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Author has written 6 stories for Final Fantasy X-2, Kingdom Hearts, Naruto, and Margaret Peterson Haddix.

All alone he turns to stone while holding his breath half to death. Terrified of what's inside, to save his life he crawls like a worm from the bird-The Used: Bird and the Worm.

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Many Fun Little Facts About Your Favorite Author and Mine (xD)

He writes a lot but ends up deleting the majority of his works. His finished project has to be perfect.

His favorite anime characters are:

Bleach: Kaien Shiba hands down! All time favorite! Inoue Orihime. Arisawa Tatsuki. Aburime Renji.

Naruto: Yondaime, he's ace! Uzumaki Naruto. Temari of the Sand. Deidara. Kisame. Yamanaka Ino.

.Hack//Sign: Kite, Shugo, Rena(sp?) Black Rose I believe that's her name...

Galaxy Angel: Vanilla H! She's the best anime character ever invented! Milfeulle Sakuraba. Ranpha Franboise. Forte Stollen. And Mint...I like her ears o.o

Rosario Plus Vampire: Akashiya Moka-san, of course :) haha. And the main character guy. I haven't seen that since last year when it first EVER came out(posers who just recently saw it xD) I've been called Tsukune Aono before by my friends. That is his name, right? Kurumu Kurono, she just is plain awesome. Mizore Shirayuki, I preferred her with longer hair but she's still pretty and she can kill too.

His favorite game characters are:

Kingdom Hearts: Roxas(well duh). Namine, you were pretty much expecting that, right xD? Kairi, she's okay. Larxene, fierce! The nobodies :o Olette

Final Fantasy(the entire series): Here we got Cloud Strife, has anyone else noticed the cruel irony of his name? Aeris Gainsborough, how sad she's dead... Tifa Lockheart, it's because she can fight, honest! Cait Sith...that's his name, right? Tidus, he has a very large resemlbence to Cloud... Rikku, you're average hyperactive thief. Which brings me to Yuffie. Paine, she has great hair.

Other: Amy(Soul Calibur III...does the second one count as well?), no shoot why else would she be in my story? She's the silent Killer. Ivy(Soul Calibur series) she's like the old lady making sure the younger ones know their place. Seigfried(Soul Calibur series), well he's the main character(sorta). Nightmare(Soul Calibur/Sould Edge series), though his name is riduculous, he's still good. Night Terror(Soul Calibur III, Boss), unbelieveably tough to beat but still cool(even though I can't play as him). Jin(Tekken 2-current) his moves turn he's all devilsh, so sue me. King(Tekken-current) the best character to fight with. Armor King(I forget which Tekken) King's master, hai. Kirby! Who doesn't like him!(Kirby series)

Characters he's okay with/hates.

Games: Axel(okay with) talk about "dumb" with a capital D. Kilik(okay with) he's just...rather annoying with his girlfriend what's-her-face. Excluding Marluxia, the entire Orginization Thirteen.(okay with). They're okay...but still annoying. Wakka x.o if he would just stop saying 'ya' at the end of every sentence... Seifer's crew excluding the girl, forget her name. The big guy because he says 'y'know' too much. Seifer because he's just...and Vivi because his voice irates me. Sora(hate, hate, hate him)

Anime: Oh god this is where the hate list starts... Sasuke. shoots in the head I friggn' hate him! I don't get why he has such a large fan base! He's annoying, your freakn' brother killed your clan and called you weak. YES! Get over it! Start a new clan, get stronger, accept cruddy Haruno's 'love inviation' when you had the chance!! Shikamaru, he's a great character, yes, he's just to damn lazy. And I just have this hate for him for some reason. Konohamaru. His voice is annoying and he's just plain annoying in general. Nor is he fuunny. Not one bit. (I'll continue this some other time because I'm too damn lazy to finish)

His birthday is December the 10th. He's currently thinking of a project to do by as a birthday surprise to you all. It'll be a spin off from his most successful work so far, The Other Traitor. The sequel is on it's way.

He's seventeen and by all means not a nerd.

He loves studying phobias and is interested in just about anything. So you can get along with him great.

He has a broad music taste. It revolves mostly around; Rock/Alternative/Electro/Electronica/Dance/Screamo.


To contact me for further news and release ideas:



IMVU: Can be found on my Myspace page by clicking the center image. A.K.A: The one that says Nathan at the top for those of you who can't tell direction.

You're truly,


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