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Hello all. Welcome to my profile.


Name: Crystal (could've guessed, right?)

Location: A place in Ohio. Yes, Ohio.

Age: I'll give you a hint, it's in the double digits.

Height: 5'7" and a half.

Weight: Shouldn't you know a girl never reveals her own weight?

Hair color: Brown.

Eye color: Light green.

Favorite Games:

Legend of Zelda: A classic. You have to love it. The plot flows perfectly, the characters are simple, refined and well-rounded. I highly recommend each of them with exceptions to the Phillips CD-i junk.

Pokemon: I love all of them. Each game gets better and better. The battles are challenging and fun. Overall, the games are superb.

Final Fantasy: You have to love it. The masters of RPGs, SquareEnix, created it. Beautiful atmospheres, characters, environments, BGM, and everything else. Play them all!

SoulCalibur(II, III): Although the girls are skimpily clothed (if you call it clothed) it is still a wonderful fighting game. Plus, you can create your own characters in SC3.

Favorite Mangas:

MARS: Such a beautiful love story played out carefully and at its best at all times. You have to read it! (If Mature!!)

Naruto: Everyone knows how awesome it is, so I'll leave it at that.

Fushugi Yugi: Great concept, flawless plot, excellent for reading continually.

Favorite Movies:

Howl's Moving Castle: Brilliant. I must say I do love Hayao Miyazaki. His works are fabulous. This has got to be one of the best.

Spirited Away: Once again, Hayao Miyazaki at his best. Love at first watch. ;)

Advent Children: It's great to see a CG rendered full length film of Final Fantasy. Especially since the characters looked like legos in Final Fantasy 7.

Favorite Couples:

Legend of Zelda:

LinkxZelda: CLASSIC. I love this pairing! It's so beautiful. I'm mainly for it in Majora's Mask and Ocarina of Time.

LinkxMidna: It might be a little weird, but it's definitely cute. For those who have beaten Twilight Princess, you can see in the ending scenes how much he cares for her.

LinkxHena: Hena is respectful and can stand up for herself. Sounds a lot like Link, eh?

Final Fantasy:

IngusxPrincess Sara: You can tell how much he cares for her, after all, he has protected her for awhile.

CecilxRosa: All I can say is: CUTE.

TerraxEdgar: They are just perfect for each other!

LockexCeles: I know a lot that say Locke should be with Terra, but come on, Celes would make him happier!

AerithxZack: Everyone knows Aerith only believed she loved Cloud because he reminded her of Zack. Plus, they walk away together in the ending of Advent Children. Crisis Core is the ultimate approval!

IrvinexSelphie: Irvine may be somewhat of a playboy type, but Selphie always wears a jumper that just barely covers her bottom. Now, don't you want those two together?

QuistisxSquall: Squall deserves someone as mature as he is. Quistis is perfect.

LagunaxJulia: So what if he was somewhat of a stalker, you have to love how nervous he was around her. Not to mention Julia liked him as well, and she wrote "Eyes On Me" about Laguna.

ZidanexGarnet: They both love each other, it just takes awhile for Garnet to realize it.

FreyaxLord Fratley: I was depressed when I heard Lord Fratley's memory was corrupted. Poor Freya! But, as always, there was a happy ending!

TidusxYuna: You gotta love it. It's so cute!

WakkaxLulu: It seems like a mismatch, but it's still cute.

RikkuxTidus: I just like it for some reason...I have yet to discover why.

BaschxAshe: The Princess and her knight. I love it.

AshexRasler: Even if he dies in the very beginning, you have to enjoy something so cute.


KiraxRei: Destined!


HowlxSophie: Wizard and the lonely eldest sister. You have to love it. ;)

HakuxChihiro: They were meant for one another.

Least Favorite Couples:

Legend of Zelda:

LinkxSaria: I don't care if it's only when they're young, Saria is never going to become an adult.

LinkxRuto: Fish Link is annoyed by her. No way.

LinkxImpa: You have to be kidding! Can't people understand that there is no interest?

LinkxNabooru: I just don't understand where others get this idea from, maybe because Link's a boy and Nabooru's a girl?

LinkxIlia: I really don't see this happening. There might be some kind of chemistry, but if anything, it's more like family.

Final Fantasy:

IngusxRefia: I don't notice any hints.

EdgexRydia: She, clearly, is in no way interested.

CloudxAerith: They were both confused, which is not excuse for saying they are good together.

CloudxTifa: It wouldn't work! Cloud doesn't like her romantically.

YuffiexCloud: I don't understand why everyone pairs Cloud with Yuffie. He wouldn't want to deal with her constantly!

VincentxYuffie: COME ON! There's no way he could handle her!

RinoaxSquall: Don't bite me, yet. I can explain. Squall, suddenly, arrives at the desicion of, "Oh, yeah, I guess I do like her." Seconds before hand he was complaining about her. Does that make sense?

ZidanexEiko: She has a crush on Zidane. He doesn't like her.

TidusxLulu: It wouldn't work, at all.

BalthierxFran: They are partners, not spouses! I have a feeling Balthier will always be a bachelor!

Thank you for reading my profile,


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