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Name: Love-sick-reaper

Sex: (Does it really matter?)


Okay I promised to update this when I got more comfortable uploading my stories. Seeing that I am now, I will. :)

About myself

I'm in college and taking a degree in Business. As you can see I'm from a tiny democratic country called Ghana. No, we're not drowning in hopeless poverty or living in giant trees...but we're not doing too hot either so we still have a long way to go as a country. I like to think I'm friendly but I can get a little stubborn when I've made up my mind about a decision. It's not a good thing 'cause then for brief moments I appear short-sighed but I'm really not. I'm working on that. :D


Obviously, I love to write. But I also love to watch movies, anime (of course) and listen to music (you'll read about that later) I also fancy myself a cook but in truth, I can't cook much (do you like pasta and spicy tomato sauce?). I'm excellent to have around when you don't want to screw up a recipe but on my own, I'm pretty useless. One day I want to take cooking classes though. That'll be fun. It's something I look forward to.

Best and Worst Movies

I don't have many favorite movies because I'm a bit of a critic. But out of the more recent movies, Inception (2010) has probably been my favorite this year. I'm really into movies that are both very creative and force you to think so...yeah. A movie I have not liked this year though is The Last Air Bender (2010) which I thought was just a platform to show off 3D element bending. Being a fan of the cartoon series, I was immensely, IMMENSELY, disappointed by the movie. Ah well...c'est la vie.


I LOVE music. And I listen to a wide variety of genres; hard rock, pop rock, RnB, hiphop, J-pop, gospel, adult contemporary,and punk. That means I will listen to Linkin Park, Anna Nalick, Ashley Tisdale, Avril Lavigne, Barlow Girl, Jars of Clay, Evanescence, JUNE, Rie Fu, Sarah Bareilles, Michael Buble, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Trey Songz, Ne-Yo, Timbaland etcetera etcetera.

Music is like air to me. I can't finish a story without a good playlist in the background. So for some stories, I might recommend songs. You can check them out (or you know, totally ignore them and just read the actual fic. Fine by me. :) )


I'm a little less diverse in my anime though. I have seen one or more episodes of the following:

Fairy Tail

Ergo Proxy

Hayate the Combat Butler

Ruroni Kenshin (Samurai X) --also the movie Trust and Betrayal was very good. I recommend it.

Fantastic Children (which is like, super old. And though I gave it my undivided attention for all whole week, I still understood very little. LOL!)

Street Fighter (but who hasn't?)

Devil May Cry and

A One Piece Movie (which I liked, but then I can't bring myself to follow the series)

For the following, I have actually followed them extensively and LOVED them:

Bleach (YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Naruto (I really enjoy this but can't see myself writing a fic for it. Too many details I have to remember I guess :( )

Darker Than Black

Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood (a masterpiece I think. And the action scenes were pretty awesome!)

Bleach pairings

I'm a believer in only three pairings:

IchiRuki I fell in love with this pairing during the Soul Society arc and I still think they are the funnest to write about (and the most romantic)

IchiHime Though I have always believed IchiRuki to be more romantic, I guess my love for Orihime has made me want her to have Ichigo too. They're a cute couple. Also fun to write about. But not quite as fun. ;)

IshiTatsu I don't even know why I love this pairing so much. It's got no real basis from the anime. But I still enjoy the idea.

Personal Beliefs about Pairings

I don't believe in bashing others because they're IchiRuki or IchiHime. I think that's just stupid and mean spirited. Also, what's the point of that exactly? "NO!! Ichigo and Orihime could NEVER be together!!! I HATE YOU!!!!!"


Seriously?? Grow up.

In conclusion now that I'm done, I guess all I can say is, hopefully this gives you a better idea of who I am. I hope you'll read my stories and review (Oh I DO love reviews. It's an addiction. Reviews make my day--positive or negative. It's just nice to know someone can be bothered, that's all)

So if you want to kidnap me, bait me with reviews. :)))

Ok, I'm done! Thanks for reading!

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