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Author has written 8 stories for Full House, Muppets Tonight, Robin Hood, Treasure Planet, and Ninja Turtles.

Kvaetha Fricai!

I am Nirai Sirth victim to a muse that likes writing using other's work. Therefore, it is alas fanfiction and cannot be published. However I would love others to enjoy. I am a writer that feeds off of an audience...the more excited you get the more I want to write. When you read a work, please review. Let me know how you think and what I can improve on. I also have a scattered mind and have several thoughts at once which makes finishing long coming and kinda annoying for some readers. So you will see many stories in progress at once. They are stress relief pieces for me while I work on projects that I can make money on and actually sell. My intrests as far as this place goes? Whatever strikes my fancy.

Sincerely, Nirai Sirth

Note as of 10/16/2007- Greetings to my readers! I appreciate and love each one of you...and love the ones who review even more. Just to let you know...all stories are on hold. I am on a roll with my book and fanfiction shall have to updates will be slow in coming. Take care and if you haven't checked the rest of my! If you haven't reviewed...then why not spend a few minutes and do that? It'll help the time to pass because I know you are all there crying your eyes out and dismayed over this news.

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