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Hello friends!!! I know I desperately need to update. Right now its the trouble of getting Word back on the labtop. Otherwise I have updates coming for Seven Devils, Crimson Ties, and all the others!! The love for The Red Witch and the Men That Sold the World makes me smile! Meanwhile, on Tumblr I have started an interesting drabble. Just search the tag Bonstat, you shant be dissapointed!!

Crossover: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/The Lost Boys

The Couples


Even I can see it, he would respect a woman of her standing, of her power and connection to the Earth and he would be able to sense just who she was immediately. I always say that there is more to him than he lets out, a hidden power, one that makes him something different from his brothers. Which is why he is always a Shaman, a man who can summon shades, shadows, and a great deal about how to influence thoughts and dreams. Only stipulations is that it is past when Willow went Darth Rosenberg and be on the eve of the war against the First and that the First is a bit more menancing in having an army of primordial, powerful vamps, chaos and other dark mages he can call on.

Marko/Dawn Summers

Marko is alot more perceptive than his brothers tend to give him credit for. I think he would sense something was different about Dawn, and I think it would intrigue him deeply. Being baby sitted and having Spike help raise her, rolling with Marko on his level will be like second nature to Dawn, something that would happily shock the man. He would be fascinated by that Summers fearlessness she inheretidited from Buffy. And like Jenna and Buffy she also inherits those genes that finds dangerous men sexy and she can't help but be attracted and the closer she could get the harder and harder it becomes to hide the fact that she is no more human than Marko himself is. And when he does find out and learns the cost, lets just say the girl is going to be the best guarded person on the Hellmouth! And this one time, a Summers is getting it right!


This is self explanatory. Paul would zero in on the wild, delicously dark and deadly predator immediately and make it his new mission in life to get her in his bed! But in those efforts he comes to learn about someone who had been forced into a life that is all to familiar, the one just like every single Lost Boy had led before David had found and turned them, one in fact almost painfully identical to his own. He becomes more protective, and more than just a little possessive of the girl, and strangely, the woman who never had anyone give a damn, once she finds she can't shake the man, is deeply touched that she is no longer the only one on her side, and that it does matter as much as it does. And maybe, just maybe, Paul can slowly start to convince her that she had given enough to the PTB and the Watchers and once this war is over, she doesn't have to keep that expiration date on her life.


David is open, just don't put him with Buffy. The Buffy/Spike thing should stand. If you want to go with something interesting, there is always Drusilla if you want to throw in a little madness. An OC who is a potential perhaps, or maybe even Kennedy since Willow is getting scooped up by a very possesive Dwayne.

The Vampire Diaries/Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The Couples


They are both the most powerful living beings either will come across. As powerful as she is, Bonnie can not outstrip the power of Gaia's Chosen, in whom dwells the power of the Hellmouth itself. Such power would tear Bonnie apart as she is still young. But fear not, Bonnie is a badass and WIllow is open to training her in my thoughts and hopefully in yours. Klaus would be sensitive to Willow's power and it would call to him like a honing beacon! All that darkness within someone who looks that angelic, that innocent. He has the resources to learn all about the persuit of that power and what she can do with it and everything he would learn would only make him want her that much more. But it becomes more and more when the story he learns begins to hit VERY close to home. Especially about the abandonment of her family after they nearly burnt her at the stake. Something about her draws out the humanity he has blocked away, and her connection to the Earth beckons towards his inner Lycan. Eventually she will be the one that can do what no other before her could. See the wounded man beneath the monster who connects to the broken woman beneath all the power in her. And when someone like him actually fights for her, HER, she finally steps out from Buffy's shadow to be known for the Powerhouse she is and no worries, after the War with the First when the Originals (including Kol who was able to be saved by her and Faith's intervention just in time) Klaus is going to make damn sure that the witches of New Orleans learn to respect the Red Witch of the Hellmouth.


They are alike in a lot of ways. They were forced to work with a sepcies of supernatural that they have grown up despising. They both have powerful attributes and reasons to be drawn to the darker side of the world. They have an axe to grind with powerful creatures and would bond over having no mothers and not really knowing their fathers. Once he can see just how useful a Bennett witch is when taking on powerful demons, who is he, (who is secretly desperately lonely, impressed with her power, and is defentialy develping something far stronger than the crush he had on Faith or the twisted thing he had with Cordelia) to not let her help patrol and show him some of the more efficent ways of dealing with the vamps which are her area of expertise? With the First on the skirts and Connor needing to get as far as Angel as can be, these two can make quite the epic kickass team, both in the field, and as a couple.


I ship the Famon like crazy! They are self explanatory!! They are so much alike it borders on creepy! Both need someone they could fall madly for that is willing to call them on their shit and never let go, no matter how hard the other tries to push them away. Both need to be with someone who will always see them as the first, the number 1, not just second. Both need someone without judgement, who understand them, who knows when and when not to push. I can see Damon falling hard and fast for her, and being willing to walk through Hell if have to to save that girl if he must, and so would Faith. Trust me, it is MEANT TO BE!!!!!


The man is an Original, our favorite youngest Mikaelson would know that there was something off about the tall brunette with those worshipful eyes and bouncy brunette curls that beg to be touched. THeir personalities, both rather playful would match one another and having grown up with Spike around, his darker sense of humor wouldn't phase the girl in the least! Being a Watcher in training he being an Original would have her in absoulute fantasy land, always asking for demonstrations of gifts, provoking him into conversations of the past that stop becoming irritating for him when watching her eyes light up and a unconcious smile take over her face. She chooses the man of course who had known many magickal creatures not only help her with her Energy and controling it, but he is also her choice to train her for the fight to come away from the other Potentials, keeping their sessions both private and secret. And we all know once he decides Dawn is his, that is it, end of story! :D


I've always loved them as a couple. I can't see him really with anyone else. Perhaps an amicable and sexy Klaus/Willow/Elijah triangle, as both speak to the two different sides of her and together they would balance the girl out, and being the Wiccan badass, such a peaceful long term relationship is not unheard of.

The rest would be Canon except Stefan/Rebekah and Elena should get back with a human and get herself out of all the things that attach her to this dopplegagger thing. I love her character and she just needs to get out of that sandwich she is in and get the chance to lead a regular life. Perhaps with Matt.

The Vampire Diaries/X-Men the Movies

The Couples

Anna Marie D'Ancanto (Rogue)/Klaus

Their back stories are equally tragic. Other than himself he would never be able to meet another person of such potential, one that could drop any she wished with nothing more than the slightest touch and then take all their power. It is the first time he comes across an equal, one jaded enough to last more centuries than she cares to count. And he would be the first man that would not be afraid of her, would be intruiged with her power, who would harp on her reaching her full potential, to finally understand that gift that she had been given and that control can be found in more than one way. He is exihibit A on how to turn a curse into your greatest strength, one that everyone should fear. I feel that he would give her a confidence in what she is, a pride in her power that she hasn't had before, and I can see a brotherly Pyro highly incouraging a relationship between the two as well as strangely Bonnie, who can see, even if Klaus can't, that the mutant is slowly bringing the human out of the Original Hybrid and he is becoming someone on which can be counted every so often to take out mutual threats.

Bonnie/St. John (Pyro)

The Pyromancers should get together!! Bonnie would keep him on his toes. She's annoyed with him and drawn in at the same time. After all, he is what perhaps Damon would have been had Katherine never been around. It would all come out if after one of their more heated banters the girl got attacked by Elena in vampire form like after the prom. Pyro unlike everyone else isn't going to just let that slide. He isn't going to stand back watching his fiery with pay over and over and over again and loose everything she has while everyone else goes on with their plans and he is going to do what she hasn't, call the entire group out on their shit and so every pyromancers favorite pass time, setting Damon on fire! :D

Rest of the couples are up to you. An alternative coupling for Rogue would be Elijah.

Random Couples


But you have to give that man back his balls!!! Or any Cullen for that matter!

Katherine Pierce/David



Connor Angel/Rogue


Carrie White/Jasper

In which case after that Prom Night Carrie is taken in as Charlie's foster child as Margaret White's brother and its together that Bella and Carrie go into Forks and the reason Edward can't read Bella is because Carrie protects both of their minds and isn't to subtle about throwing him out for trying to pry. :) I never thought Alice fit in with Jasper. Not that she doesn't have something to work with, but she and he are either on the outs, or have simply been pretending to the outside world to be a couple to protect each other from unwanted attention. But a girl with her deep set tormented emotions is bound to call out to the man, especially with that forcefield of power they can all sense but can't explain.

Willow Rosenberg at older age of 35/Raymond 'Red' Reddington

It has been the one plot bunny I can't get out of my mind!! When taking care of a certain rebelious office of Wolfram and Hart, an older Willow saves the life of Red by taking down the demons bent on stalking and killing him and the FBI team he had been working with when one of the people on his Blacklist is far more than even Red knew he was. Red may not know much about the supernatural, having always remained on the fringes, but he knows a predator when he sees one, and he knows power like few ever could and he is rather intrugied by the beautiful red haired woman to whom he now owes a debt. What he finds out peeks his interest, and Willow Rosenberg, brilliant, jaded, powerful and yet astonishgly carrying still that sense of innocence that calls out to him to be protected tempts him to do just that. And now the poor witch has to deal with sharing patrols with Dembe, lieing and sharing truths with the woman that really IS her new so called benefactors child, and beating some sense into said man about Liz Keen and telling her the truth now before her lack of knowing follows the FBI profiler into an early grave but another of his enemies who doesn't know her value. And two very damaged, powerful individuals are finding that when near one another, the ability of guarding their hearts is becoming more and more impossible, especially since she is the only woman who knows every secret Red has to hide, and he is learning of the darkness that threatens to take over this gorgeous creature every moment of the day. And they are going to end up falling for one another, whether either like it or not. But one thing is sure, when the Blacklist is up, Willow is going to make sure the FBI live up to the end of their deal, that Liz is protected and knows the truth, and that the FBI will never be able to find her or Reddington ever again.

The Many Ways Home

Lost Boys/Vampire the Masquerade

Pairing: Dwayne/Tameri Emerson (based on Tameri de Mortis my rpg character, Mage)

Michael Emerson’s 20 year old sister Tameri (Tah-meer-ee), who has been MIA for 2 years deep in the former Soviet strongholds in Afghanistan by the same people who had tricked them into giving them American military training, funding, and weponary sets everything into tell spin when she shows up, in Dress Greens and a Purple Heart making it impossible for the girl to walk without a limp with imbedded shrapnel imbedded in the bone that can only be made to do no futher damage puts on hiatous the plan to take out the Lost Boys. As scared as he is and as much as he loves Star, he will not risk loosing his older sister again, and she WOULD go after them if they should try anything. But Miri (what they call her) has secrets of her own. And her gifts being one of the Awakened of her chosen tradition of Enochian learned from another in her former unit catches the attention of the vampires. And Dwayne can not control the pull he feels to be near her and can’t stop himself for finding reasons to see her. And in Tameri, Max sees not only a daughter after his own heart with whom he bonds instantly, he sees an ally and the opportunity to make known his desires and to see his favorite son Dwayne happy. The writing is on the wall, and the love story between Dwayne Hanahepi-wei and Tameri Emerson can also end in the Peace between the Lost Boys and Michael, Star and the Froggs or end in a Blood Hunt that could paint Santa Carla red with the blood of her own citizens.

Faventium Sanguine et Igni

Vampire Diaries/Lost Boys

Pairings: Dwayne/Bonnie Bennett,

Paul/Caroline Forbes, David/Katherine Pierce,

Marko/Rebekah Mikaelson

Klaus Mikealson/Willow Rosenberg

Faith Lehane/Kol

Connor/Dawn Summers

Xander/Elena (we redeem her later)

When Elijah interfered, when he listened to Klaus and went back on his sworn oath to a Bennett witch the witches look elsewhere for their assistance of revenge and justice. This time Bonnie is not their single instrument for bringing the hammer down, two others who were just as betrayed as she by the Salvatores and the Originals have joined her, Sisters in Sorrow, to put in their graves men who should have filled them a long time ago. Katherine and Caroline join her in a trip her ancestors send her back in time and across the country to save the men they are destined to be with to give them the power and the strength needed to end Mystic Falls investation of the Salvatores and send all the other vamps they attracted to the town waiting to send it to Hell along with them. The question is, will they team together as each meets their intended mate? Can they all, Katherine, Caroline, and Bonnie learn to work together to bring down the men that forced them into Hell? (Stefan, Damon, Klaus, Tyler) Or will Katherine's nature to rule and control destroy Katherine's greatest chance for vengence and justice for her ruined mortality and immortal life? Will Caroline and Bonnie give in to their darker desires as their mates obsessions with them makes them feel truly wanted, truly needed, put first before Elena for the first time in their lives make them forget that they have a destiny and a job to do? Or is destiny that the Lost Boys join them instead and take down the men responsible for the misery of their beautiful and powerful women that were destined to be theirs? And what will David, Dwayne, Paul, and Marko do when they come across the Salvatores and find out that everything their completely adored mates had to endure was due to the Salvatore's own selfish love for a lackluster burnette wearing Katherine's face who doesn't even begin to compare to her more illustrious ancestor who had stolen the heart of David, who was so much like her? Well, let's just say it isn't going to be pretty. It's really going to suck to be a Salvatore when the Lost Boys come a huntin'!

And that threat lies within the town they avoided like the plague. But if they did not act, it could mean an end to them. For the Sunnydale Hellmouth has just relocated, right underneath Mystic Falls and left there alone with two idiots willing to open it to save their preicious Elena!! It's time the Salvatores learned their history, before it's to late, for their lives, or for the world's

Weight of Sorrows Series

Tameri Emerson:

Halloween costume (later in the tale):

For the readable Mary Sue experiments Roma Emerson, Desdemond de Luna, and the upcoming Amielle LaCrue:

River Tam:

Willow Rosenberg:

Now, to get down to a few of my favorite things! :)

I am a HUGE fan of Groucho Marx!! He is my hero!!! No one will ever match his wittiness, his ability to just rip someone to shreds in a matter of seconds, usually always those who desperately need to be taken down a few pegs! I am a rabid Tolkien fan, and own 11 books on Middle-Earth, and fix on owning more once I get some extra money again. I am a great fan of old hollywood. Bette Davis is a hero, as is Lauren BcCall, Katherine Hepburn, Humphrey Bogart (Bogey), Spencer Tracey, Bela Legosi, Peter Lori, Vincent Price, Rudolph Valentino the silver screen's sexiest lover ever!! I mean my GOD!! Do yourself a favor, even if you aren't a fan of silent film, rent the Shiek!!, Harpo Marx, Chico Marx, Nicolay Cherkasov,and Thelma Todd. Thier acting has influenced my writing and the creation of my charcters very heavily.

My favorite books, there are so many! Lord of the RIngs, the Silmarillion, all of the Books of Lost Tales, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Picture of Dorian Grey, Illiad, the Oddessy, The Prince, Othello, Macbeth, A Midsummer's Night's Dream, The Annals of Imperial Rome, Utopia, Wicked, Son of a Witch, Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister, Mirrior Mirrior, The Histories of Tacitus,Mists of Avalon, THe Vampire Chronicles (I LOVE LESTAT AND ARMAND!!!! I mean who couldn't!!! I'm sorry, but those from Twilight really have nothing on my boys Armand and Lestat! As said before, I like 'em gorgeous, insane, dangerous, intelligent, ruthless, and seductive as hell!!) and many more. I am a HUGE NERD!! And proud of it! :P I have spent most of my life buried in a book. I've gone on a huge obsession to read some of the great classics of litature. I am preparing to take on the complete works of William Blake, and I am quite excited about it!!

Favorite movies, once again, so many!! Glory from 1982, Interview with the Vampire, Braveheart, though dissapointed by how much it deviated from the books and how weak and bitchy they made Frodo when he wasn't Lord of the RIngs, Casablanca, Animal Crackers, Monkey Buisness, Duck Soup, A Night at the Opera, A Day at the Races, Blood and Sand, Lon Chaney Sr.'s Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Sheik, THe Mark of Zoro, Cobra, Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde with John Barrymore, To Have and to Have Not, Fiddler on the Roof, The Tomb of Ligeria, The Masqe of the Red Death, THe Last Man on Earth, the original House on Haunted Hill with Vincent Price, Jezebel, Dark VIctory, Now Voyager, Ivan the Terrible Parts 1 &2, Alexander Nevsky, all movies with the beautiful and momumental Judy Garland, Transformers 1&2, Terminator 2, The Crow, Braum Stoker's Dracula, Stargate, Pirates of the Carribean (all 3), the new Sherlock Holmes (good lord Robert Downey is hot, and that is weird to say, he's as old as my mom!!!), Prince Caspian, Remember the Titans, Schindler's List, The Color Purple, Highlander, Braveheart etc.

Favorite Shows: The Tudors, South Park, Family Guy, The Simpsons, Clash of the Gods, Engineering an Empire, Deadliest Warrior (expect some fan fic on that!!), Burn Notice, White Collar, NCIS, Law and Order: Criminal Intent, Rome, Spartacus

Anime's: Hellsing OVA (I'm obessed with Alucard at the moment. He kicks so much ass! He is so out of his MIND!!! Nothing quite like the hot 800 year old creature with glowing red eyes looking at you from the confines of a dungeoun all left in a nut coat! LOL! Also really love Integra!! Talk about a woman who can HANDLE her buisness!!! Master of Alucard!! Yeah, I wouldn't want to tick her off in a dark alley!)

InuYasha (I do like the anime, but I prefer Sesshoumaru FAR more than InuYasha! The man is slick as hell. He is far more intelligent, a far better strategist, and alot more in control of himself!)

Bleach (I truly love Rukia's character, and I constantly pair her in my head to Itachi from Naruto, Sesshoumaru, and Alucard. I don't know why. Eventually there will have to be a story on one of those, though all of you are free to beat me to the punch!)

Fullmetal Alchemist (Ed Elric is the shiznik! Seriously!! He definately has the whole insanity/intelligence thing working for him!)

That sums up enough I guess. Please take a look at my challenges, contact me if you are interested, of even if you would rather co-write, I'm open to that too! Thanks for coming by!!

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