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Author has written 2 stories for Naruto.

Sorry I haven't been updating stories I truly apologize for delaying it. And just to let u know I will make some changes in my fanfictions:

Twisted: I am going to remove chapter two because it was very cheesy and lame. I will make it better and update as soon as possible. Also, I will change up chapter one a little bit. It will not make a difference to the story line; I am only changing the part about the flashback because another great idea that i like better came into my mind. I hope you dont mind.

Shizuku-ni: Since it's almost the end I will only write about 2 more chapters, but if anybody wants a sequel i can write up one. I just need reviews that says i want a sequel or somthing like that.


About me:

Name: Flora, similar to my penname..

Birthday: March, 14th

Home Country: Korea

Like to do/Hobbies: Basketball, Tennis, watching tv, chatting, talking on the phone, reading fanfictions, writing my own fanfictions, shopping!!, swimming, ice skating, movies, hanging out with my friends... I won't go on forever and bore you=

Fav Movies: Eagle eye, The Girl who Leapt Through Time, Maid of Honor...etc.

My fanfics:

Shizuku-ni- Sasu/Saku, little Ita/Saku

Twisted- Sasu/Saku



Sasu/Saku (always the best)

Ita/Saku (no comment)

Naru/Hina (kawaii!)

Neji/Ten (totally made for each other)

Neji/Saku (think it's bit awkward? read Tempest by leafygirl)

Detective Conan:

Ran/Shuichi (funny couple, and very romantic)

Conan/Ai or Haibara (they're pretty have same(?) personality)


Inuyasha/Kagome (Kikyo and Inuyasha are too serious, but I like Kikyo personally)

Card Captor Sakura:

Li/Sakura (they're cute, and yukito is way too old.)

mizuki/toya (ok not my fav, though)

Sakura/yue (I like yue-san better than yukito-san. Just my thing.)

Mew Mew:

Ichi/Ryou ( It's cute!!) (Masaya/Ichi is kinda boring to watch cuz Ichigo blushes too much and Masaya only talks about saving earth.)

Pud/taru (once again, kawaii!)

Ouran High:

Haru/Tama (I luuvv the scene where haruhi hugs tamaki because she's scared of thunder)

Haru/Hika (thunderstorm scene, so cute>.

Haru/Kyoya (cutie and the hottie together.. makes sense XD)

Hitman Reborn:

Tsuna/Kyoko ( Tsuna/Haru will be too crazy... Haru's pretty, but too talkative)

Goku/Haru (It will be hilarious couple)

Hibari/Chrome (They look good together..or is it just my eyes?)

Enjoy and REVIEW!! =

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Twisted reviews
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Shizuku ni reviews
Sakura will do anything to bring Sasuke back, but everytime she stands in front of him, Sakura gets weak. And now, more troublesomely, she runs into Itach, which changed her life as well as Sasuke's tremendously. SasuSaku, ItaSaku
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