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Dunno when I'll come back... Or if I'll ever come back...

I'm sorry and thank you for those who supported me... I really appreciate it...

'Til next time...


Welcome to my profile.

This account is my good side, strictly no lemons...(Although I terribly made a great mistake on my first fanfic, Massage Shouts Louder Than Words, which clearly is a rated M story, although it doesn't contain a lemon...ü My apologies.._)

Wanna know mah bad side? PM me...

I love to make friends at everytime and everywhere.

Though I may not look like it but I'm rebellious at home, well, enough of that, I've got to introduce myself first for you to know me better.

Real name: Secret-- If we're friends, I'll tell you.

Height: Hyaku go ju go senshi... (I leave it to you to decipher it).

Weight: roku ju kilograms...nayahahahahaha

Country: Philippines

Citizenship: Filipina... And I'm proud to be one.

Fave sub.: Mathematics-- They say that if you are good at Math then you are not good at English, and vice versa. I'm pretty good at Math so if you notice, I have a lot of wrong grammars, spellings and stuff on my stories. Alright, if you're good in English, it's true that you could also be good in Math because you could easily translate word equations into number equations in the right place and at the right order, but that doesn't mean that you could easily solve it like a person good in math and vice versa. Just want to clear this out to those who questioned that you're good in Math if you're good in English. and vice versa.

Describing myself: Actually, I'm fat and rebellious. I always go home early. Early in the morning I mean. But somehow, I've been hooked to anime since the age of 3 until the present. And I don't know why but I'm addicted to Gakuen Alice as of now. Maybe, this interest will fade as time goes by so don't ever wonder if I ever go on hiatus.

Someof my fave anime:

Gakuen Alice

Fruits Basket

Fushigi Yuugi

Ouran High School Host Club



Samurai X

Vision of Escaflowne


Kyo Kara Mao

Yakitate Japan

Prince of Tennis

Naruto / Shippuuden

Card captor Sakura

Tsubasa Chronicles


Law of Ueki

Tenjho Tenge

Detective Conan

Detective Academy

And a lot more! A week wouldn't be enough if I write all of it. The ones that I mentioned above were via manual raffle from the DVD"s that I had collected.

Favorite Books: Harry Potter and LJ Smith books

More about myself:

Though I'm a Christian, I just can't deny the truth that I adore Witchcraft. Brewing potions, doing magic and chanting spells are just great!

You may wonder why i have no favorite author and story here. It is because I don't have a favorite author. my basis of ranking him/her as my favorite author is that all his/her stories should fit my taste. If not, then why call it favorite when I dislike some? As of the Favorite Story, I have a lot actually, but then it's just too troublesome to add them in my Favorite Stories List. But as of now, I added some stories in my favorites stories archive.

I'm lazy and a glutton.

Here are my Principles as I live in this fandom.

1. I don't care if you're a famous author or not. If I like your story, I like it. And if I don't like it, then I really won't like it. What's with the author to do anyway? It's not like all the time a famous author could always produce good stories, likewise with the not-so-famous authors.

2. A single review is enough to move my heart, so those who don't review because 'famous' authors didn't review, then screw you. You certainly don't have originality. If I could compare you to somewhere or something else then i'd say that you are a flea, you can't live without a dog.

3. I really hate authors who won't accept criticisms from the deepest part of my anus! Of course, if it's a flame then I'd understand. But then again, just because you are the one who made the story doesn't mean that you could control what kind of reviews that are coming. What do you think of yourself? A god? Who is a 100 percent perfect? Then it's time you wake up to the harsh realities. As they say, reality hurts.

4. Actually, my aim now is to complete all my stories and completely LEAVE fandom kingdom.

5.I don't place my friends' name here because I don't choose my friends and anyone could be my friend.

6.In any stories of mine, criticisms are welcomed, they help me in improving my stories.

Notice: I deleted my story, The Legendary Four-Leafed Crimson Clover(Gakuen Alice), Language Hysteria (Gakuen Alice) and Are you gay? (Naruto). Why? Secret...

Even if you're reviews are out of date already. Don't worry because I will be really glad if you still reviewed.

That's all...

P.S. Please drop a review after you finished reading every chapter. Though it is optional, it is highly encouraged that you check one of the boxes when you place a review, arigatou gozaimasu.

Ja ne...

Additional information-- This is a common mistake for most of the authors here so I would like to reiterate this to those who read. There is NO such thing as AUTHORESS... Why? I tried searching it up in the dictionary but didn't found such a word. It's AUTHOR, not AUTHORESS, regardless of the gender. Have you heard any books that mentions authoress? Like Harry Potter, JK Rowling, the author, isn't introduced as an authoress, but an author. Well anyway, it's just the same with an actor. There is also no such thing as an actress in a theater since the beginning of theater, there were no girls allowed to perform on stage. It is a very very common mistake for all of us but the right thing to say when you award a girl by 'Best Actress' should be, 'Best Actor by Female Performance'.

As of now, I can't update faster because I'm really addicted to Audition Online Game, so if ever you play this one then please PM meh.

That's all...

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Beauty Pageant Woes by Caritate reviews
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The Diary Of The Desperate reviews
How far could Natsume go just to take revenge on the people who bully Mikan? And how far could Sumire's idiocy could go? "when he said "F*ck you!", I was instantly feeling h*rny! Oh God." Please read and review. updated again.
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