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Author has written 7 stories for Pokémon, Naruto, Gundam 00, Castle in the Sky, Great Gatsby, Pride and Prejudice, and Seinfeld.

Welcome to my profile. You probably couldn't care less what I have to say about myself. If I'm wrong, though, you may be interested in the following answers to some rarely asked questions (RAQs).

RAQ #01: What was the first starter Pokémon that you chose?

Chose? You guys got to choose your starters? My first game was Pokémon Yellow. Back in my day, you took that Pikachu that Prof. Oak gave you, and you were grateful for it, even if you did know deep down that Prof. Oak favored his grandson by giving Gary the vastly superior Eevee.

RAQ #02: So when you finally did get to choose a starter, what did you pick?
Cyndaquil, all the way, man.

RAQ #03: You were really a whiny bastard when you were writing those older stories, weren't you?
Yes I was. Sorry about that.

RAQ #04: Have you learnt your lesson?
I certainly hope so. You be the judge.

RAQ #05: Are you ever going to finish Heirs to the Forest or Master Chronicles?
I need to see people tell me that they legitimately enjoyed one of those and want to see it finished before I go anywhere near either one of those convoluted messes with a ten meter cattle prod ever again.

RAQ #06: So it's still a possibility?
Yes, albeit a very slim one.

RAQ #07: How do you really regard your older fics?
Those fics represent what a whiny and egocentric teenager with negligible social skills can crank out despite a complete lack of instruction on proper creative writing, let alone proper manners. Occasionally I've gone back to look through those older fics just to get an impression of what I was like back then. Ultimately, I think there are many kernels of good writing amidst what is otherwise, as a whole, an embarrassing pile of refuse.

RAQ #08: Then why do you even keep them up?
Some of them I don't. There are at least four fics that I can think of off the top of my head that I've deleted over the years. You think the stories at the bottom of my profile right now are bad? You should've seen my first attempts at writing. Plus, I'll be the first to admit that I'm a sucker for attention, and besides, as I've said above, there are kernels of good writing amidst the chaff.

RAQ #09: Do you ever plan on writing anything else, such as something that you won't be embarrassed about?
Oh, I've got a little something in the works. You won't see it for a while, though, since it's far from finished.

RAQ #10: How long is "a while"?
You don't want to know.

RAQ #11: Are you even working on it, or is this another one of your false starts?
Yes, I am working on it with some degree of regularity. It's just taking a long time because, after all, I am a graduate student in aerospace engineering who prefers to invest his sparse free time into his meticulously cultivated hobbies and social life rather than in the interwebs.

RAQ #12: Then why even bother writing fics at all?
That's the thing. I really don't anymore. There's just this one idea that I had a little while back that I've been steadily developing towards a clear end goal. It's just going to take longer to finish writing this story than it takes Crowley and Aziraphale to finish watching the Sound of Music. Also I couldn't get Jerry and Kramer's banter out of my head after a late night Seinfeld mini-marathon.

RAQ #13: So where is this story you keep talking about?
Not here yet. I learnt my lesson from last time. This time around, I'm not posting the story until after I've finished at least a draft of each chapter.

RAQ #14: I am an international student. What additional documents do I need to include with my application?
I believe you're looking for a different RAQ.

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