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I've decided to do something with this profile, and quite frankly it's about time.

4/8/2011 - I don't know when I was on here last. I'm so glad I decided to come by an re-vamp this thing since it appears that readers actually come and take a look. I haven't changed much. Just a few new touches here and there.

6/9/2011 - I did another profile update just cuz I can't sleep and I'm bored. I wrote about my take on HP cannon ships. I'll add more as the spirit moves me.

6/13/2011 - I should be working on the final installment of TPC but my muse has temporarily abandoned me. :( Oh bummer. In the mean time I updated the pet peeves section here.

8/8/2011 - I've started a new section on here about my opinion of HP characters. I've not truly begun to elaborate as much as I'd like to. So if you happen to care and read it. Please understand that it's very late night (or early in the morning) and I'm getting sleepy. I also updated the pet peeves section, becuase I could probably update that thing daily if I had the time.

About me:

Name: Lisa

Location: Brooklyn, New York (actually I'm in Austell, Georgia now. Never heard of it? Me either, until my parents decided to move to this little piece of earth. Anyway, that's neither here nor there since I'll be getting out of Dodge soon enough. I move about the country so much, I feel like a gypsy.)

Age: MYOB (thirty something, that's all you need to know)

Status: Single (and not quite loving it, but oh well)

Sex: Female

Website: (I'm not sure if this link works. Doesn't matter I don't do much over there.)I don't have anything on there. I decided about a year ago to create one and never used it. I've been playing around with it a bit but I'm still not sure how I would post stories etc. on there. (updated 5/7/2011)

Occupation: Wanna be writer. Artist. Singer. Poet. None of this earns me any money, but it's what I do to occupy myself and keeps me from annihilating the stupid people who annoy me. My actaul job is too boring to even talk about, much less write about here.

Category: I have only written for Harry Potter. I have considered writing for other fandoms, but I have a rather obsessive personality and I like it here. I know most people develop new interests and start writing for other fandoms but I probably never will. I love this world and have become truly enchanted by it. I will probably write HP fics until my eyes are no longer able to see the keys. Hopefully by the time that happens voice recognition software will be very advanced and that way I will still be able to 'write' fics.

Ships: Severus Snape / Hermione Granger and Severus Snape / Lily Evans Potter

My thoughts on HP cannon ships:

I hate HG/RW. I'm sorry but there was no chemistry between them. Granted he was an immature little boy in cannon, but seriously I could never see that actually working out long term. No matter how much growing up he did later on. All the bickering between them is not sexual tension. If that is considered sexual tension then some people have really odd mating rituals. I don't care to imagine what fore play would be like.

I love HP/GW. People in fics don't always give Ginny the credit she deserves. There was a well of untapped depth to this character. Her experience during her first year was glossed over and I think there was more to it than what cannon gave us. Harry was possessed for a scant few seconds by Voldemort in OoTP and it was given more credence. The fact that she was able to move on and enjoy her school years in spite of her feelings for Harry proves that she had strength of character and mind.

I found RL/NT a bit weird. For all of her quirky, clumsy ways, Tonks was a strong willed character with a hard as nails personality if the situation called for it. Let face it face folks, we may like him but, Remus was nothing but a follower. A pack dog in need of an Alpha. So unless she was a Dom and he was her Sub, I have a hard time buying this ship. Wouldn't mind seeing that in a fic and I haven't come across any. Rec's please.

Not too surprised when BW/FD hooked up. Of all the Weasley progeny Bill is probably the most vain, and this suits Fluer's personality just fine. Cannon makes him out to be this really cool guy, but I just see a man that likes to have the best arm candy. So when along comes a quarter veela ten years his junior; he jumps at the opportunity to marry the prettiest girl he's ever likely to meet. Turns out it really was true love, but image is big factor for these two.

My feelings about JP/LEP are mixed. Do you ever wonder if Lily started going out with James just to spite Severus? I know that I am not the only one that noticed this; no one ever seemed to talk about her. All they ever talked about was her eyes. She was supposed to be friends with Sirius and Remus too, but they only ever spoke about James. Is it possible that she never really loved him? I believe that it is. Perhaps his friends could see it but he didn't and that's why they never tell Harry anything about her.

While a relationship between AD/GG was not exactly confirmed it became fairly obvious that it existed after Rowling announced to the world that Dumbledore was gay. Looking back at the series as a whole, I wonder if Albus truly saw a pair of warm socks when he looked into the mirror of Erised. He clearly regretted the death of his sister but, did he regret loss of Gellert more?

My thoughts on the characters in the Harry Potter Universe:

The following is my opinion of the characters, and how I see them. If I in some way offend anyone by judging one their favorites to harshly I apologize in advanced. Please remember that it's just fiction folks, and those of who read and write here own nothing but the situations we place these beloved characters in, and our own views of them.

Harry: Had he spent his adolensce in the muggle word, he probably would have been taking anti-depressants. Seriously, this was one menatlly unstable kid. Evil wizard invading his mind not withstanding.

Ron: I've tried liking this character but find it very difficult to do so. Why Rowling would pair a boy like this Hermione is a great mystery to me. I guess there is no such thing as anger management in the wizarding world. This boy is in dire need of it.

Hermione: While being the only member of the trio that showed some level of maturity; it did not surpass that of her friends by a great margin. There is no doubt that she was very intelligent and had great mental capacity. This went above and beyond that of most of her peers. She was idealistic to the point of naivete.

Pet Peeves:

1. People who flame and don't have the balls to sign in. I don't like flames, but I can live with it. However, I should be able to retaliate if I want to. Cowards.

2. Getting a plethora of hits on a story and no feed back. I don't want to beg for reviews. I just want to know how I'm doing as a writer. If my ideas are any good or not. ConCrit is always welcome. Flames are not. If you absolutely hate my story give me a reason, not a rant. Please don't let your reason(s) be about things I posted warnings for. If I warn about explicit sex, drug use, rape etc., and you don't like that kind of story, then don' t read it. For the love of Merlin, if my warnings are in the author's note of chapter one and this isn't your cuppa, just click on the back button. If my summary describes what the story is all about and you don't care for it, then don't even bother clicking on the link. What you certainly shouldn't do is leave a nasty review saying how much you hate this kind of story.

3. The misspelling of the word summary. When you upload a new story it asks for a Summary. It's right there dammit! Spelled out in black and white (or is it blue?) and yet this site is littered with summery, summarie, and the like.

Oh, by the way if your summary, says that the story is better than the summary, it probably isn't.

While I'm on that topic, saying 'I suck at summeries' is not likely to endear me to you or your story either. If you can't be bothered to write a proper summary you have probably written an even worse story. On the off chance that you didn't, it turns off serious readers and writers big time. You probably will get a bunch of reviews saying things like 'great' and 'luved it' but, those will probably come from people who wouldn't know what a good plot line looks like and couldn't recognize proper spelling and grammar if it came in the form of a brick that fell from a skyscraper and landed on their heads.

4. Net speak. Okay for texting, IMs, Tweets, FB but not fics. Only acceptable if the characters in the story are doing any of the previously mentioned activities. These should almost never happen in HP fiction, and should never happen at Hogwarts. Sorry folks I'm an obsessed purist.

I can forgive such a horrible faux pas, if it's a crack fic. I do have a sense of humor you know.

5. I absolutely hate random sex changes. I think that even the best stories on here have some typos. When you are constantly confusing a she with a he, or vice versa, then that's just plain lazy. I make lots of mistakes and I try to correct them as I go along. I don't mind readers pointing them out either. When there is a 'he' where there should be a 'she' throughout a whole story, it just begins to lose its appeal after a while.

Since I'm on the subject I have noticed a huge trend with this. It happens mostly with smut. Hmmm. Makes me wonder why? \^o^/

6. Nobody likes bad sex and no one wants to read it either. So if you cannot write a proper sexual situation because you are:
a) inexperienced or not experienced enough to understand the mechanics of good loving, or
b) lack the skill as a writer to make it both believable and titillating

then I suggest that you abstain (pun intended) from doing so. A good story can easily go bad when poorly written smut is involved. If sex is the next step in the relationship or situation between the characters in your fic, it can be alluded to without explicit detail.

Of course the rules don't apply if you are intentionally writing bad sex. i.e., bad lovers, crack fic, etc.

7. I've just about had it with homophone abuse. You can't honestly be serious about your wrting and think that just because two words sound the same that they are interchangeable. If you don't understand what I mean; here are some examples:

a) there, their, they're
There is a notable difference between what they're doing, and what is theirs.

b) waste, waist
Her waist length hair is such a waste, since she never bothers to do anything with it.

This is one of the biggest offenders in my book. If I have to read 'he put his arms around her waste' one more time... Grrrr. You may as well have written 'he put his arms around her fecal matter.' That's what comes to my mind when it's misused this way.

c) peak, peek
I peek at her through my lashes, as I slowly ravish her sensitive peak.

d) it's, its
It's going to be raining today, please keep the dog inside to avoid getting its fur wet.

e) than, then
Rather than using a dictionary and a thesaurus, the poor misguided author chose the lazy way. Then the wrath of the flamers prevailed upon the dunderhead's unsuspecting inbox.

f) sight, site, cite
The book cites that the site of the old abandoned castle should be within sight soon.

These are just a few, and probably the most common ones here. I will add more if I happen to come across them.

8. The word is anyway, not anyways. I cringe everytime I read it, especially when so called 'seasoned' writers are using it. Since I'm in the realm of misuse of the letter 's' I may as well point out that you donot wish people "Happy New Years", it's "Happy New Year." You can however, attend a "New Year's" eve party to celebrate the joyous occassion.

9. If you don't know the meaning of the word vernacular I suggest you look it up, and if you know its meaning then you should do your very best to respect it. I am an American and I can't or won't pretend to be anything other, but I will try my very best not to interject americanisms into a world where they so obviously donot belong. Brits donot call their mothers 'mom' nor do they refer to female under garments as 'panties'. Little things like that matter and you, as a writer, should respect your readers enough to do a little research.

Random thoughts on:
The ships I write

Here is where I ramble on a bit. Some people might think SS/HG is a creepy combination and in real life it would be. So let's keep in mind that this is fiction. I know that as Jo wrote it Hermione ends up with Ron, but I think that a young woman like her would become bored with a boy like Ron after a couple years. Not to say that he wouldn't grow up a bit, but let's face it, he will never be at her level no matter how much growing up he does. That's why I enjoy writing HG/SS. The possibilities with them are endless. His character is complex, and ambiguious enough that the scenarios are nearly limitless. Aside from that I am a fan of May/December romances having been a part of a few during my misspent youth.

I also enjoy SS/LEP just because it's sad to think that a man can love a woman for an eternity and never have that love returned. In real life that would be a little scary, but in this world it's utterly romantic.


I love reviews. Who doesn't, really? They are what every fan fiction writer, blogger, and whatever else you write on the interwebs lives for.

Reviews from readers, great. Reviews from other writers, fan-bloody-tastic! Even if it's con-crit. The insight from other writers is a helpful tool.

My writting style

I don't write any sexually explicit stories. I do enjoy reading them, but as a writer I don't think that I could pull it off.

I like to keep the characters as close to cannon as possible. This will not always be possible and will depend on the direction of the story.

I do not do any outlining to a story before actually writting it. I try to just go with the flow. This unfortunately leads to long delays between updates. I am working on improving that.

I love first person POV. It's fun to get inside of a character's mind. It's almost like being them. Creepy I know, but I have avery sick mind.

One shots are the most fun I have writting. They are quick way of taking an idea and sharing it with everyone.

Notes on WIP and Completed Fics:

I have one story that is still in the works. Waking the Dead has not, I repeat, has not been abandoned. The muses have temporarily vacated the premises where that story is concerned. I want to complete this story. It was my first long fic and it holds a special place in my heart. I want to do a re-write but i can't see my self going that route right now. This story has the best plot that I have ever come up with, but I was too new to fanfiction when I started writting it.

4/18/2011 WtD update - I was reading through this story today and have decided that it's terrible. Not the concept, I still love that but there are lots of errors and I need to fix that. I am going to do a complete rewrite of the thing. It deserves better than what I gave it.

5/29/2011 WtD update - Irony of ironies that on the anniversary of my first failed marriage I decide to revive Waking the Dead. This is just too rich. Well, that's neither here nor there. I am officially doing a re-write of all existing chapters and will be posting to my Live Journal. I will eventually repost all chapters here once I've completed the darn thing. Re-write of Chapter 1 is now on my LJ page. (Just a side note I gave up on posting at the lj page. I got bored and just posted everything here instead.)

5/31/2011 WtD update - I have managed to re-write eleven chapters. I am so proud of my self. I have been posting them on my LJ and will post them all here when the story is complete.

Yay! Second update of the day! I've managed to complete the re-write of the first fifteen chapters. I will be posting those on my LJ over the next day or so. In the meantime I will be working on the next chapter. I may end it with that The end of this fic has been a long time coming and will be so glad when I can finally click 'complete'. XD

6/3/2011 WtD update - I'm in the middle of chapter 16 and I thought that it was going to be the last one in the story. I can't believe this is happening. There will be a 17th chapter.

6/5/2011 WtD update - For anyone who cares. I'm done with chapter 16. Woot woot!

Update number two. I'm done. I will begin the mad dash to upload all of the rewritten chapters beginning now.

6/7/2011 WtD update - Finally! It's complete. I feel so accomplished. I know that it's not the greatest story but it's mine and now that it's done I'm feeling a bit sad. (I still want to do a victory dance. Does that make sense? lol)

My other story is called The Protector Chronicles. I don't care too much for the title and will consider changing it in the future. I have most of the story done but I can't come up with a proper ending.

6/9/2011 TPC update - I started on this little tale of what if a long time ago. I had nearly completed the darned thing when my laptop went all blue screen on me and died. While cleaning out my in box the other day I discovered that I had most of the chapters that were returned to me by my beta. I was so happy that I gave them a quick read-thru and started posting right away. I completed the final chapter but never sent it to my beta so it was lost. I'll be working from memory on that. Since this story was written in my head long before it ever became a word document, it shouldn't be so hard.

6/10/2011 TPC update - All of the pre-written chapters have been posted. I'm currently working on Chapter 10. I'm hoping that it will be the last one. The muse that moves me may decide otherwise but, I don't think so.

6/14/2011 TPC update - It's 12:20am and I'm working on chapter 11. I should have it ready for upload sometime before dawn. That's US EST.

6/15/2011 TPC update - I'm working on the next chapter but I'm having a difficult time with it. It's not flowing as easily as the others. When I started this I never intended for it to go over ten chapters. I'm on chapter 12 with no end in sight. I'm having a hard time keeping Snape in character. How do you give a bit of happiness to someone who is so mean? This may being going on for the long haul until I figure out how to keep him happy without changing who he is in essence.

6/25/2011 TPC update - So sorry folks. I started a new job and I've been very tired. Employment has way of dealing with the bouts of insomnia that allowed me to write practically non stop before. I will try to have the next installment up before this weekend is over.

8/7/2011 TPC Update - If you are reading this I would like to profusely apologize for the lack of updates to this story. It is nearly over but I am not entirely sure how I want it to end. My reviewers strongly oppose to the end I originally had in mind for this fic. This leaves me somewhat conflicted. On one hand it is my story and I should be able to end any way I see fit, on the other my reviewers are important and I would like them to be pleased with direction of the story. I'd be willing to take advice on how to continue if somebody wants to PM me.

8/30/2011 TPC Update - If you are on story alert or author alert you know by now that I have updated. When I first envisioned this story I knew exactly how it was going to end. I'm not so sure anymore. My goal as a Severus Snape fan is to always give him happy endings. Of course this is not always possible becuase the muse can dictate otherwise. So as I try to bring this story to a close I find myself with conundrum in my hands. Should I have Sev and Lil come together and have lots of sex and babies? or should I have him blow her off and continue to live his lonely miserable life? I had a reviewer suggest that I find him somebody better than Lily, but since I've tried to keep him close to cannon as possible I'd have to say with all honesty, who'd have him? Yes, yes I love him in all his mean, cold hearted, sarcastic, acerbic glory but seriously, in a realistic plot, who would want somebody like that. The only way I could find a love match for him would be at the risk of creating a Mary Sue, a path I have vowed never to go down. One more chapter and an epilogue to go. We will see.

Another little gem I've been working furiously on is My Way: A Commentary of My Immortal. My Immortal, known as the world's worst fan-fiction, (if you don't believe me google 'world's worst fanfiction') has become an obsession of mine. As a way to relieve utter boredom and frustration I've done a commentary on this bit of 'litter'ary horror. It was a blast to do. I had the time of my life tearing it to shreds. If you have a taste for cruel sarcasm, and can stomach poor spelling, grammar, and non existant plot lines, you'll likely enjoy my commentary. Complete 4/17/2011.

Working on new story about Snape and the Prince family. We learn from cannon that they are Snape's pure blood descendants, but that's it. I'm going going to give them life in this story. We will get to bottom of why Snape's life was so tragic and why he felt that joining the Death Eaters was a good idea. I made an unbreakable vow to myself. I will not to publish a single chapter until it's complete. It may be a while before that story is on here. I plan to have about twenty five to thirty chapters. I've only written three.

General: If you have any questions about any of my stories, feel free to PM me. If you hate me for not completing my WIPs, PM and let me know. Seriously, light a fire under me, that may be just what I need to get those done.

Random Stuff:

This is the funniest Crack!HP clip I have ever seen. Especially the Snape/Hermione action. I nearly wet myself from laughing so hard.

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How will the vows that Severus made be affetced if Lily lives? How will Lily react to her former friend being an order member, and her son's teacher? Harry's school years told from the POV of Lily and Severus. Extremely AU.
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Severus vows to protect Hermione from her abusive father.
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Gran, where did this portrait come from? A conversation between a young girl and her grandmother about a portrait of HGSS.
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