. They are a good pair. Especially if you want to make it parallel with Sonic and Amy. Of coarse though, Sonic doesn't like Amy back...

Cosmo and Tails: It makes me gag. But it's the most official relationship in the sonic universe so I can't complain.

Blaze and Silver yes Yes YES. blaze likes silver. silver likes blaze. they aren't afraid to admit. If only blaze wasn't so stubborn.

Blaze and Knuckles the small dialogue in Sonic Rush inspired me

Blaze and Sonic no. Blaze admires him for his personality but she's not in love with him. EDIT: After seeing Sonic and the Black Knight- something might be there

Rouge and Knuckles they are too much as rivals to go past flirting but within a fanfic, this is the best shipping possible!

Rouge and Shadow no. shadow won't let it happen. he's no a lady's man. but in fanfics of coarse.

Sonic AND Mario The Mario game franchise IS IS IS greater and better than Sonic's. However, that doesn't mean they can't be compared as characters. Besides, when you add Sonic's comics and television he would win hands down!



(I dislike how Tails is paired with Yoshi and Shadow with Luigi in At the Olympics.)

Knuckles=Yoshi (behind knuckles is the echidna race. behind yoshi is the yoshi race)

Amy=Peach (i am not adding the comic book characters so princess acorn isn't here)


NiGHTS=Donkey Kong



Omega= hammer bro

Vector= (King) Goomba

Espio= (King) Boo

Charmy= (Petey) Pirahna


Metal=Bowser Jr

e-series=bowser's 7 children

Chaos=dry bones or Petey

Silver=Playable Toad


Big=e gadd

blaze= toadette




Sumthin went wrong up there. Sorry


I'll start two new stories soon. They are a SSB fanfic. And a Mario/Sonic fanfic. I just don't know where to catagorize that 2nd one.

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